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Margaret L

Look but don’t touch! The water may be beautiful and tempting to take a dip in, but it’s toxic from years of pesticides sprayed on the nearby farms. The dust that can kick up, when it’s windy, can be harmful also. ☠️

Best not to go during the Summer, when temps can get blazing hot and the Sea starts to smell. Winds can kick up the dust in the area, which is said to contain pesticides and poison. October to May is the best time to visit, when the temps are cooler. Fishing and swimming is NOT recommended. But, the Sea is still beautiful to look at…look but don’t touch!

Very busy with people taking pics in one spot. But, if you just move around the area, you can find shots that are just as good (or even better) than the one everyone is waiting for.

By far my favorite National Park to camp in Utah. More remote so not as busy as Zion or Moab. Make sure to stop by Fruita Campground and pick up some mini pies! YUM!

Slow and steady, this was a fun hike to an amazing view. I had my hiking sticks, so that helped. Parts of the hike were a bit hard to find, but if you keep on the lookout, for small kairns, they will lead you to the arch.

Yummy pies made from the fruits that are picked on site. They even have small, individual, vanilla ice cream packs, you can buy, to have your treat "a la mode"!

The hike can get busy and crowded and there will be a wait to even take a picture. A tip...if you go later in the day the crowds will have lessened and fewer people to get in your shot.

A 2.5 mile loop trail in the middle of Los Angeles, California. A pretty easy route and can take an average of 1h to complete. It’s fun to see and explore the old LA Zoo ruins. Dogs are welcome and may be off-leash in some areas, but watch out for wildlife (rattle snakes/coyotes).

Use a Bike Save the Planet! Best way to get around the park is by bike! You can stop wherever you want to take in the breathtaking views! If not on your own power, you can rent ebikes in town. We seemed to be the few on regular OG bicycles, but it makes taking in the views better and longer. ;)

Best way to get here is by bike. Cars are limited on the roads, with the exception of the trams and cars belonging to the guests staying at the lodge. Everywhere you turn, the views are amazing!

In Echo Park, you'll find this hidden staircase that is good for a cardio workout. Oftentimes, you'll find other people working out on these steps, early in the morning or after work. To reward yourself, cross the street at the top, for an amazing view of Downtown LA.

The trail is 3 miles out and back. The hike to the top features amazing views of the surrounding dunes and peaks in Mojave National Preserve. Make sure to bring a hat, wear sunscreen, and lots of water. It can get pretty hot during the day. Doggos are welcome on a leash. Also, please pick up after your pets. We ended up picking up more than our dogs left.

The beautiful views makes this hike worthwhile. The 0.8-mile rt trail is moderately challenging, and takes about 30min to complete. Easier going down and coming up is work. Doggos are welcome, but they must be on a leash.

Go early and take lots of water. There will be fewer people and it will be cooler in the day. If you decide to go later in the day it can get pretty hot so make sure to take lots of water. The Trails is a cute outdoor cafe, on Fern Dell Dr., at the bottom, and great place to chill out after the long hike. A nice treat! You can get a pretty good view of the Hollywood sign going up as a bonus!

Best time to go is early in the mornings. It’s less crowded, easier to find parking, and it makes you feel like you have the place all to your self.

An easy loop that offers different path alternatives. Two minor hills, on either side of the lake, but that is where you can get you “burn on” if you like. You can stay on the outer loop, or choose to cross through the “meadow” or through the Eucalyptus trees, when the gate is open on the West side of the lake. I usually stay on this side, because of all the traffic on the other. Only 3 stars because of this and also because of the dog park you pass on that side…it stinks on a warm day. I guess you can look at it as a way to make you run faster, if you do decide to complete the loop.