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44.605232,-68.275757, Maine

Lazy Lumberjack Cabin

From $150/night

44.605387,-68.275833, Maine

Lazy Lumberjack Cottage

From $92/night

44.605484,-68.275624, Maine

Lazy Lumberjack Cottage & Cabin

From $999/night

Franklin, Maine

Downeast Camping at The Dome

From $50/night

Orland, Maine

Maine Vibes Farm

From $110/night

Isle au Haut, Maine

Duck Harbor Campground

North Haven, Maine

Turner Farm

From $120/night

Aurora, Maine

Featherfoot Farm

From $100/night

Belfast, Maine

Pearl Brook Farm Overlook

From $120/night

174 Carver Road, Maine

Toddy Pond Farm Cottage

From $290/night

Rockport, Maine

Salt Air Escape: Updated Home with Water-View Deck

From $187/night

Tideside Tentrr

From $120/night

Searsmont, Maine

Brookside Haven

From $95/night

Union, Maine

Spellbound Farm's Midcoast Haven

From $100/night

Union, Maine

Terra Optima Farm

From $120/night

Legacy Acres Farmstead

From $100/night

Montville, Maine

Ohana Roots Camp at Sandy Pond

From $100/night

Warren, Maine

Pond Site Paradise

From $100/night

Saint George, Maine

Dazzling Ocean Views | Custom-Built Cottage

From $140/night

Private Waterside Retreat

From $130/night

2986 Maine 3, Maine

Tent on the Pond

From $150/night

2986 Maine 3, Maine

Cozy Woods Yurt

From $175/night