Lisa Bao

Photographer based out of San Francisco, CA. Focusing on travel and landscapes, my aim is to inspire others to get outside and connect with their own adventures.

Hike to Evergreen Mountain Lookout

Leavenworth, Washington

This is a relatively short hike, at only 2.6 miles round trip, that takes you up to the nearly 5600 foot summit. The hike may be short but it is extremely steep, gaining 1300ft in the 1.

620 Saves

See the Milky Way over Mt. Rainier

Ashford, Washington

The Milky Way and Mount Rainier is a beautiful combination. In order to get a photo of the Milky Way over Mount Rainier you need to be in the right spot at the right time of year.

602 Saves

Hike to Winchester Mountain Fire Lookout

Whatcom County, Washington

Winchester Mountain is said to have the greatest reward for least amount of effort in all the North Cascades. One of the last fire-lookouts in the region stands on the summit.

1364 Saves

Hike the Fire and Ice Trail

Deming, Washington

Set within the Mount Baker hiking wonderland, the Fire & Ice Trail may be the easiest and most family friendly hike set within the park.

54 Saves

Hike to Sahalie and Koosah Falls

Sisters, Oregon

This loop might be on the shorter side, but the hike is more than worth it for the scenery.

884 Saves

Hike to Proxy Falls

Lane County, Oregon

This is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Oregon.

820 Saves

Hike to Linton Falls

Lane County, Oregon

Hiking to Linton Falls accounts for the two larger waterfalls on the cascading Linton Creek.

476 Saves

Hike to Marion Falls

Idanha, Oregon

This hike explores an off-trail trip to one of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon. To kick off this hike, you'll start at the Marion Lake trailhead.

801 Saves

Hike to Sparks Lake

Bend, Oregon

Sparks Lake is the perfect place to bring the whole family for a hike and to see the beauty of the Cascade Mountains reflecting on the water.

379 Saves

Drive the Steens Mountain Loop

Harney County, Oregon

Steens Mountain makes you feel like you are on top of the world. At nearly 10,000ft in elevation and not being well known, the Steens will make you to feel like you’re in a truly remote place.

125 Saves

Photograph the Painted Hills

Mitchell, Oregon

The Painted HIlls is the most dramatic of the three units that make up John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

508 Saves

Explore Eureka Dunes and Hidden Dunes

Inyo County, California

THE HIDDEN DUNES HIKE From the well, you will want to hike towards a gap in the mountains off to the West.

113 Saves

Explore Racetrack Valley

Inyo County, California

Death Valley National Park is home to some remarkably surreal landscapes, none stranger than Racetrack Valley and its famous moving rocks.

218 Saves

Photograph Dante's View of Death Valley

Inyo County, California

In all of Death Valley National Park, Dante's View might just be the best spot to watch the light fade away after a long day.

287 Saves

Take a Walk on Badwater Basin's Salt Flats

Inyo County, California

Taking a walk on the salt flats at Badwater Basin is like no other experience in Death Valley National Park.

371 Saves

Hike Natural Bridge Canyon

Inyo County, California

Natural Bridge Canyon is one of the few canyons in Death Valley with an official trailhead that can be easily accessed from the parking lot.

300 Saves

Explore Zabriskie Point

DEATH VALLEY, California

Zabriskie Point is a unique viewpoint in Death Valley National Park located just east of Furnace Creek on Hwy 190.

286 Saves

Photographing the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Death Valley, California

The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes are the most photographed dunes at Death Valley National Park. To reach the dune’s parking lot from Furnace Creek, drive 22 miles west on Highway 190.

390 Saves

Hike and Shoot Delicate Arch

Grand County, Utah

I headed out to the trailhead because I really wanted to shoot the super moon with the Delicate Arch. It was absolutely fantastic, especially during such a full moon.

1088 Saves

Hike to Spirit, Moon, and Pinard Falls

Dorena, Oregon

Spirit Falls is the first stop on this adventure. From the parking pull-out walk a short distance of 0.4 miles to the 40 foot fan falls.

322 Saves

Hike to Diamond Creek Falls

Lane County, Oregon

The beginning of this trail starts at the parking lot of Salt Creek Falls, right off of the 58 freeway. During the winter months, there's a gate blocking the road to the parking lot.

406 Saves

Explore Salt Creek Falls

Lane County, Oregon

Located off of the 58 Freeway, Salt Creek Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Oregon. The powerful cascade pours into a scenic canyon below, with beautiful surrounding views.

627 Saves

Soak in Umpqua Hot Springs

Idleyld Park, Oregon

When you arrive at the hot springs you'll see a bathroom and large dumpster in a small gravel parking lot.

779 Saves

Hike to Toketee Falls

Idleyld Park, Oregon

Toketee Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in all of Oregon, renowned for the graceful columnar basalt formation framing the two-stepped falls.

1113 Saves