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This was a beautiful hike through the forest with breathtaking views around every corner! The sunlight was shining through the trees, which made for an extra-awesome walk. Quarry Rock is a peaceful place to rest at the end of the trail.

Arthur's Seat and the surrounding hills of Holyrood Park are comfortable and peaceful to walk around, with endless places to sit and enjoy the unobstructed (given no clouds) sunrise! After the sunrise, I spent the rest of the morning exploring the park.

I walked up Calton Hill and visited the many structures at the top. There is a placard that explains the history of Edinburgh, and this hill provides fantastic views all around.

This hike had panoramic views of the Palm Springs area. It provided beautiful trails through the desert and a good workout with the elevation gain. There are picnic tables at the top.

This is an enjoyable snowshoe on Mt. Bachelor. The Nordic Lodge was helpful with providing a map and pointing me in the right direction.

The hike is a quick 2-miler. I got fantastic views and many photos of the lake. It took me less than one hour.

Located on the northeastern shore of Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor is the perfect location to capture the lake's famous, fiery sunsets. The rocks that line the shoreline create a unique foreground for photographs and the calm water perfectly reflects them.

The scenic and dynamic landscape makes this an excellent location for photography. The still water from the enclosed harbor allowed me to see just how blue Lake Tahoe can get. I viewed Bonsai Rock from a high vantage point.

The Ellis Peak Trail is a 6.3-mile trail in Tahoe National Forest that rewarded me with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and forests. There were forest fires in the area when I went, so I couldn't see Lake Tahoe. Be sure to go when the air is clear for the best views.

One of the more uncrowded hikes in the Columbia River Gorge despite incredible views and lots of wildflowers.

Exploring two slot canyons in one hike was cool. I scrambled and climbed a little bit on this 3.5-mile loop.

I hiked spectacular Grand Wash through beautiful vertical sandstone walls.

The hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls took me to a beautiful waterfall and natural pool.

This 3-mile hike with minimal elevation gain let me explore an incredible desert landscape and beautiful slot canyons. I took in expansive views from the mesa top.

San Onofre offers excellent waves, beach volleyball courts, and picnic tables with fire pits. Pack up your car and head over.

Hiking up Boulder's highest peak was cool. I got views of the eastern plains, Denver, Boulder, and the continental divide.

Fun day hike with beautiful views. The trail was well-marked. It took me four hours.

This hike took me two hours. It was cool to see the largest field of dunes in the Mojave Desert (650 feet tall, 45 square miles). I got a 360-degree view at the top. It was nice that there were no permits or fees required to access the land.

The Chimney Rock trail is an excellent option for a shorter day on the trail. I saw stunning views of Ghost Ranch and got a perfect taste of the unique landscape of this part of northern New Mexico.

I just went for a day visit to the beach. There are fantastic views and something for everyone.

Hands down, one of the coolest things I have ever done. I walked to see the lava entry.

This glacier is Alaska in all its beauty. I took a trail just to see the glacier. Picturesque white ice & surrounding mountains. I experienced the magnitude of the forces that shaped many of the hills and valleys in the area.

I got fantastic views and shots of one of Utah's most iconic arches. I stayed once the sun went down and got great views of the night sky and the crowd took off.

This 1.5-mile hike to the arch wasn't too crowded. I went in the spring, so the hike wasn't too hot. Always bring plenty of water though! It took me 2 hours.