Lexz Whiteis

Hills, Hills, Hills And Some More Hills

If you love going uphill the entire time this is the hike for you! It's strenuous(in my opinion), but every sweat drop is worth it. I could see five mountain tops and I ended up falling asleep at the top while looking out. I can't wait to come back here and camp to watch the sunrise and sunset.

So Much History

We stopped here randomly on our way back home from our Yellowstone trip and I'm glad we did! The town of Wallace is very small, making finding the trailhead easy. The hike is not too difficult, but I did work up a good sweat. There's so much information on the 1910 fire and what these men had to do to survive is truly an amazing story. This hike just makes you appreciate our forests and forests fighters more.

Worth It

Every bug (which there are millions of on this trail) and every switchback is worth it. Jaw dropping views are at the very top, along with free camping! Be prepared to be surrounded by at least 15+ more people at the top- go to the right and continue up the hill for less people and more awesome views!