Laura Hlohinec

Perfect getaway! These springs are almost directly below Hoover Dam. The hike is fun and adventurous. We did it when it had just opened legally the first few days of October. We chose a cooler day and it was still pretty warm! Normally I like to start a hike early morning if I know it'll be a hot one. With this trail it was actually better that we started around midday - going to the hot springs is all downhill. So we hiked out when the sun had already gone down farther in the afternoon making it much more pleasant to hike uphill in the cooler late afternoon/early evening temperatures! Enjoy and be safe! The rocks going down are quite slippery!

Bring your ice cramp ons and have fun exploring! Stay away from the muddy sections and try to follow routes that are already there. If you don't have glacier experience, review some glacier safety guidelines online. I've been here twice with cramp ons and without. It was definitely more fun with the cramp ons. If you don't have any, you can rent them from REI in Anchorage for $10/day I believe. :)

I was one of those huffing and puffing a bit on the hike up (hey, I've lived at sea level my whole life lol) but it was phenomenal. A mini work out, fantastic soak in the hot springs and the best views ever! There were two main bigger pools across the little wooden foot bridge then I noticed a few hotter mini pools you could probably stand in on the trail side of the stream. If I had more time, I'd camp out wonderful.

I adored this hike. We did it early June and only went up to the waterfalls past the first lake. The lakes were both still frozen over so they looked like a field of snow.. But otherwise the hike itself was sooo fun! The terrain seemed to change every mile or so. The boulders were a blast as I love to hop around and scramble (one girl in our group wasn't a huge fan though..oh well). Overall this was one of the best day hikes I've ever done. Some hikes I do and I'm good doing them only once a year. This hike I could do a couple times a month and be pretty content! I can't wait to do it again this summer when the lakes melt!

If you're looking for a beautiful turquoise blue alpine lake to yourselves, this is not the one. Though it is popular for a reason - it is gorgeous! Try to go early in the morning or late at night for a more personal experience with this site. Rent a canoe or kayak. Enjoy..

I rerouted my road trip randomly through Twin Falls and decided I needed to see why the town was named as such. I didn't realize that the famous Shoshone Falls were here! Maybe it was the surprise and spontaneity of it but these falls are spectacular! All the walkways are paved and family friendly for the most part - though if you wander around a bit you can find a few gem spots away from people. 😉

I had no clue I could experience the beauty of salt flat fields without traveling to South America (Bolivia) and without freezing my buns off too! The Bonneville Salt Flats are right outside Salt Lake City about 1-2 hour drive. I drove out past the Salt Flats Cafe at the tricky stop along I-80 and walked out pretty far to snap a few photos. It was mostly overcast and just lovely. At the end I couldn't help but drive out on them as I could see several tracks where people drive out on them. My Honda Element did fine though I didn't slow down in the soft parts! It was a blast. I'd love to go back.