Lisa Bao

Photographer based out of San Francisco, CA. Focusing on travel and landscapes, my aim is to inspire others to get outside and connect with their own adventures.

Hike and Camp at Smith Rock

Terrebonne, Oregon

Park your vehicle in the bivouac parking area and hike 200 yards west to the tent campsites. Set up your home away from home at one of the undesignated cliff side campsites overlooking the park.

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Photograph the Golden Hours at Smith Rock

Terrebonne, Oregon

Most of you may know Smith Rock as a climbing mecca.

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Hike to Proxy Falls

Lane County, Oregon

This is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Oregon.

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Hike to Sahalie and Koosah Falls

Sisters, Oregon

This loop might be on the shorter side, but the hike is more than worth it for the scenery.

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Watch the Sunrise at Crater Lake


Drive to the overlook at Crater Lake well before sunrise. Actually, you should probably just sleep in your car for a bit to make sure you're not late for this incredible sight.

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Night Sky Photography at Crater Lake


Whether you're a photographer just starting to try your hand at night sky images or already an expert, Crater Lake is a great place to shoot for the stars.

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Catch a Sunrise at Ina Coolbrith Park

San Francisco, California

This tucked away neighborhood gem is less than a square block in size, but offers some of the best views of San Francisco.

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Hike the Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Loop

Stinson Beach, California

This loop is made up of three of the most popular Marin trails and for good reason. These trails offer not only expansive ocean views, but a variety of topography and environments. This 7.

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Hike to the Summit of Mt. Tamalpais

Mill Valley, California

Mt. Tam is a large park with plenty of amazing viewpoints, but the East routes and the East Peak are best for sunsets.

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Catch a Sunset at Grand View Park ("Turtle Hill")

San Francisco, California

A recipe for happiness in the "cool grey city of love.

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Camp and Hike the Big Pine Lakes

Big Pine, California

The North Fork Big Pine Creek Trail offers some of the best high alpine scenery in the Sierras.

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Photograph Lassen Peak

Shasta County, California

Located in Northern California, Lassen Volcanic National Park is an astoundingly beautiful, diverse, yet under-appreciated park in the national park system.

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Hike to Middle McCloud Falls

McCloud, California

Just 4 hours north of San Francisco, McCloud Falls offers a quick hike and swimming hole for those looking for something less crowded than Burney Falls.

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Take in a Sunset on Marshall's Beach

San Francisco, California

If you're looking for one of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marshall's Beach gives you just that without the tourist crowds of Baker Beach.

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Hike to Burney Falls

Burney, California

Although the falls can be seen right from the parking area, this scenic 1.3 mile loop is a great hike for all levels of hiking ability.

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Explore Skógafoss in the Winter

Skógafoss, Iceland, Iceland

Throughout all seasons of the year, Skógafoss is one of Iceland’s most visited waterfalls. This waterfall is in the top 5 largest in the country, with a dizzying drop of 60 meters.

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Explore Vestrahorn

Stokksnes, Iceland

Vesturhorn, often called "Batman Mountain," is a beautiful mountain (454 m/1450 ft high) where very steep cliffs meet a flat, black sand beach.

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Exploring Skaftafellsjökull

Svartifoss Trail, Iceland

The glacier Skaftafellsjökull is an outlet of Vatnajökull, which is the largest continental glacier in Europe.

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Photograph the Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes

Inverness, California

Just north of San Francisco, there's a row of giant Monterey cypress trees that forms a “tree tunnel”.

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Backpack the Tongariro Northern Circuit

Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Most people visiting Togariro National park do the 1 day Alpine Crossing. I opted to do the full circuit, a 27 mile hike that takes you all the way around the prominent summit of Mt. Ngaroe.

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Photograph the Waterfalls of Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland, Iceland

If you want to see Iceland's most incredible scenery, you have to rent a car and get a map. From Reykjavik, head south on Hwy 1.

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Vietnam's 4 Islands Boat Tour

tp. Nha Trang, Vietnam

If you're staying in Nha Trang, you can book the 4 islands tour from any hostel or travel agency on the street for around $8-10 USD.

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Explore Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

From Reykjavik, just head south on Hwy 1 for about 3 hours until you reach Jokulsarlon. It's just off both sides of the road and a bridge drives over it - you wont miss it.

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Hike to Yosemite's Mirror Lake

Yosemite Valley, California

Mirror Lake is a very popular spot in the Yosemite Valley and definitely a must see to check off your explore list.

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