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Maggie Evans

California-born trail runner, backpacker, and outdoor adventure-seeker living in New Zealand.

This tramp is hillier and longer than I originally anticipated, but I loved it. I've done it multiple times as an overnight trip and twice as a big day run/hike. It can be muddy and unbearably windy, but on a sunny day it's magical. If you live in Dunedin it's a must do, but if you're tight on time and traveling then weigh your options since NZ offers some tramps that are a bit more epic terrain-wise. However, unlike those tramps, this track is rarely busy.

I think I've been spoiled with NZ's epicness since I almost rated this hike as average. After spending time up at Mueller hut and along the Hooker Valley track, this short hike might not 'wow' you the way it should considering it offers views of a glacial lake, river, mount cook, wild flowers and peaks all around. Definitely a must do if you don't have time to go up to mueller hut.

For anyone traveling to Dunedin this is a must do since it's super accessible and not long. The short walk down to tunnel beach offers great views of the coast looking north and the cool rock/cliff formations are photogenic. I went during sunrise and it was incredibly beautiful. I only wish the each itself was a bit bigger since at high tide you can't really enjoy it.

This relatively short hike gives you a great taste for New Zealand backcountry and the Mount Aspiring National Park in particular. It can get crowded, especially in summer, so I suggest getting to the car park super early in the morning to avoid the masses

This is an awesome adventure with its only downside being the transport logistics since the start and finish are quite far apart. I packed light and did it over a single night, staying at Dart hut, but both days were long.