The Best Outdoor Activities in Maine

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Explore Otter Point

Maine / Otter Point, Acadia National Park

If you only have an hour or so left to your day in Acadia, Otter Point offers some amazing views of the coastline, without being on a crowded beach.

705 Saves

Explore Cadillac Mountain

Maine / Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

Seeing the sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain is an absolute must when in Acadia National Park. Not only is it awesome to catch the first sunrise in the U.S.

463 Saves

Photograph Nubble Lighthouse

Maine / Cape Neddick Lighthouse

Officially named Cape Neddick Light, though more commonly known as Nubble Light, this lighthouse is part of the National Register of Historic Places and is a local favorite for photography.

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Hike the Beehive Trail, Acadia National Park

Maine / Beehive Trailhead

This 1.6 mile round trip trail starts with a moderate grade as you leave the sand beach parking area.

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Photograph Portland Head Light

Maine / Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light is one of Maine's most iconic and picturesque lighthouses that offers stunning views year round.

271 Saves

View the Milky Way at Curtis Cove Beach

Maine / Curtis Cove

From the center of East Blue Hill, head east on Curtis Cove Rd 0.5 of a mile until you see a large curb on the right side for space to park.

263 Saves

Catch the Sunset at Jordan Pond

Maine / Jordan Pond Nature Trail

If you ever find yourself in Acadia National Park, be sure to check out Jordan Pond. Jordan Pond is a 3.6 mile long pond sitting in the heart of Mt. Desert Island.

192 Saves

Explore Thunder Hole in Acadia NP

Maine / Thunder Hole Parking

A natural phenomenon caused by waves crashing into a narrow inlet, Thunder Hole is a sight worth seeing in Acadia National Park.

183 Saves

Photograph Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Maine / Bass Harbor Lighthouse Trail

The skill level can vary on photographing this picture perfect location but no matter your skill level be sure to arrive early to scout out your best composition and be prepared for the swarm of othe.

179 Saves

Summit Mt. Katahdin via The Hunt Trail

Maine / Baxter State Park

Let me start off by saying, this is not an easy hike by any means. Only attempt this if you are an experienced hiker. The route has over 5,000 ft elevation gain in a little over 5 miles.

171 Saves

Camp at Blackwoods Campground in Bar Harbor

Maine / Blackwoods Campground

Blackwoods Campground is one of two campgrounds located within Acadia National Park.

160 Saves

Hike to Rocky Pond

Maine / Kidney Pond Campground

Anytime you're visiting Baxter State Park it is worth making a quick stop at Kidney Pond Campground and hike the Rocky Pond Trail.

129 Saves

Hike the Precipice Trail of Champlain Mountain in Acadia NP

Maine / Precipice Trailhead

The Precipice Trail is one of the most well known trails in Acadia, probably for its difficulty and the fact that it is along the exposed edge of Champlain Mountain.

116 Saves

Hike the Bubbles Divide Trail to Bubble Rock in Acadia NP

Maine / Bubbles Divide Trailhead

Bubble Rock is a well-known natural wonder in Acadia National Park.  This large boulder, which was carried by powerful glaciers, is resting precariously on the edge of the summit of South Bubble.

99 Saves

Swim in Coos Canyon

Maine / Coos Canyon Parking Area

Coos Canyon is right off of route 17 in Byron, ME.

95 Saves

Hike around Cape Elizabeth's Dyer Cove

Maine / Dyer Cove

If you venture to Cape Elizabeth, you may be lucky enough to see it in the dense fog that I was able to.

92 Saves

Explore Otter Cliff

Maine / Otter Cliff Parking

Otter Cliff – not to be confused with Otter Point – is a popular stop along the Ocean Path trail in Acadia National Park.

82 Saves

Kayak Downeast Maine

Maine / South Blue Hill Wharf

This scenic coastline is one of my favorites to travel whether it be on the water or on the shore. The route passes a large sand bar that is great for hanging out on, and enjoying a picnic.

76 Saves

Hike Mt. Katahdin and Hamlin Peak via Roaring Brook Campground

Maine / Katahdin & Hamlin Trailhead

This trail is located in the beautiful Baxter State Park. Baxter Peak (Katahdin) is the northern most terminus of the Appalachian Trail and the state's highest point.

74 Saves

Hike to Jewell Falls

Maine / Fore River Sanctuary

Fore River Sanctuary is 85 acres in the heart of Portland right off of Congress Street.

67 Saves

Hike Gorham Mountain Trail

Maine / Gorham Mountain Trailhead

Gorham Mountain Trail is one of the relatively shorter and easy trails in Acadia National Park, and it's a perfect morning spot to catch a sunrise in Acadia (much less crowded than the highly-visited.

66 Saves

Photograph Sunrise at the Old Orchard Beach Pier

Maine / Old Orchard Beach Pier

Few things create a more dramatic scene for a sunrise than a pier spanning out into the water, and the one in Old Orchard Beach is pretty iconic.

65 Saves

Walk the Bar Harbor Shore Path

Maine / Bar Harbor Shore Path

The Bar Harbor shore path is a simple walking trail that runs along the eastern shore of Mt. Desert Island.

64 Saves

Hike Pemetic Mountain in Acadia NP

Maine / Jordan Pond Path Trailhead

Pemetic Mountain is a challenging hike in the Jordan Pond area of Acadia National Park.  There are several route options to the summit, with varying levels of difficulty.

62 Saves

Hike to Moxie Falls

Maine / Moxie Falls Trailhead

The trail begins at the Moxie Falls trailhead. Continue along the trail until you cross an access road. Cross the access road and keep going.

60 Saves

Hike the Bar Island Trail in Acadia NP

Maine / Bar Island Trail

The Bar Island Trail is something I was a little hesitant to do at first, mainly because of my tendency to wander and take a lot longer on a trail than I anticipate.

60 Saves

Snowshoe Up Parkman Mountain

Maine / Parkman Mountain Parking Lot

Parkman Mountain is already a lesser-hiked trail in the summer, so when you snowshoe it in the winter, it is very likely you’ll have the entire mountain to yourself.

56 Saves

Backpack to Russell Pond, Davis Pond, Baxter Peak, and the Knife Edge

Maine / Roaring Brook Campground

Day #1 This Backpacking trip starts at the Roaring Brook campground on the east side of Baxter SP.

56 Saves

Hike the Great Head Trail in Acadia NP

Maine / Great Head Trail

To begin the Great Head Trail hike, you'll want to park at the parking lot for Sand Beach located on the Park Loop Road.

54 Saves

Relax at Little Hunters Beach

Maine / Little Hunters Beach

Little Hunters Beach is a hidden gem in Acadia National Park.  It’s the perfect place to get away from the crowds and listen to the crashing waves and the crackling of the cobblestones.

53 Saves

Winter Hike up Blue Hill Mountain

Maine / Osgood Parking Lot

There are two main trailheads to access the mountain, both of which have various ways of getting up. One easy trail that has only a few steep sections is the Osgood trail.

53 Saves

Explore Houston Brook Falls

Maine / Houston Brook Falls

From the parking lot there is a small trail to the left. The trail is unmarked, but visible and easy enough to follow. You can hear the falls from the trail which aids in direction.

52 Saves

Explore Spring Point Lighthouse

Maine / Spring Point Lighthouse

Being a less popular lighthouse out of the many in the greater Portland area, parking is easy and crowds are limited. Parking at Fort Prebble is ideal for a short walk to the lighthouse.

52 Saves

Kayak Casco Bay

Maine / East End Beach, Portland, Maine

This kayaking adventure begins at East End Beach at the Eastern Promenade in Portland.

51 Saves

Camp at Mount Desert Campground on Somes Sound

Maine / Mount Desert Campground

Being in the center of Mt. Desert Island, you are just a quick drive to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. This campground offers waterfront and off-waterfront sites.

49 Saves

Hike to The Bowl in Acadia NP

Maine / The Bowl Trailhead

The Bowl is a small pond nestled in the mountains of Acadia National Park.

47 Saves

Relax at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park

Maine / Sand Beach Parking

Sand Beach is located off the Park Loop Road on the east side of Mt. Desert Island. Signs for the beach will make it difficult to miss.

45 Saves

Hike up to Maiden's Cliff

Maine / Maiden's Cliff Trailhead

With a total elevation gain of 1000 feet in one mile to the top, the entire hike is uphill.

45 Saves

Camp at Acadia National Park's Duck Harbor

Maine / Duck Harbor Landing

Introduction Didn't think there was backpacking to be done in Acadia National Park?  Think again!  Isle au Haut (pronounced "isle ah ho") is a little island off of Stonington, Maine.

39 Saves

Summit Dorr Mountain via the Ladder Trail

Maine / Ladder Trailhead

To find the trail head, drive out of Bar Harbor down Route 3.

37 Saves

Watch the Sunrise from the Marginal Way Trail

Maine / Perkin's Cove Public Parking

Park near the Oceanside Oarweed restaurant or any other public spots on the cove's peninsula. Marginal Way is a nicely paved 1.

37 Saves

Hike to Laudholm Beach at Wells National Estuarine Reserve

Maine / Wells National Reserve at Laudholm Parking Area

From the main parking area take the Beach Barrier Trail which takes you through several different types of environment; fields, forests, and marshland before reaching Laudholm Beach to further explor.

35 Saves

Hike the Carson Trail in Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Maine / Rachel Carson NWR Visitor Center

Pull into the well marked Wildlife Refuge off Port Rd. There's several official building as well as an interpretive center and bathroom very close to the parking lot.

34 Saves

Hike the Jesup Path & Hemlock Road Loop

Maine / Jesup Path Trailhead

This easy hike starts over a wooden foot bridge to the left of the Wild Gardens Of Acadia.  Here you will take a right on the Jesup Path paralleling the gardens.

28 Saves

Off-season Camp at Blackwoods Campground

Maine / Blackwoods Campground

When we saw that the weather in Acadia was going to be mid 40's and sunny in March, we decided we had to go.

28 Saves

Visit the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse (Bug Light)

Maine / Bug Light Park

Built in 1855, (also known as 'Bug Light') the lighthouse was used as a breakwater to the bustling harbor of Portland during the booming shipbuilding era during the World Wars.

27 Saves

Hike the Bridle Path through the Madelyn Marx Preserve

Maine / Western Ave/Rt 9 Pull-off

After crossing the Mousam River on Western Ave, see signs and gravel pull-off areas for parking at the Bridle Path trailhead.

20 Saves

Explore Ravens Nest, Schoodic Peninsula

Maine / Ravens Nest Pull-Off

Ravens Nest is located east of Mt Desert Island south of Winter Harbor Maine. Taking the Schoodic Loop Road will get you to the pull off that you need to find Ravens Nest.

17 Saves

HIke the Dorr Mountain Loop via the Tarn Trail

Maine / Sieur de Monts Nature Center

This hike starts from the parking lot of Sieur de Monts Nature Center parking lot, walking on the Wild Gardens Path to the Tarn Trail.

17 Saves

Photograph the Pemaquid Lighthouse

Maine / Pemaquid Lighthouse

Pemaquid Lighthouse is situated above a spit of granite jutting out into the Atlantic, and it has all the look and feel of a classic Maine lighthouse. For photographers, it's hard to go wrong.

15 Saves

Snowshoe the Northern Loop Trail at Bradbury Mountain

Maine / Bradbury Mountain State Park Parking Lot

Bradbury mountain has ample parking and multiple trails that lead around the mountain and up to the summit.  We took the Northern Loop, which is the longest trail up the small mountain.

15 Saves

Explore Mount Battie

Maine / Camden Hills State Park, Mt Battie Rd

The summit of Mount Battie is accessible from either the front trail that is located just outside of the state park, or there is an auto road that leads up to the summit within the park (the location.

15 Saves

Photograph Screw Auger Falls

Maine / Screw Auger Falls

After parking in the allotted parking area at screw auger, make your way down to the falls to explore! There are several "smaller waterfalls" that the river flows over before making its way to the 27.

13 Saves

Fly Fish Lower Dam at Rapid River, Maine

Maine / Rapid River Parking

Getting to Rapid River can be a bit of a trek, as the 10 or so miles leading to it is a maze of logging roads and the cell service is spotty at best.

10 Saves

Picnic at Pretty Marsh

Maine / Pretty Marsh Parking

This picnic area is located on the Western side of the island.  There are pull off areas to park and a small lot along the Pretty Marsh Road.

10 Saves

Hike to Cranberry Lake in Moosehorn NWR

Maine / Cranberry Lake Hike Start Point

The trailhead for this hike is easy to find.

10 Saves

Cross Country Ski the Trails at Harris Farm

Maine / Harris Farm

Harris Farm is a great place for beginner cross country skiing or to hone in on already developed skills. They provide rentals ($15pp) and the network of trails is several miles long.

5 Saves