Hike Brokeoff Mountain

7 miles 2600 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

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The remains of a volcano that blew it's top a long time ago, Brokeoff Mountain reigns over the surrounding lands next to it's sister peak, Mt. Lassen, and is certainly not a hike for the feint of heart. 

Peaking above the volcanic valley at 9235 ft, Brokeoff Mountain is only second in height to Mt. Lassen in the national park they share. Brokeoff was once a part of a larger volcano called Mt. Tehama that erupted, eventually leading to it's collapse.  The event left a rugged volcanic rim, now considered smaller, individual mountains that help make up the Cascade Mountain Range. The summit of Brokeoff boasts incredible panoramic views of this volcanic rim, along with a great southern shot of Mt. Lassen and even of Mt. Shasta on a clear day.

Directions: The trailhead fairly easy to find and is approximately 0.5 miles south of the southern park entrance.  For parking there are two options: a turnout off of Highway 89 (outside the park) is available across the road from the trailhead for no fee required, however parking there is limited. There is also a Brokeoff Mountain parking lot inside Lassen NP that will require paying the park fee.  But there is so much to see in Lassen, you might as well pay the park fee (Reasons to explore Lassen NP found here: https://theoutbound.com/cambre...). More money to support our beautiful national parks, right?

The trail begins across from the turnout and will lead over small seasonal creek and marshes. Eventually you will reach dense forest and a couple occasional meadows, where switchbacks begin. The last mile of the hike takes you on a couple long last switchbacks above the tree line, up to the mountain's exposed summit. This hike is almost entirely uphill to the summit and entirely downhill back to the trailhead. It is fairly steep and you will gain 2600 feet of elevation over the course of the 7 mile round trip. Remember the atmosphere will be thinner as you reach the summit so don't forget to pace yourself on the way up and to drink plenty of water. Also, don't forget to stop and enjoy the view once you reach the top! You will have definitely earned it.

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Full Moon Hike

I did this hike on a full moon evening because the top of the hike is MEANT to watch the sunset and see the full moon! There's plenty of flat room to chill at the top and take in the sights. You'll be able to see Mount Lassen across the way. The top half of the hike is pretty exposed so you can hike down with the full moon lighting your way. Definitely recommend!

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