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Immigration lawyer in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Boulder, CO. In love with the outdoors and all it has to offer.

This hike is extremely beautiful, especially when done at sunrise. It was amazing starting the hike at night and seeing all the stars above Mt. Batur. However, in my opinion the amount of tourists that are on the trail detracts a bit from the experience. Going up and down the trail there is a constant line of people so the only option is to go at an extremely slow place. That being said, the views were still amazing and I would definition recommend the experience.

This is a great hike for beginners or people visiting from out of town who aren't used to the altitude. The trail is easy to follow without and overly steep sections. Nice views of Boulder from the rock chairs at the end of the trail! A review below mentioned that the trail is under construction, but that is now done.

This is my favorite 14er! It's relatively easy as far as 14ers go and the views are stunning in every direction. It's amazing being up that high and not seeing any towns or roads in any direction. The top is a bit rough with scree and unstable rocks but completely doable. There are many free campsites on the road to the trailhead and I would highly recommend camping the night before your hike and waking up early the next day to get started hiking!

I would 100% recommend this adventure to anyone visiting Bolivia! When visiting Uyuni the most popular options are to either do a one day tour of Salar de Uyuni or the three day tour outlined above which covers both the salt flats and some of the surrounding areas. I would highly suggest choosing the three day option instead of the one day. The salt flats were amazing but everything we saw on the second and third days were just as breathtaking. From a massive red lake with hundreds of flamingos to active volcanoes to mars like desert landscapes, I was constantly blown away.

With all the rainfall and snowmelt, Vernal and Nevada Falls are both really flowing. This makes for beautiful views but also means that you will get completely soaked while hiking past Vernal Falls. If you still want to go this route, make sure to bring a change of socks, clothing and ideally something to cover your pack. An alternative is to take the John Muir trail which adds about 1 mile to your trip each way but will allow you to see both waterfalls without getting soaked. This trail is also one of the most popular in the whole park which means huge crowds of people so its best to get an early start!

This is definitely the way to do Half Dome! After failing to get wilderness permits the day before our hike we went back to the wilderness center around 8 am the day we wanted to go up and were able to get same day cancellation permits. We ended up waking up at 1:30 am to start the hike up to Half Dome from Little Yosemite Valley. We were the only people on the trail and the first people up Half Dome about an hour before sunrise. I know it sounds miserable waking up that early but it was 100% worth it. We beat the crowds and the heat and were able to appreciate the unbelievable stars and sunrise. Would definitely recommend!

After having been constantly disappointed with the hiking in LA I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I would definitely recommend doing the longer loop. The loop which is just over 6 miles ended up taking around 2.5 hours in total with a couple of breaks. I would recommend getting an early start as the parking lot fills up quickly and it also gets pretty hot by 10 am or so. Great views of the mountains and ocean!

Attempted this hike today in warm sunny weather and was unable to make it to the top because of significant snow. It was possible to make it up to Black Lake but the rocks were very slippery. Above that there was too much snow to continue to the saddle. Within the first 20 minutes of the hike there are 1-3 major river crossings depending on which way you go, which results in wet boots unless you're smart and bring water shoes. The walk through the valley makes its way through a small boulder field at one point which can be hard to navigate for those without good balance. Overall really pretty views of the surrounding mountains and waterfalls but had its challenging moments.

This is one of my favorite hikes in Sequoia Nat'l Park! The hike is fairly difficult especially if you aren't used to altitude. I would definitely recommend spending the night up at Pear Lake if you have the time, the views from the campsites are stunning.

It wasn't exactly clear whether or not you can drive to the plane wreck. We ended up parking in the lot right off the road and walking to the wreck however there were a significant amount of cars that passed us and just drove right up to the wreck. The walk there definitely isn't overly interesting as its just flat through a lava field but the plane wreck is really cool and definitely worth the stop!

Really loved this hike! However the large amount of crowds that are typical especially during the summer months was definitely a bit of a bummer. I would definitely recommend trying to get off one of the trails that connect to the main trail up to Svartifoss for a break from the crowds and some great views of the glacier!

Added this lake to the more popular Emerald Lake trail and definitely appreciated the lack of crowds on the way up to/at Haiyaha. Its definitely worth adding a detour to this lake if you're planning on going up to Emerald Lake anyways!

Pretty easy hike up to a beautiful lake! Went up here during the week and was the only person at the lake. The trail is definitely a bit rocky but do able for most ages and abilities!

Went up here there weekend and was a bit disappointed to see that most of the wildflowers were gone but the views were still stunning! Beginning of the hike is pretty steep but after that it levels out. Suitable for all ages and a great trail to get panoramic views of the coast.

I'd say this hike is definitely worth doing once as it gives really awesome views of the iconic Hollywood sign and Los Angeles. With a fairly gradual incline this hike is doable for most people and is a great activity to do if visiting LA

This hike has cool panoramic views of LA and is a great option for those who don't want to venture outside of the city however it's usually extremely crowded and can get very hot as there is not much shade on the trail

Really beautiful spot to watch the sunset! If the tide is low, try going through the arch and there are some great tidal pools and Wood's Cove on the other side (another great beach to hangout at).

Did part of this walk today, really amazing! It was nice being away from all the crowds however I was really happy we did go to the main Cliffs of Moher area as the cliffs there were much more dramatic than the ones along the walk from Doolin

went here this weekend and it was definitely worth the short walk! we went in the middle of the day (which was still extremely beautiful) but heard from many people that sunset and sunrise are the best times to go view the bend

Thanks for sharing, Eric! Went up to see the sunrise this morning and had a great time. The trail is mostly covered in snow but snow spikes weren't necessary. It was also extremely cold so many warm layers were a must! I would definitely recommend

Just did this hike today and loved it! Snowshoes were definitely helpful but not necessary as the majority of the trail was fairly packed down already. All three lakes are completely frozen through and the track currently goes over both Nymph and Dream Lakes on the way to Emerald Lake. The parking lot was completely full by noon so I'd recommend getting an early start to avoid the crowds and have a more serene experience! Extremely beautiful views and can be done by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. Would highly recommend doing this hike while theres still some snow, it really adds to the views!

The climb was extremely steep and challenging but was it worth the panoramic views you will get as soon as you get above the bushline!

One of my favorite day hikes in New Zealand! Definitely worth the strenuous uphill hike. We did this hike in winter, so there was a good amount of snow on the trail especially as you got higher up, but still very doable!