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Liz Andrew

i'd had this post saved for a long time -- finally got to go today! the featured image is slightly misleading - you can't actually go on that bridge lol this hike took me about an hour and a half, and i definitely stopped a couple times. its the last day in march and the weather was perfect - high 80s but moderate wind and a bit of misting every so often. the loop is very well maintained and built out -- i think i started around 8:30 am, and that was probably the best time to go, for most of the walk i was alone, altho i certainly came across lil groups of people. i wore a pair of pumas, so i can vouch that a more casual street shoe will do, altho if you are going to continue on and do the waterfall hike... imo something more rugged would be best.

we hiked this in nov 2020 and there was such a pleasant balance of shaded and open areas along the way. so many awesome plants to stop and observe, including wild sage and dried up buckwheat. the only thing of important note was that i think the 1.6 mile measurement is very off. we definitely hiked 2 or more miles in one direction and didn't get to the campsite at the end, so i'm not sure how long it actually is.