Mark Savella

about 5 years ago

Strenuous Hike, Stunning View

I've done this hike at least 20 times last year. In the warmer months, I highly recommend going as early as possible (630am) I've made the mistake of going around 10/11am and would feel the intensity of the sun. If you're coming here and expecting it to be a breeze, think again. I've brought plenty of people with me for their first time and it's always a struggle for them. However, the view is worth it and accomplishing such a strenuous hike feels awesome. Pack plenty of water, a snack to enjoy once you reach the top (apples/bananas/carb), sunblock, hat/visor, light jacket as it can be pretty windy at the top. Of course depending on the weather it can be pretty gloomy/foggy. I've gone when it was raining a couple of times and you do slide, so take your time if you decide to go on a rainy day.