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Leigh Wilson

Recently relocated to Tucson after a 3-month road trip from my hometown of Chicago! I blog about outdoor adventure travel, dog-friendly destinations and anything else travel-related that catches my interest! https://campfiresandconcierges.com/

Loved this little hike just 5 minutes from our hotel in Prescott! Parking is $5, but free if you have a National Parks Pass (just leave it on your dash) Really enjoyed this little stroll around the lake, dog friendly, too!

I grew up vacationing at Beaver Lake each summer - we've hiked, driven and ridden horses up to Crystal. I was even lucky enough to rent one of the cabins in Crystal for a few nights and we backpacked in from Marble. Gorgeous area with so much to do! (I think you can drive to Lizard Lake fairly easily - I saw some Subarus parked there - we usually park at the top of the first hill where there's a pullout near a driveway)

This looks great with the flowers - I hiked it in September - we had frost in the morning, and fall colors in the tundra. Also, look out for moose down low near the willows!

Tried this hike twice, both around mid-September. First time, with a friend, we did not start early and it got way too crowded - I was not comfortable on the chain section with that many people! For 7 years, it haunted me that I didn't finish it, so I made it back this year. Left my hotel before dark, at the TH by 7:00 and it was so worth it! Great hike, amazing views and not at all crowded. As I'm hiking down around 10am, it was a conga line coming up. Start early! http://www.campfiresandconcierges.com/zion-national-park/