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Lewis Grana

If you take a right instead of left you take the harder route which is pretty much rock climbing the whole way up It’s very intimidating and dangerous don’t go if you’re scared of heights

Hurricane mountain is easily one of the hidden gems of ADK park. When I went (September 2016) Their were so few people that we let our 2 year old black Lab off the leash and she had the time of her life! Once you reach the summit you can see all of the High peaks region it truly is beautiful with a 360 view of the park. one of my favorite hikes in the Adirondacks.

I started at the Adk Loj trailhead It's about a 15.5 mile hike however me and my father were able to Hike marcy in a little over 7 hours. The hike is mostly up hill passing over creeks and streams BRING DECENT HIKING BOOTS most of the hike is up hill walking over rocks and pebbles etc. Also BRING INSECT REPELLANT i know what your saying but anyone who has hiked Marcy in the summer knows exactly what i'm talking about. At the summit of Marcy their are these tiny little mosquitos that fly around and torture you. Barring any mosquito interruption the view is absolutely breath taking looking down on Algonquin Peak and all the other peaks in ADK park is so breathtaking