Photograph the Foxes on Santa Cruz Island

4 Miles Round Trip - 400 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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Take a ferry out to the gorgeous Santa Cruz Island to hike around, enjoy the rolling green hills, and most importantly take photos of the many foxes that inhabit the island. The island is crawling with foxes, and the chances of excellent fox photo opportunities are extraordinarily high.

Take a ferry out to the Scorpion Ranch landing of Santa Cruz Island to being the greatest fox photography adventure you will ever experience. Once you land, a tour guide will promptly tell you DO NOT FEED THE FOXES, and then kindly set you free to explore the island as you please. 

Although there are foxes all over the island, there is an especially high concentration of them at the Scorpion Ranch Campsite just up the trail from where the boat will drop you off. As for hiking, we saw several foxes along the hike to Potato Harbor (4 mile out-and-back) on the trail that hugs the coast of the island.

It is very important that you bring food and water. There is only one water refill pump (near the campsite) on the Scorpion Ranch side of the island. No food is available on the island.

Prepare for the boat ride out to the island to be chilly but the island itself to be pretty warm.

A video about my trip to the island can be seen here:


Family Friendly


4 Miles
400 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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