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I was browsing around for a place to have an off the beaten path experience of the full solar eclipse along the path of totality (this was within a few small miles of the path). Thankfully my friends and I set up camp early, because the knob ended up COVERED in tents (my brother counted around 100 the morning of the eclipse). The short hike was great, the environment was amazing and the star gazing/sunrises & sunsets were breathtaking. The only issue is there is no water for miles from here (some hikers spoke of water over the north side of the mountain, but was never confirmed). The nearest town, Robbinsville, has cell service and options for food and picking up water to carry in. Make sure to check out Joyce Kilmer on your way up or down the mountain - it's home to the oldest virgin trees on the east coast (around 450 years old!!) You'll definitely want to stop at the General Store along 143 just before hopping on the Cherohala Skyway. The owners of this little shop are the nicest and most fun people we met on the trip. This was one of my favorite adventures to date! Super thankful for this post to supply this adventure!

I always make a stop here when I'm Morgantown or driving past. It's a quick stop off the freeway and I promise the view is worth it. Lots of beautiful trails around the area as well. Pro tip, check out Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area across the Cheat River for an AMAZING sunrise view and a much quieter experience. Do your research ahead of time as I don't believe any of the trails are labeled.

Every time I visit Ohiopyle, I make it a point to visit the falls. It's amazing to stand on top (USE CAUTION) and you can also walk behind the falls! Such a beautiful, simple hike!!

Very easy and rewarding hike. Easily the best winter hike within a few miles of Pittsburgh. Be sure to go on a COLD day (20degrees or colder) to see the most amazing frozen waterfalls and the spring still shooting out water!!

First of all, I do believe you NEED a guide to do this hike. Nothing is labeled, so I would recommend getting a guide (I believe it cost ~$50USD to have a van pick us up from our hotel (2 hours away) and have a guide take only my friend and I up and provide a lunch and bottle of water. I'm not huge on guided hikes, but I wouldn't have done this any other way! The views of the volcano when you hike the rim are absolutely amazing. Easily the most amazing hike I've ever done. Like a previous review, no chance for an actual sunrise as it was too cloudy. But the views are well worth it. DO THIS HIKE!!

Some of the darkest skies in the US!! Unbelievable how much you can see!

These "jumping teddy bears" are no joke. My girlfriend got one stuck in her ankle and if it weren't for a few rocks lying around, I'm not sure how we would have gotten the cactus out of her! (nearly a year later and she still has little "scars") Don't let this steer you away, though. Other than the dark skies, shooting these Cholla at sunrise was what I was MOST excited about at Joshua Tree. The color of the sky mixed with the Cholla glow is a photographer's paradise!!

My girlfriend and I made the drive from Joshua Tree, which I believe was somewhere slightly less than a two hour drive. This is a WONDERFUL day trip if you're either in LA or J-tree (or even Vegas for that matter). If you're hiking the PCT, you would be stupid to not take some time to relax here! Most of the folks we ran into were thru-hikers, which are always entertaining to talk to! Be aware, just as another member reviewed, the drive to the ranch from the paved road is about a three mile drive which took us approximately 20 minutes to drive - it is a ROUGH entirely sand road. A big heads up which didn't seem to make the article, if you go the Bowen Ranch route, the hike is backwards. You'll have an "easy" hike entirely downhill to the hot springs. After you're done relaxing, you have to hike all the way back up the 900-some feet elevation. It can be a bear - especially if done in the summer! Be sure to bring snacks (you'll want them before your trek back) and a decent pair of shoes! The ranch operator will try to scare you with how difficult the hike is and how they have to search and rescue people all the time, but it's not bad if you don't mind a little exercise! I guess they just get tourists that try to hike it in flip flops. If you've done this hike, you know it's not possible in flip flops. hahaha

I hiked this about two hours before sunset and watched the sunset from the Delicate Arch - stunning!! The hike was very interesting and really fun on the way back on the dark! Just beware, this trail has LOTS of drop offs and part of the trail is only marked with rock cairns. Just be aware of where you're walking and headed!

Very rewarding hike! Watch for bears if you're doing a sunrise/sunset hike. We ran into a momma and a couple Cubs on our hike back following the sunset.

It's as simple as a really cool and simple hike with a rewarding summit! Worth a stop on your drive down the Skyline Drive!

If you've done Old Rag in Shenandoah, this is his baby brother. Switch back hike from base to summit with a small rock scrabble at the top. If you want to get the most of your hike, you MUST walk past the warning sign to the top of the rocks. I can't wrap my head around the fact that people do not climb to the top! As I'm sure you've all figured, Autumn is the best time to do this hike. Bonus points if you hike before sunrise and watch the orange ball rise over the mountains and the fog slide down them!! Just bring a headlamp and be bear aware!

Such a beautiful forest hike. Lots of photography options and GREAT swimming. You can hang out UNDER Muddy Creek Falls. Bring your bathing suit and grab a stick!!

Did the Hike in about 5 hours with my girlfriend with a handful of brief stops. The view points are unreal and the rock scramble at the top is worth the two miles of switch backs! We left early afternoon and barely beat the crowds, so like the article reads, arrive early! Definitely worth a day to hike! Just be aware of bears and don't leave trash lying around! We ran into a young bear digging at something on the trail (probably trash). We plan on heading back in a few weeks to hike this at sunrise in the fall! Wish us luck!