Rocky Overlook, Rural Waterfront Home On A Working Farm

Georgetown, Texas

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At Scurlock Farms, guests can enjoy the San Gabriel River that forms the northern border of our 172-acre farm. The river is a five minute walk from the home. You may enjoy swimming, tubing, fishing, looking for fossils, or simply sitting on the wide white limestone banks watching the birds and your children skip rocks and play in the water.Enjoy getting up close and personal with Ginger and Duster, our horses. They LOVE to be fed apple slices and carrots! The baby goats are always fun to watch, cuddle and feed. Enjoy spectacular sunsets from the high bluff above the river - we even have a picnic table there for you.Pre-Covid our sons gave tractor fides to all of the children, and even adults that wanted one! Guests have especially enjoyed hay-baling season, when they can ride in the jump seat of the large-cabbed tractor as the large round bales of hay are formed and wrapped. We hope to be able to resume this activity this summer. For now, when there are children that are interested in the tractors, the boys will park one at the home so they can climb in it and explore it. Be on the lookout for wildlife, which is abundant. Guests told us this morning that a raccoon was knocking on the patio door last night!

Connect with nature as you stay with us at Scurlock Farms in Rocky Overlook. Rocky Overlook is a very unique home. It was designed by my Mom, one of President Lyndon B. Johnson's favorite artists, around the very large heritage, live oak trees. My dad built the home.

Together they picked up every rock used in the exterior and interior from an island in the San Gabriel River at Scurlock Farms. My Mom loved Frank Lloyd Wright's designs and his philosophy of structures being in harmony with humanity and the environment, organic architecture. Natural products were used - native river rock and cedar which would never need to be painted, as well as double-pane windows, to conserve energy.

Guests enjoy the varied terrain of the farm - the top is prairie, the steep hillside is heavily wooded with ravines, then the river bottom and the river itself. Marked hiking trails about the farm.

We want to be good stewards of the land we are fortunate to live on. We practice cell grazing, we harvest several thousand gallons of rain water from the roofs of our homes to use in our gardens, we recycle and compost, we use repurposed, composted potting soil from a wholesale nursery for our raised bed gardens, we let our chickens range free-range so they can control the insect population naturally, and we have bat and purple martin houses to also help in that regard.

By using raised beds, we are not continually tilling the soil and then packing it back down as we drive and walk over it. Using drip irrigation helps conserve water. It is amazing the pounds of produce that we are able to produce in a small area!

We have planted raised beds for our guests to enjoy fresh produce from. Children especially enjoy being able to harvest something they will eat for dinner that night!

Our lawn is Xeriscape. During the heat of the summer, the grass will turn brown, then the native grasses green up immediately when we get just a little rain.

I have always been very frugal and we don't let any of the produce go to waste. We share some with the food pantry at The Caring Place, a local charity I have volunteered at for 15+ years and am honored to have been on the Board of Directors for four years. We also consume, freeze and can the rest.

This year we began a farm stand at the farm entry gate and it has been a huge hit with our neighbors! We have sold out of many items and are waiting on the fresh produce to come in again. The free-range eggs from my chickens are always the first thing to sell out each week. I added ten new hens a couple of weeks ago and today they gave me three little eggs!

We also practice good stewardship with many little things that can help our environment and we encourage our guests to join us in this endeavor. I no longer use small single-use plastic bottles - water, shampoo, conditioner, etc., nor plastic straws or disposable tableware. We use energy efficient appliances, laundry detergent, paper products from recycled paper. We recycle and provide bins in the garage for our guests to help. We compost and provide a compost site for our guests.

We and our guests can help make the biggest difference and leave the smallest footprint by simply adjusting the central air/heat when they are not at the home. The homes have very thick rock walls, insulated windows, window coverings and shade over the roof, so they heat and cool very quickly. When leaving for the day during the summer months, simply closing the blinds on the west side of the homes will drastically reduce the heat in the homes. Please turn the air to 78 when leaving for the day and the heat to 62. Another biggie is not leaving the patio doors open! That causes the HVAC system to run continuously.


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