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Laura R

Love getting outside and exploring new places. PNW is the best.

We went in the winter..only people there. Gorgeous hike and hot springs!

Only made it to the falls due to weather - we will be back! Check trail condition reports - can be pretty dangerous out there!

Did this on cross country skis (also camped here in the summer - less than a mile hike when the snow melts). On skis, we went all the way around Todd Lake and up the ridge for a peak-a-boo view of Broken Top.

Camped on Bays Lake's little island! Highly recommend. Busy but beautiful country.

Misery Ridge is beautiful, but don't take your 60 year old uncle that only goes on flat walks...he will be mad at you for years to come! :)

Shamrock Run! Do it!

Steel bridge area attracts many characters! Cross the bridges and run on the east bank to make it a loop.

Wouldn't say it's an advanced hike...we did it in four hours with a stop at the river just beyond the tunnel. Everyone from Portland will be here on a sunny day. Not for people afraid of heights!


My absolute favorite "in-town" park. Come here every week. Love it in the off season, but crowded in the summer (of course!).

VERY popular but the one view is lovely!

Went on a Monday morning at 7 AM. My only company was the resident marmots. Nice place but once you see it, you see it.