Lauren Herbine

Great adventure!

Poking around on your own is grand; going on a tour is great for families or those without personal kayaks! Most companies will provide transportation to Schauer Launch, will provide all PFDs, kayaks, and guides. I'd personally recommend Door County Kayak Tours. Whether you go on your own or with a tour, this is not an adventure to pass up!

Try it in a kayak!

I have been exploring Cave Point my entire life (awesome also in the winter!), but just recently began exploring it via kayak. On calmer days, you can poke through the caves and coves, and when the lake is low, there is a certain cave that contains a "limbo", in which you can lay flat on your boat and shimmy under a rock arch. Bring your own, rent a kayak, or go on a guided tour. There are a couple of companies on the peninsula- I'd specifically recommend Door County Kayak Tours.

Did a very similar trip to this one (this section was incorporated into a longer backpacking trip) in late July. Many of the ponies had babies, and all were very inquisitive! We only met one other group of hikers making the experience all the more special. The views from the balds were simply spectacular, but hiking through the wooded sections also proved to be magnificent. Continuing along the AT to Buzzard Rock (great 360 views of surrounding ranges) would be a good addition to this hike.