Lia Ali

almost 2 years ago


Highly suggest checking this area out. I’ve grown up close by and spent lots of time in and around Sandstone Falls. If you like fishing this is the place, if you can get out on the ledge of the first viewing area on the boardwalk the carp there are huge. And by huge I mean 3-6 feet long or maybe bigger!!! Helgramites are the best bait! Hiking and views are awesome too! Check out the Hinton DQ for a Dairy Queen like no other, dinning area sitting atop the river! What a great way to enjoy a meal!

almost 2 years ago

From a local

This has got to be on the most amazing views especially in this area. It’s a short jaunt out and back and there are a lot of rock walls and juts to play around on, but the real beauty is at the end of the trail where the rock walls open up into the beauty of the Appalachian mountains and the one of the oldest and most dynamic river in the world! You get awesome 180 degree views of the river and mountains. It’s an eyeful overload! Strongly recommend this short hike. It really has the biggest payoff for the views you get!