The Best Outdoor Activities in Lake Tahoe

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Camping at The Pots

Lake Tahoe / Silver Lake Pulloff

This fantastic camping or chilling spot has beautiful granite pools and slides of all sizes.

Jake Young
811 Saves

Hiking the Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail at Sly Park

Lake Tahoe / Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail

The Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail runs along Jenkinson Lake, making for an easy, shaded, and well-marked hike that the entire family can enjoy.

Xavier Salgado
706 Saves

Backpack to the "Waterfall Camp" in Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lake Trail

Although this hike can be done as a day hike, it is an awesome place to camp. There is a lot to explore and you will want to spend as much there time as you can.

Jake Young
633 Saves

Hike to Eagle Falls & Lake

Lake Tahoe / Eagle Falls & Lake

Eagle Falls Trail is located off Highway 89 and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in California.

Thomas Burton
572 Saves

Hike The Historical Stevens Trail

Lake Tahoe / Stevens Trail, Colfax CA

Best known as one of the most popular hiking and biking trails to the North Fork American River, in part because of the easy access from Colfax.

Xavier Salgado
486 Saves

Hike to Bassi Falls

Lake Tahoe / Bassi Falls Trailhead

109' tall Bassi Falls is located in the Crystal Basin area of the El Dorado National Forest.

Beth Young
404 Saves

Backpack to Smith Lake, Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Twin Lakes Trailhead, Desolation Wilderness

To get to the Twin Lakes Trailhead from the Bay Area/Sacramento, head east on HWY 50 past Kyburz for 4 miles until you see the left-hand turnoff for Wrights Road.

Miranda Leconte
379 Saves

Hike Mount Tallac

Lake Tahoe / Mount Tallac Trail

The classic 9½ mile out-and-back day hike to Mount Tallac begins at the trailhead on the southwestern side of Lake Tahoe, between Emerald Bay and Camp Richardson.

Christian Arballo
365 Saves

Photograph Bonsai Rock

Lake Tahoe / Bonsai Rock

Bonsai Rock is a popular attraction for photographers as it is a unique boulder with tiny trees growing out of it, enclosed next to the shoreline.

Lisa Bao
362 Saves

Hike to Mossbrae Falls

Lake Tahoe / Mossbrae Falls

Disclaimer: Hiking to the falls is trespassing. Fines can be as much as $300.

Mark Handy
346 Saves

Backpack the Palisades Creek Trail

Lake Tahoe / Palisades Creek Trail

After driving out to Kidd Lakes and parking at the trailhead, you take off through some easy forest hiking past Cascade Lakes and Long Lake.

Joey Washburn
329 Saves

Explore Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe / Emerald Bay Vikingsholm Trail

The View at Emerald Bay is not to be missed. This is an amazing place to catch a sunrise over the lake or to see the east side of the lake lit at night.

Christian Arballo
325 Saves

Relax at Sand Harbor

Lake Tahoe / Sand Harbor

This is what you would call a family beach. It is clean, beautiful, and well maintained.

Jamie Fleck
305 Saves

Cliff Jumping Paradise

Lake Tahoe / Angora Lakes Resort

Tucked into a glacially carved bowl high above Lake Tahoe, you'll find upper Angora Lake. To access the lake, you'll need to take a one mile uphill hike, but it's well worth it.

Grant Nyquist
305 Saves

Hike to Eagle Rock

Lake Tahoe / Eagle Rock Trailhead

Starting at an outcrop off Highway 89 in Tahoe Pines, hikers make their way up the trail through a gradually sloping forest.

Demetri Savas
287 Saves

Glen Alpine Falls & Grass Lake Hike

Lake Tahoe / Glen Alpine Trailhead

Park your car at the Glen Alpine Trailhead adjacent to Lily Lake and southwast of Fallen Leaf Lake. Head west on Glen Alpine Creek Trail passing Lily Lake on your left.

Jake Young
271 Saves

Backpacking to Loch Leven Lakes

Lake Tahoe / Loch Leven Lakes

To get to this trail go west on I-80 from Truckee, Ca. After 17 miles take the Big Bend exit and turn left at the stop sign at the bottom of the exit ramp.

Alex Shaw
268 Saves

Hike around Coon Creek to Hidden Falls

Lake Tahoe / Hidden Falls Parking Area

Not far from California's capital is Hidden Falls Regional Park. The name suits the park nicely, as the hidden gem of waterfalls await those who are willing to take the trek.

Chris Cheng
265 Saves

Hike the Independence Trail

Lake Tahoe / Independence Trail

Starting from the free easy access parking lot right off highway 49 you head left up the trail.

Kelly Sanders
257 Saves

Hike Maggie's Peaks

Lake Tahoe / Bayviews Campground Trailhead

This hike starts from the Bayviews Campground Trailhead. This day use area is usually pretty crowded so arrive early to get a parking spot.

Jake Young
251 Saves

Explore The Solo Tree

Lake Tahoe / 2050 Blue Oaks Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747, USA

Disclaimer: This tree is on private property. If you choose to proceed, please check in with the property owner and proceed respectfully.

Andy Woodward
250 Saves

Backpack the PCT from the Yuba River to Fowler Peak

Lake Tahoe / Pacific Crest Trail (Sierra City)

On the Pacific Crest Trail, you'll be heading from the Yuba River to Fowler peak. This backpacking trip is 51 miles, one-way, so you'll want to park shuttle car at the Fowler Peak Trailhead.

Camp at Panther Meadows

Lake Tahoe / Panther Meadows Campground

The Panther Meadows Campground is located in the timberline on Mt. Shasta. The free campsite has 10 sites with a fire ring and a table.

Justin Ritucci
232 Saves

Camp at the Calpine Fire Lookout

Lake Tahoe / Calpine Fire Lookout

I think all explorers agree there is nothing more serene than being surrounded by nothing but wilderness. If you are one of these said explorers, a trip to Calpine's fire lookout is a must.

Clare Healy
232 Saves

Hike to Cascade Falls, El Dorado National Forest

Lake Tahoe / Bayview Trailhead

Starting out at the Bayview Trailhead you will make your way out through the campground towards the trail. Once you find the trail it is a simple way to the falls.

Brian Walker
231 Saves

Hike to the Martis Peak Fire Lookout

Lake Tahoe / Brockway Summit Tahoe Rim Trail Trailhead

This hike leads to a 100 year old fire lookout near the summit of Martis Peak with incredible views of North Lake Tahoe.

Backpack Desolation's Primitive Western Edge through Rockbound Pass

Lake Tahoe / Rockbound Trailhead, Wrights Lake

This 26 mile loop meanders through some of the most primitive trails in Desolation Wilderness.

Kira Minehart
226 Saves

Backpack to Middle Velma Lake

Lake Tahoe / Eagle Falls & Lake

Hiking or backpacking to the Velma Lakes area is a must do if you want to explore and escape the summer crowds of South Tahoe. There are 3 lakes, Upper, Middle, and Lower Velma Lake.

Christian Arballo
225 Saves

Hike the Truckee Tunnels

Lake Tahoe / Donner Pass Road

To get here, drive along Donner Pass Rd. There is a turnoff about 100 yards away from the Donner Summit Bridge where you can park.

Shelby Montez
223 Saves

Explore Sugar Pine Reservoir

Lake Tahoe / Sugar Pine Reservoir

Just a few miles north of Foresthill, Sugar Pine is a lesser known reservoir found in Placer County that is surprisingly unpopulated for how much the park provides.

Andy Woodward
211 Saves

Hike Horsetail Falls

Lake Tahoe / Horsetail Falls Trailhead

Great views are waiting for you at the top of Horsetail Falls.

Brian Walker
201 Saves

Photograph Lassen Peak

Lake Tahoe / Manzanita Lake

Located in Northern California, Lassen Volcanic National Park is an astoundingly beautiful, diverse, yet under-appreciated park in the national park system.

Beth Young
198 Saves

Backpacking Trip to Lake Aloha

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lakes Boat Taxi

You'll start the hike at the Echo Lakes trailhead, just off of Highway 50 in Lake Tahoe.

Kyle Frost
196 Saves

Hike through the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve

Lake Tahoe / Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Details Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve is named after Effie Yeaw, a teacher, conservationist and environmental educator who frequented the area on educational nature walks.

Jeff Driscoll
185 Saves

Hiking to Lassen Peak (10,462ft.)

Lake Tahoe / Lassen Peak Trail

One of my personal favorites and a hidden gem of California that keeps circling my mind is the Lassen Peak Trail. Don't let the trail map (2.

Christian Arballo
184 Saves

Capture the Sunset at the Angora Ridge Fire Lookout

Lake Tahoe / Angora Ridge Fire Lookout

The Angora Ridge Fire lookout sits above the serene Fallen Leaf Lake with incredible views of Mt. Tallac and Desolation Wilderness. You can hike, bike or drive to the lookout.

Jake Young
183 Saves

Explore Lake Tahoe's Vikingsholm Castle

Lake Tahoe / Vikingsholm Castle

The drive to the location of Vikingsholm was beautiful with spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay, when approached from South Lake Tahoe.

Jake Young
183 Saves

A Lazy (Fun) Float Down the River

Lake Tahoe / Truckee River

Start your day by heading to Tahoe City where the East and North Shores of Lake Tahoe meet.

Robin Penning
181 Saves

Photograph Burney Falls

Lake Tahoe / Burney Falls Memorial State Park

The Burney Falls centerpiece is a 129-foot drop to a deep pool of water down below. It's not the highest or largest waterfall in the state, but it's certainly one of the most beautiful.

TJ Orton
177 Saves

The Five Lakes Hike

Lake Tahoe / Alpine Meadows

The Five Lakes Trail is located in the Granite Chief Wilderness in between Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts and is easily accessible at the intersection of Alpine Meadows and Deer Park roa.

Robin Penning
176 Saves

Hike to Eagle Lake

Lake Tahoe / Eagle Falls & Lake

The trailhead starts (and ends) by the beautiful Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe, and goes west. The trail is well-marked and composed of mostly granite steps.

Lindsay Cameron
175 Saves

Hike Crags Trail to Castle Dome

Lake Tahoe / Castle Dome Trailhead

One of the gems in the Shasta area, Castle Crags. You can spot these dramatic granite towers from a distance and their jagged formations beckon climbers and hikers alike.

Gaby Colletta
173 Saves

A Local Favorite Near Northlake

Lake Tahoe / Tunnel Creek Trail

To begin the hike, cross Highway 28, walk towards the Tunnel Creek Station along Tunnel Creek Road and climb the short paved road/driveway.

Robin Penning
173 Saves

Hike the Sierra Buttes and Sardine Lakes

Lake Tahoe / Sardine Lakes

The Sierra Buttes are one of the most scenic mountain features in all of the Sierra Nevadas. Nestled below the buttes are Upper and Lower Sardine lakes which both offer amazing fishing.

Ben Bardet
170 Saves

Backpack to Grouse Lake

Lake Tahoe / Upper Blue Lake Campground

It is a 6 mile hike to Grouse Lake. You begin at the trailhead which is right by the Upper Blue Lake Camp Ground.

Anna Cohen
168 Saves

Hike to Skunk Harbor

Lake Tahoe / Skunk Harbor Trailhead

The parking for Skunk Beach is very limited and a little difficult to find. Make sure you get there early if you want a spot.

Thomas Burton
164 Saves

Photograph Fallen Leaf Lake's Cascading Falls

Lake Tahoe / Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

This amazing waterfall is right off the road near the Fallen Leaf Campground. Once you enter the campground keep driving straight just a bit further and you will see a pull off on the right hand side.

Eric Bennett
163 Saves

Hike the Grouse, Hemlock, and Smith Lake Trail

Lake Tahoe / Wrights Lake Parking Area

Starting from the Wright's Lake parking area, walk past the service gate to find the loop trail.

Xavier Salgado
161 Saves

Hike Pyramid Peak

Lake Tahoe / Lyons Creek Trail

Although it stands only slightly higher than its neighbors, Pyramid Peak nonetheless dominates the Crystal Range atop which it sits. Great views from the summit make this a must-do.

Kyle Frost
159 Saves

Capture the Milky Way over Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe / Emerald Bay Vikingsholm Trail

There is a reason Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed places in the world and that is because of its stunning beauty! I am sure you have experienced it during the day, but the bay really come.

Brian Walker
159 Saves

Photograph a Sunset at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe / Sand Harbor Park

While Sand Harbor Park is a popular summer destination, the sunsets from this spot are breathtaking year round and you will have less company in the winter.

Sonja Saxe
155 Saves

Backpack to Susie Lake, Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Glen Alpine Trailhead

Starting at the Glen Alpine trailhead (best access to Susie Lake): To get to the trailhead, head toward Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe.

Miranda Leconte
154 Saves

Short Hike at Donner Lake

Lake Tahoe / Donner Lake and Memorial State Park

This is a super relaxed hike in an area with a ton of history.

Chillin at Lake Tahoe's Kiva Beach

Lake Tahoe / Kiva Beach

Kiva is a secluded sandy crescent beach flanked by a beautiful meadow and mountain backdrop. This beach is rarely crowded and has free parking unlike other beaches in Tahoe.

Jake Young
147 Saves

Explore the Alpine Lakes of Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lakes Boat Taxi

This incredible hike offers you the opportunity to visit the heart of desolation without climbing more than about 600 feet of elevation. Begin at the boat taxi at Lower Echo Lake.

Jake Young
144 Saves

Hike to Heart Lake in the Klamath Mountains

Lake Tahoe / Castle Lake Trailhead

Scenes like this are rarely so accessible. Heart Lake is nestled in a bowl below Castle Peak, on the edge of the Castle Crags Wilderness just west of I-5 and the city of Mt. Shasta.

Chaney Swiney
144 Saves

Hike To Bull Run Lake

Lake Tahoe / Stanislaus Meadow

The hike to Bull Run Lake is about 7.8 miles, roundtrip, and begins at the Stanislaus Meadows Trailhead, located about 10 miles West of Ebbetts Pass.

Anna Cohen
143 Saves

Hike the American River Parkway: Fair Oaks Bridge to Hazel Ave.

Lake Tahoe / Upper Sunrise Recreation Area

This area is possibly one of my favorite stretches of trail along the American River Parkway (for my route, click here.

Jeff Driscoll
141 Saves

Quick Hike and Photo Op at Stateline

Lake Tahoe / Stateline Lookout

This quick 2 mile RT hike takes you to a lookout point above the stateline of California and Nevada.

Karyna Wilkerson
141 Saves

Hike to Bumpass Hell

Lake Tahoe / Bumpass Hell Parking Area

Due to hazardous snow and ice, Bumpass Hell Trail closes during the spring and may not open until July. From the Bumpass Hell Parking Area, the trail traverses the rocky slopes of Bumpass Mountain.

Matthew Chang
139 Saves

Camp at Fallen Leaf Lake

Lake Tahoe / Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

Fallen Leaf Lake is truly one of the more beautiful places in California. Separated from Lake Tahoe by just a one-mile strip of land, it feels worlds away from the crowds and fuss.

Jake Young
139 Saves

Photographing Zephyr Cove Sunset

Lake Tahoe / Zephyr Cove Campground

After pulling into the parking it is only a a few minute walk right down to the beach. This place is incredible for sunrise and and sunset.

Connor Morris
136 Saves

Mt. Judah Loop Trail

Lake Tahoe / Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area

A wonderful hike in Lake Tahoe is the Mt. Judah Loop Trail that offers sweeping views of Donner Lake and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains on the North Shore.

Robin Penning
130 Saves

Backpacking to Warren Lake (2 Days)

Lake Tahoe / Pacific Crest Trail (Donner Summit)

The first 1.6 miles along the Pacifc Crest Trail is the same route to Summit Lake Trail. When you see the fork for Warren Lake and Summit Lake, head to the left.

Hike to Summit of Mt. Rose

Lake Tahoe / Mt. Rose Trailhead

This challenging hike offers great views of the greater Tahoe area.

Hike Caples Lake to Emigrant Lake

Lake Tahoe / Caples Lake, California

This is an awesome out-and-back hike for the weekend warrior. The trail begins at the western-most point of Caples Lake, and takes you to Emigrant Lake.

Valerie Cauhape
125 Saves

Backpack to Eagle Lake and Dick's Lake

Lake Tahoe / Bayview Trailhead

Get ready to get your lake on! This backpacking trip will take you 13+ miles through awesome scenery to several alpine lakes.

Katie Nestor
123 Saves

Ski and Snowboard Northstar

Lake Tahoe / Northstar California

Northstar California, previously known as Northstar-at-Tahoe, is located near the north shore of Lake Tahoe and is home to over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain.

Climb Mt. Shasta via Clear Creek Route

Lake Tahoe / Clear Creek Route

The least technical route to the summit of Mt Shasta begins at the Clear Creek Trailhead (elevation 6390 ft).

Daniel Sherman
121 Saves

Hike Pyramid Peak via Rocky Canyon

Lake Tahoe / Pyramid Peak via Rocky Canyon Trail

Pyramid Peak is the tallest peak in the Crystal Range and the Desolation Wilderness, just west of Lake Tahoe. On a clear day it can be seen from the Bay Area over 150 miles away.

Josiah Roe
119 Saves

Hike to Jabu Lake in Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lake Trail

Although this hike can be done as a day hike, there are incredible camping spots near the lake. The easiest way to start this hike is to start at the Echo Lakes.

Jake Young
116 Saves

Paddle from Kiva Beach to Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe / Kiva Beach

Grab your paddleboard or rent one from Baldwin Beach, and head out along the southwest shores of Lake Tahoe towards Emerald Bay.

Brian Walker
112 Saves

Backpack the Stuart Fork Trail to Emerald and Sapphire Lakes

Lake Tahoe / Stuart Fork Trail (Trinity Alps Wilderness)

The trail begins just past the Trinity Alps Resort, a private collection of cabins near Weaverville, CA.

Joshua Contois
112 Saves

Backpack to Ropi Lake

Lake Tahoe / Pyramid Creek Trailhead

The trailhead to begin this hike is located at: 38.8117 N, 120.1237 W.

Emily Kent
111 Saves

Summit Price & Agassiz from Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Mosquito Pass

Mount Price (9,975') is the second highest summit in the Desolation Wilderness, standing just eight feet lower than Pyramid Peak to the south.

Jake Young
107 Saves

Rafting the Middle Fork American River

Lake Tahoe / Middle Fork American River

The Middle Fork of the American River is a fun and full day of Class III/IV water rafting. You'll experience "Tunnel Chute". An very narrow 20 foot wide chute that drops you into gold miners tunnel.

John Loyola
106 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Cave Rock

Lake Tahoe / Cave Rock Trailhead

This short hike is just off of highway 50 and provides one of the best views of Lake Tahoe. From South Lake Tahoe, head north on Highway 50 past Zephyr cove until you see Cave Rock Drive.

Jake Young
106 Saves

Photograph the Milky Way over Fallen Leaf Lake

Lake Tahoe / Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

Fallen Leaf has been my favorite spot in all of Tahoe since I can remember. The beautiful shoreline sits right up against the base of Mt. Tallac with almost zero light pollution.

Brian Walker
103 Saves

Hike to Granite Lake

Lake Tahoe / Kit Carson Lodge

Take the road to Kit Carson Lodge. When the road turns to dirt, take this one-lane dirt road as far as you can go.

Ryan Fogleman
102 Saves

Hike to Frazier Falls

Lake Tahoe / Frazier Falls, Ca

Frazier Falls is the ultimate family hike. Because the paved trail is only a mile long round trip, this trail is open to nearly anyone.

Ben Bardet
100 Saves

Camp on the Lake

Lake Tahoe / Meeks Bay Campground

The great thing about the campground is the close access to the beach/lake. It is only about a 2-3 minute walk, depending on which campsite you're walking from.

Bike around Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe / 3123 Harrison Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA

You'll want to wake up early for this adventure. Be sure to have breakfast and hydrate before you start.  I suggest going clockwise around the lake. The elevation hit me.

Nicole Rogers
97 Saves

Through-Hike from Lower Echo Lake to Mt. Tallac

Lake Tahoe / Lower Echo Lake

This hike can be done as a backpacking trip or as I did it, a full day through hike. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. First you start by driving away from Lake Tahoe on Highway 50.

Hike to Freel Peak

Lake Tahoe / Armstrong Pass Trailhead


Jeff Driscoll
90 Saves

Take a Family Ride

Lake Tahoe / Cascade Canal Trail

Well if you start at Banner Lava Cap and Gracie Roads then you will see the canal at the top of Gracie Rd. Hop onto the berm of the canal and head north {upstream}.

MTB Singletrack
89 Saves

Gold Lakes, Sierra Buttes, 45mi

Lake Tahoe / Bassets Station

If you never travel north of the Tahoe Basin into the Sierra Valley and beyond, you should. It is gorgeous, peaceful country, with wide open spaces and, compared to Tahoe, relatively uncrowded roads.

Tahoe Loco
86 Saves

Rabe Meadows Hike

Lake Tahoe / Rabe Meadows Trailhead

Rabe Meadows is a tranquil and peaceful stroll next to Burke Creek as it flows to Lake Tahoe and Nevada Beach State Park. Very easy 1.5 mile paved trail.

Connor Morris
86 Saves

Backpack To Wheeler Lake

Lake Tahoe / Woodchuck Basin Trailhead

The trail to Wheeler Lake begins at the Woodchuck Basin Trailhead. This trailhead is located a little over a mile east of Lake Alpine on Highway 4.

Anna Cohen
85 Saves

Galena Falls Hike

Lake Tahoe / Mt. Rose Trailhead

This hike gives you Falls, Vistas and Wildflowers and is just an incredibly beautiful day hike that begins 8,990’ at the Mt. Rose Trailhead and Parking Plaza off of Mt. Rose Hwy.

Tahoe Loco
85 Saves

Hike to Lake Estelle and Five Lakes

Lake Tahoe / Alpine Meadows Base Camp

This hike starts at Alpine Meadows Base Camp and finishes on Alpine Meadows Road. The end point is less than a half mile from the base, and an easy walk up a slight hill.

Ashley Chang
84 Saves

Camp at Ice House Reservoir

Lake Tahoe / Ice House Reservoir

Desolation Wilderness is just west of Lake Tahoe, a part of Eldorado National Forest. It's a very popular backpacking destination as the PCT and Tahoe Rim Trail both run through the area.

Josh Currie
81 Saves

Hike the Thunder Mountain Trail

Lake Tahoe / Squaw Valley

The Thunder Mountain Trail is the perfect hike to explore the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

Erika Johnson
81 Saves

A Climb, Hike and Swim

Lake Tahoe / Angora Lakes Climb

Although you can drive into the lake itself, this small out-and-back hike from Fallen Leaf Lake will give you more reason to relax in the cool water of Angora Lake once you arrive. This 3.

Rock Climb the Cosumnes River Gorge

Lake Tahoe / Bucks Bar Road

Consumes River Gorge is a good climbing spot that is relativity close to Sacramento, California.

Tanner Landon
79 Saves

MTB the Tahoe Rim Trail

Lake Tahoe / Tahoe Rim Trail

The Tahoe Rim Trail is one of the world’s premier trails. It passes through two states (California and Nevada), six counties, one state park, three National Forests, and three Wilderness areas.

Hiking to Ralston Peak

Lake Tahoe / Mt. Ralston Peak Trailhead

Starting at the lower lot it's less than a mile to access the trail. The hike starts off in shade through a lot of red fir forest and continues at a steady upward route.

Xavier Salgado
78 Saves

Rock Climb at the Quarry

Lake Tahoe / Auburn Cliffs

Many thanks to the Climbing Resource Advocates for Greater Sacramento (CRAGS) and the Access Fund for their hard work in re-opening this location to make it climbing-legal.

Lauren Foltz
74 Saves

Backpack Granite Chief (2 Days)

Lake Tahoe / Granite Chief Trail

Heading out on the Granite Chief Trail, you'll start with a challenging 3.5 mile hike to meet up with the Pacific Crest Trail. During this part of the trek, you'll gain approximately 2,000ft.

Hike to Little Jamison Falls

Lake Tahoe / Little Jamison Falls Trailhead

To get to the falls from the town of Graeagle, CA take Graeagle-Johnsville off Highway 89 towards the town of Johnsville. After 4.5 miles take a left on a dirt road to Jamison Mine Day Use Parking.

Ben Bardet
73 Saves

Hike to Snow Lake in Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Bayview Trailhead

This wonderful alpine lake is a relatively short hike in Desolation Wilderness and is a perfect introduction to off trail exploration.

Jake Young
73 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Black Butte

Lake Tahoe / Black Butte Trailhead

Black Butte is hard to miss from I-5 as it winds past the city of Mount Shasta. This lava dome formed roughly 9,000–10,000 years ago and isn't a cinder cone, though it does look like one.

Chaney Swiney
73 Saves

Paddle from Meeks Bay to D.L. Bliss

Lake Tahoe / Meeks Bay Campground

The water at Meeks Bay is perfectly crystal clear, a mix of different blues and greens – you can see the bottom floor in most places.

Brian Walker
72 Saves

SUP from Kings Beach

Lake Tahoe / Kings Beach

This is a super fun way to enjoy the day, get some exercise and see some really cool parts of the lake that are usually hidden.

SUP from Sand Harbor

Lake Tahoe / Sand Harbor

My favorite is to take a trip from Sand Harbor State Beach to Thunderbird Lodge along the East Shore in Lake Tahoe.

Robin Penning
71 Saves

Backpack to Crag Lake

Lake Tahoe / Meeks Bay Trailhead

Day 1: This trip is a great early season trip while you are waiting for the snow to melt in the high country or it could be a good first backpacking trip because of its proximity to the trailhead.

Jeff Driscoll
70 Saves

Hike The Sisters in the Mokelumnee Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Round Top Lake Trailhead

The Sisters offer a great day hike with fun scrambling and beautiful views of the Northern Sierra, Lake Tahoe, the Mokelumnee Wilderness, and the Carson River Canyon.

Josiah Roe
69 Saves

Backpack to Bear Basin and The Four Lakes Loop

Lake Tahoe / Swift Creek Trailhead

Day 1 Swift Creek Trail Head to Bear Basin The trip begins at the Swift Creek trailhead in the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Jeff Driscoll
69 Saves

Explore Potem Falls

Lake Tahoe / Potem Falls Trailhead

Park in the pull-out on Fenders Ferry Road. There you will find the Potem Falls trailhead. The hike is only 0.

Hike the Jones Whites Creek Loop

Lake Tahoe / Galena Creek Visitor Center

Starting at about 6500 ft of elevation Jones Creek Trail is a 9.2 mi loop trail starting in Galena Creek Park. The park itself is very accessible off of Mt.

Hailey Hermann
68 Saves

2,000 Ft. Snowshoe Ascent

Lake Tahoe / Mt. Rose Trailhead

Ascending to the summit is best for more experienced snowshoers. The first half of the trek has a relatively mild grade and a descent leading into Galena Creek basin.

Hike the Quarry Trail in the Auburn SRA

Lake Tahoe / Quarry Road Trailhead

Parking in the Auburn State Recreation Area parking lot has a cost of $10.00.  Free parking is allowed on the right side of the road located on the right after driving over the bridge.

Skyler Hardy
66 Saves

Walk the Rainbow Trail

Lake Tahoe / Taylor Creek Visitor Center

The Taylor Creek Visitor Center, located about 3 miles down HWY 89, is a good place to start when exploring Lake Tahoe. Take the Lake of the Sky Trail 3/4 of a mile to the shore of Lake Tahoe.

Annelise Del Rio
65 Saves

Climbing Lover's Leap...

Lake Tahoe / Lover's Leap

The myriad rock features offer many different climbing options for each crux which can help or confuse. Sometimes it is easier to do an improbable face move to the side of a major feature. Some 5.

Swimming in a Crystal Lake

Lake Tahoe / Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

Lake Tahoe has so many beautiful and breath-taking places to visit, hike, camp, wander around, etc. and Fallen Leaf Lake is definitely one of them.

Hike to Round Top Peak

Lake Tahoe / Carson Pass

This hike begins at Carson Pass which is accessible from Highway 88. The trail leaves from the parking lot (parking requires a fee of $5) and is easy to follow.

Ali Kim
62 Saves

Desert Photography Exploration

Lake Tahoe / Mt. Lewis

The central area of Nevada is a desolate area great for night Milky Way photography and exploring old homesteads.

Abe Blair
62 Saves

Snowshoe to the Peter Grubb Hut

Lake Tahoe / Donner Summit California State SnoPark

The Peter Grubb Hut is located below Castle Peak in Round Valley, 3 miles north of the Castle Peak trailhead near I-80.

Tim Mena
60 Saves

Hike Flagpole Peak from the bottom of Echo Summit

Lake Tahoe / Gun Tower, South Lake Tahoe

For this hike there are two places you can start from. One is at the Echo Lakes parking lot and the other is at the bottom of Echo Summit (where we started at).

Brian Walker
58 Saves

Hike to Lake Genevieve and Crag Lake in Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Meeks Bay Trailhead

This is a beautiful, albeit long hike in the Lake Tahoe area through Desolation Wilderness.

Trish Sebastian
58 Saves

Fly Fish the Trinity River

Lake Tahoe / Bigfoot Campground

The Trinity River is one that is rarely visited by your typical Bay Area resident.

Josh Currie
58 Saves

Hike to Half Moon Lake in Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Glen Alpine Trailhead

This hike starts at the Glen Alpine Trailhead near Fallen Leaf Lake. Because Desolation is a wilderness area, you are required to fill out a day-use permit which can be found at the trailhead.

Jake Young
57 Saves

Cross-Country Ski or Snowshoe to Ralston Peak

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lakes Trail

This loop is best accomplished in 2 days, spending a night at either Ralston, Tamarack, or Cagwin Lake.

Kira Minehart
57 Saves

Swim at Edwards Crossing on the South Yuba River

Lake Tahoe / Edwards Crossing

There are endless swimming holes on the South Yuba River the feature crystal clear water, massive granite boulders and pristine pocket beaches, particularly those lower in the foothills.

Josiah Roe
56 Saves

Hike Stuart Fork to Alpine Lake

Lake Tahoe / Stuart Fork Trail (Trinity Alps Wilderness)

Nestled in the heights of the Trinity Alps, this hike to Alpine Lake is not for the faint of heart.

Clayton Herrmann
56 Saves

Relax at Tahoe's Chimney Beach

Lake Tahoe / Chimney Beach Trail, Nevada State Park

Located on the East Bank of Lake Tahoe along Highway 28, Chimney Beach is a great alternative to the more popular and heavily used beaches which can be quite a challenge to gain access due to the par.

John Sunich
56 Saves

Climbing and Casting for the Day

Lake Tahoe / Angora Lakes Climb

Angora Lakes is a lake located just 6.5 miles from South Lake Tahoe. The upper lake has the best fishing for small trout.

Camp at Algoma Campground in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Lake Tahoe / Algoma Campground

The Algoma Campsite is a free campsite along the Upper Portion of the McCloud River. It features eight sites and a pit toilet.

Jake Young
50 Saves

Sunset Swim

Lake Tahoe / Donner Lake Public Docks

In the northwest corner of Donner Lake, there are public docks run by the Truckee Donner Recreation & Parks district.

Hike to the Peter Benson Hut

Lake Tahoe / Pacific Crest Trail (Donner Summit)

Drive to the top of Donner Summit via the Old Hwy 40 and park at the Donner Summit PCT trailhead, just past the Sugar Bowl Academy Building.

Caitlin Cole
47 Saves

Swim at Long Lake near Truckee

Lake Tahoe / Palisade Creek Trail Parking

The story goes that twenty or so years ago, long before the advent of the Royal Gorge Cross-Country Ski Area, some local Truckee boys decided to put a couple rope swings up on Long Lake near Soda Spr.

Josiah Roe
46 Saves

Descend Into Skull Cave of the Lava Beds National Monument

Lake Tahoe / Skull Cave

Once you reach the Lava Beds National Monument stop by the visitors center to pay your fees, grab a map, and empty your bladder.

John Ditomaso
45 Saves

Boulder at D.L. Bliss State Park

Lake Tahoe / D.L. Bliss Visitor Center

This place is bouldering heaven. Short approach to the first boulders, challenging routes for every level, good landings, and set in a beautiful area. It's like Bishop, but without the long drive.

Lauren Foltz
45 Saves

Hike Gray Butte

Lake Tahoe / Gray Butte Trailhead

Mount Shasta is an incredible mountain in Northern California that offers a great variety of activities. The Gray Butte trail is one of the more beautiful trails in the area, and it's not too long (2.

Lindsay Cameron
45 Saves

Visit the "Stand by Me" Bridge

Lake Tahoe / "Stand by Me" Bridge

The "Stand by Me" bridge is located in Northern California about 20 miles north of Lassen National Forest and two and a half miles (2.

Abel González
44 Saves

Spelunking in the Golden Dome Cave, Lava Beds National Monument

Lake Tahoe / Golden Dome Cave

Once you reach the Lava Beds National Monument stop by the visitors center to pay your fees, grab a map, and empty your bladder. From there you will drive your car to each cave entrance.

John Ditomaso
44 Saves

Hike to Marlette Lake

Lake Tahoe / Marlette Lake Trailhead (Rd. 291)

This trail starts right off NV28 between Chimney Beach and Great Tahoe Beach.

Jon Adler
42 Saves

13.5 mile Run...Echo to Glen

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lakes

The trail skirts around the east side of both upper and lower Echo lakes. At this point, the trail begins to climb towards Haypress Meadow.

Hike into Bumpass Hell

Lake Tahoe / Bumpass Hell Parking Area

Millions of people flock to Yellowstone National Park every year to see the famous volcanic activity (among other things) and gain more perspective on what goes on beneath the earth's beautiful surfa.

Cambrey Knapp
42 Saves

Hike to Cinder Cone

Lake Tahoe / Butte Lake Ranger Station

Cinder Cone Trail For 1.2 miles, the trail gently slopes up through a forest. The Fantastic Lava Beds form a wall to your left.

Matthew Chang
41 Saves

Visit the Subway Cave Lava Tubes

Lake Tahoe / Subway Cave Lava Tubes

The Subway Cave Lava Tube is located at Old Station in the Lassen National Forest. About 26 miles south of Burney, CA.

Abel González
41 Saves

Climb Phantom Spires

Lake Tahoe / Phantom Spires

Phantom Spires is a rock climbing area west of south Lake Tahoe consisting of granitic rock formations, or spires, among low scrub and old burned pines.

Mountain Bike the Flume Trail

Lake Tahoe / Flume Trail

This trail is an awesome 14-mile one way ride. The ride starts at the Spooner Lake trailhead in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.

Mary Jantsch
40 Saves

Ride Twin Peaks in Lake Tahoe's Backcountry

Lake Tahoe / Sherwood Chair

This trip is best done in two days with an approach day and then a descent day. Get started at the base of the Sherwood Chair on the backside of the Alpine ski area.

Abe Blair
40 Saves

Photograph a Sunset on Wolf Mountain

Lake Tahoe / Wolf Mountain

While all of the hiking trails to the Wolf Mountain summit cross private land, Wolf Mountain Road provides public access to several excellent viewpoints overlooking the Central Valley and the nearby .

Josiah Roe
40 Saves

33mi Loop to Donner Lake

Lake Tahoe / Cisco Grove

We love this 33-mile loop on old Highway 40 from Cisco Grove to Donner Lake and back.

Tahoe Loco
39 Saves

8.5mi Ride to the Top of an Extinct Volcano

Lake Tahoe / Mt Rose Summit Ride

At just under 9,000 feet, Mt. Rose summit is the highest point in the Tahoe region you can reach on a road bike, and you can climb to the top from either Tahoe or Reno, or both.

Tahoe Loco
39 Saves

Climb Mt. Shasta via Avalanche Gulch

Lake Tahoe / Bunny Flat Trailhead

The Avalanche Gulch route is the second easiest, non-technical route to the summit of Mt. Shasta after the Clear Creek Route, but is by far the most popular.

Rachel Davidson
39 Saves

Backpack to Gilmore Lake in Desolation Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Glen Alpine Trailhead

The easiest way to get to Gilmore Lake is to start at the Glen Alpine trailhead. The trail head is southwest of Fallen Leaf Lake.

Jake Young
37 Saves

Hike Kanaka Peak

Lake Tahoe / Kanaka Peak Trailhead

Head to the Peltier Bridge Campground after entering Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and then go 1.1 miles along the road through the campground until you reach the trailhead for Kanaka Peak.

John Chau
36 Saves

Camp Out at Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout

Lake Tahoe / Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout

If you've never stayed in a lookout, you should.

TRT Big Meadow to Echo Summit

Lake Tahoe / Big Meadow Trail

Between Big Meadow and Echo Summit, the trail wanders from meadows to lakes to creeks, and through dense stands of pine, fir and aspen.

Rock Climb the 90ft. Wall

Lake Tahoe / Eagle Falls Parking, Lake Tahoe

Park at the Eagle Creek Canyon parking lot. If it's full, park alongside the Hwy 89, right at the entrance of the Eagle Creek Canyon parking pullout.

Lauren Foltz
35 Saves

Hike Training Hill

Lake Tahoe / Training Hill Trail

Training Hill is a 4.5 mile loop trail that features beautiful meadows and wildflowers, with limited views to Folsom Lake and the Auburn canyon.

Kim Clark
34 Saves

Hike to Devils Kitchen

Lake Tahoe / Warner Valley Campground

Your hike to Devils Kitchen will start from Warner Valley Campground. The hike starts out thorough the valley and eventually winds through the forest and ends at the top of the Devils Kitchen site.

Josh Currie
34 Saves

Bike the Van Sickle Bi-State Park Trail

Lake Tahoe / Tahoe Rim Trail Van Sickle State Park, Stateline, NV

Starting at the top of Stagecoach Lift on Heavenly Resort this trail wraps around the north slope down to the bottom of town at the casinos.

Brian Walker
34 Saves

Camp at Last Chance Creek Campground on Lake Almanor

Lake Tahoe / Last Change Creek Campground

This PG&E campsite is located on the northern most inlet of Lake Almanor and is slightly more remote than the other sites around Lake Almanor.

Jake Young
34 Saves

Explore the Catacombs at Lava Beds National Mounument

Lake Tahoe / The Catacombs Lava Beds National Monument

Once you reach the Lava Beds National Monument stop by the visitors center to pay your fees, grab a map, and empty your bladder. From there you will drive your car to each cave entrance.

John Ditomaso
33 Saves

Hike or MTB on your way back to SF from Tahoe

Lake Tahoe / Donner Lake Rim Trail

A perfect Sunday hike on your way back from a weekend at Lake Tahoe. Exit I-80 at Donner Lake and take the dirt road on the north side of I-80 to a large parking lot.

Sonya Li
32 Saves

Climb Lookout Peak in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

Lake Tahoe / Pacific Valley Trailhead

Lookout Peak in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness off Highway 4 provides solitude and wonderful views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada including the Mokelumnee and Emigrant Wildernesses.

Josiah Roe
32 Saves

Hike to the Jumping Rock on the Bear River

Lake Tahoe / Dog Bar Bridge

Though lesser known than its neighbors the Yuba and the American, the Bear River still features fantastic hiking, swimming, river-raft, tubing, and rock-jumping but without the crowds.

Josiah Roe
31 Saves

Houseboat Lake Shasta

Lake Tahoe / Bridge Bay - Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta sits at the foot of infamous Mt Shasta, past the major Northern California city of Redding. From the Bay Area you can count on at least a 3.

Josh Currie
30 Saves

Under the Radar MTBing

Lake Tahoe / Yogi Trail

The Yogi trail starts just south of Truckee, off highway 89. From the trailhead you climb up dirt roads and single track to the summit. From here you connect a series of unmarked singletrack trails.

Tahoe Loco
29 Saves

Sledding Fun for the Whole Family

Lake Tahoe / Tahoe Meadows

You can't miss this spot in the open snowfields of Tahoe Meadows. This area is not privately owned or maintained, which is perfect. It is a short drive up the Mt.

Hike Brokeoff Mountain

Lake Tahoe / Brokeoff Mountain Trailhead

Peaking above the volcanic valley at 9235 ft, Brokeoff Mountain is only second in height to Mt. Lassen in the national park they share. Brokeoff was once a part of a larger volcano called Mt.

Cambrey Knapp
27 Saves

Hike to the top of South Fork Mountain

Lake Tahoe / Kanaka Peak Trailhead

Starting from the Kanaka Peak Trailhead, follow the Kanaka Peak Trail all the way, continuing on past the Peltier Trail Junction and the Kanaka Cutoff Trail Junction until the trail begins to head ea.

John Chau
27 Saves

18mi Singletrack and Swimming

Lake Tahoe / Tahoe Donner Loop

This 18-mile loop through what you might call “suburban” Truckee is surprisingly satisfying, either by itself on a short day or tacked onto a longer ride.

Tahoe Loco
26 Saves

Hike the Rubicon Trail

Lake Tahoe / Rubicon Trail, D.L. Bliss State Park

The Rubicon Trail is a through hike connecting D.L. Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay State Park.  You can start at either point.  I opted to start at D.L.

John Maurizi
26 Saves

A Great View in South Lake

Lake Tahoe / Big Meadow Trail

This is a medium-difficult out and back day hike of just under 9 miles round trip on the Tahoe Rim Trail. It includes views of the southern Sierra and, in season, great wild flowers.

Tahoe Loco
26 Saves

Backpack to Lower Rock Lake

Lake Tahoe / Lindsey Lake Rd, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

This adventure begins at the Lindsey Lake Campground parking lot (6,200 feet) where you leave your vehicle, takes you three miles up a trail rife with amazing photo opportunities and seasonal wildlif.

Photograph the Lupine at Lake Forest Beach

Lake Tahoe / Lake Forest Beach

A quick walk through Lake Forest Beach in Tahoe City, California provides unparalleled opportunities to photograph expansive fields of lupine.

Jenna Herzog
24 Saves

Hike to Thunder Mountain at Carson Pass

Lake Tahoe / Thunder Mountain Trailhead

The trailhead begins on Rt 88 just past Kirkwood Resort or Silver Lake - depending on which way you are headed. There is plenty of parking but no other amenities.

Christin Healey
24 Saves

Free Climb Mt. Hubris in Castle Crags State Park

Lake Tahoe / Castle Dome Trailhead

Mt. Hubris is the huge granite spire that opposes Castle Dome at the end of the Crags Trail in Castle Crags State Park.

Chaz Shand
24 Saves

Ski Outer Outer Limits at Alpine Meadows

Lake Tahoe / Alpine Meadows

Starting off of Lakeview chair at Alpine Meadows, head to the far right towards the sign for Outer Limits run. Traverse across the run and past the Ski Area Boundary signs on the far side.

Ashley Chang
24 Saves

Ski Ralston Peak

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lake Trail

Ralston Peak is a classic south Lake Tahoe backcountry skiing and snowboarding area, and is excellent for hiking in the summer, too.

Tanner Landon
24 Saves

Early Season MTB-ing Fun

Lake Tahoe / Coral Trails

Fantastic friends, epic trails in amazing places. Those weekend trips that leave you sad that it ended so quickly, and make going back to work on Monday oh so difficult.

Tahoe Loco
22 Saves

Hike to Boiling Springs Lake

Lake Tahoe / Warner Valley Trailhead

The hike to Boiling Springs Lake starts at the Warner Valley Trailhead and is only a 3 mile roundtrip hike.

Josh Currie
22 Saves

Bike to Star Lake

Lake Tahoe / Corral Trail

Start out at the top of Corral Loop, in South Lake Tahoe, and begin the climb up Armstrong Pass. After the 4 mile ride up, you reach the split to either Mr. Toads or Star Lake. Continue another 2.

Brian Walker
21 Saves

A beautiful 16 miler

Lake Tahoe / Echo Lakes

Gentle traverses lead across 16 miles of rolling landscape, curving through the dense forest and acient lava flows of the Upper Truckee River Basin.

Climb Old Razorback Mountain

Lake Tahoe / Old Razorback Mountain Pull-Off

The trip begins by turning off Nevada highway 447 onto the unmaintained Jungo Road (county road 49) and driving 19 miles to the end of the northeast spur of the mountain at a clear turnoff and rise i.

Josiah Roe
21 Saves

Visit the Bridgeport Covered Bridge

Lake Tahoe / Bridgeport Covered Bridge Parking

The famed and picturesque Bridgeport Covered Bridge, spanning the width of the Yuba River, was originally built in 1862.

Josh Currie
20 Saves

Backpack the Caribou Wilderness Lakes Loop

Lake Tahoe / Caribou Wilderness Loop Trailhead

The caribou lakes loop is very laid back, making it a great start for first time backpackers and kids. Word of caution: in the summer the mosquitos are plenty, I'd recommend this loop for the fall.

Nienna Komorebi
20 Saves

22.5mi The Trail Marathon

Lake Tahoe / Mt. Rose Trailhead

Following the spine of the Carson Range, 22.5 miles of trail traverse sun-drenched meadows, cool pine forests, and windswept mountain passes.

Winter Summit Black Butte

Lake Tahoe / Black Butte Trailhead

Note: February thru early March are great times to climb it for a winter ascent without snowshoes. If there is no snow seen from the south (e.g.

John Chau
18 Saves

Rock Climb at Eagle Lake Cliffs

Lake Tahoe / Eagle Lake Trailhead

To Access Eagle Lake Cliffs Crag, head to the West Shore of South Lake Tahoe. You’ll want to park at Emerald Bay Parking Lot and head to the trail register.

Trevor Cox
17 Saves

Backpack Seven Lake Loop in Lassen Volcanic NP

Lake Tahoe / South Summit Lake Campground

This hike is one of my favorites for when I only have a weekend to get my nature fix.

Challenging Ride on the North Shore

Lake Tahoe / Hole in the Ground Trail

After parking on the shoulder on the Boreal Ridge Exit start spot, ride to where the pavement turns to dirt and take a left up the hill.

MTB Singletrack
16 Saves

Hike to the Top of Andesite Peak

Lake Tahoe / Hole in the Ground Trail

From the trail map sign, follow the dirt path straight, following signs for the cross-country skiing route, not snowmobiling. Continue until you see a trail marker.

Emily Schrick
15 Saves

Hike Sand Mountain

Lake Tahoe / Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain, located just off Highway 50 in Nevada aka "The Loneliest Highway", is perhaps best known as an OHV-paradise, with off-road enthusiasts descending on it like a swarm of buzzing mechanic.

Josiah Roe
15 Saves

Hike to Hollow Falls

Lake Tahoe / Hollow Falls Trailhead

The first step of this fun little hike is to park at the handy parking lot located at 2488 Cherokee Rd., Oroville, CA up on Table Mountain.

Backpack Stony Ridge in the Trinity Alps

Lake Tahoe / Stony Ridge Trailhead

The Trinity Alps has miles and miles of beautiful trails, but one of the more stunning sections is the Four Lakes Loop. There are two main trail heads that access the trail.

Rory Springer
14 Saves

20mi Alpine County Ride

Lake Tahoe / Alpine County Loop

Gorgeous, bucolic Diamond Valley is a mainstay for Alpine County cyclists but escapes notice by many visitors because it is in the shadow of Markleeville’s famous Death Ride and the monster passes of.

Tahoe Loco
14 Saves

Ride the Truckee Bike Park

Lake Tahoe / Truckee Bike Park

Truckee bike park is a great destination for all ages of bike riders.

Isaac Orloff
14 Saves

Snowshoe around Manzanita Lake

Lake Tahoe / Manzanita Lake

Snow shouldn't stop you from accessing your favorite places in the winter time, but it does add some intrigue and a little extra planning.

Cambrey Knapp
13 Saves

Catch a Sunset At Sand Mountain

Lake Tahoe / Sand Mountain

The Sand Dunes are located along "The Loneliest Road in America" US-Hwy 50, 85 miles east of Reno, Nevada.

Alex Anderson
12 Saves

Hike to Drake Lake

Lake Tahoe / Warner Valley Trailhead

The hike starts at the Warner Valley Trailhead and winds up the mountain until you reach the lake.

Josh Currie
12 Saves

Camp at Salmon Creek Campground

Lake Tahoe / Salmon Creek Campground

Salmon Creek Campground is a quiet campground in the Northern Sierra Buttes. Since it is right up the road from Sardine Lakes it seems to get overlooked a bit.

Winter Paddle From Camp Richardson to Kiva Beach

Lake Tahoe / Camp Richardson

Starting at Camp Rich you might get some weird looks at the start, but it is all worth it! As you look out at the lake all you see is the beautiful crystal clear water reflecting the gorgeous snow co.

Brian Walker
11 Saves

Camp at ​Cheney Creek Primitive Campsite

Lake Tahoe / Devil's Corral Trailhead

Cheney Creek has a bulletin board and toilet but no developed campsites. There is a primitive hike in or bike in campsite at Cheney Creek along the Bizz Johnson Trail, which is beside the Susan River.

Camp at the Fort Sage OHV Area

Lake Tahoe / Widowmaker Trailhead (Fort Sage)

The recreation area consists of approximately 29,000 acres of public land that is managed primarily for off highway vehicle use and winter deer range.

17mi Blairsden to Plumas-Eureka State Park

Lake Tahoe / Blairsden

The ride from the tiny town of Blairsden in the Sierra Valley north of Truckee to the Plumas-Eureka State Park is short — less than 9 miles one way. But it is difficult.

Tahoe Loco
10 Saves

Barker's 2,500ft, 17mi Climb

Lake Tahoe / Barker Pass Road

Barker Pass Road is a local’s favorite, and it’s not even that well traveled by locals. The road is an out and back best done as the midpoint of a longer ride from either South Shore or the north.

Tahoe Loco
10 Saves

Hike to Snag Lake via the Cinder Cone

Lake Tahoe / Butte Lake Ranger Station

Start from the Butte Lake trailhead, off Highway 44 at the north end of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Nicole Mason
9 Saves

Cross-Country Ski to Drifter Hut

Lake Tahoe / Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area

Set out from the Tahoe Donner Cross Country center in Truckee at 6,650 feet elevation.

Jenna Herzog
9 Saves

Snowmobile at Hope Valley Sno-Park

Lake Tahoe / Hope Valley Sno-Park

Book a snowmobile trip through a local adventure center (we love Lake Tahoe Adventures) or bring your own gear. Don't forget to grab permits ahead of time if you come on your own (more info here.

Samantha Weald
8 Saves

Hike the Diggins Loop Trail

Lake Tahoe / Diggins Loop Trail

Check in and pay for your parking or present California State Parks Pass at the museum building in North Bloomfield.

Skyler Hardy
8 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Pyramid Lake

Lake Tahoe / South Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Catching a Sunset at Pyramid Lake is a unique experience. The high desert lake is surrounded by mountains, and strange rock formations.

Alex Anderson
8 Saves

Hike Grimes Point Archaeological Site

Lake Tahoe / Grimes Point

From Fallon, Nevada on US-Hwy 50, head east for 7 miles until you see the sign for Grimes Point on your left.

Alex Anderson
8 Saves

Hike the Spooner Lake Loop

Lake Tahoe / Spooner Lake Loop

The Spooner Lake Loop is perfect for any ages since there is basically no elevation gain and many benches along the trail to rest.

Alex Anderson
7 Saves

Climb Knapsack Crack & Deception at Lover's Leap

Lake Tahoe / Lover's Leap

If you're just getting into outdoor climbing, it can be pretty daunting. There are so many amazing routes and so much to be worried about.

Samantha Weald
7 Saves

Camp at Tamarack Bay on Pyramid Lake

Lake Tahoe / Tamarack Bay, Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is the last remnant of the vast Pleistocene Lake Lahontan which reached its peak at the end of the last ice-age, being the terminus of many of the glaciers and ice sheets which covered m.

Josiah Roe
7 Saves

Camp at Shasta Campground

Lake Tahoe / Shasta Campground

Shasta Campground offers 27 tent/trailer campsites, picnic tables, paved loop road, vault toilets, OHV staging area, potable water, and fire rings.

Camp at Steel Bridge Campground

Lake Tahoe / Steel Bridge Campground

Steel Bridge is located along the Trinity River.  About three miles east of Douglas City on State Highway 299, turn north onto Steel Bridge Road and go about 2 miles to the campground.

Visit the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

Lake Tahoe / Hunter Road

From Fallon, Nevada on US-Hwy 50, head east for 5 miles to NV-116. Turn Left onto NV-116 and take this road for 12 miles until you reach the Stillwater Wildlife Refuge.

Alex Anderson
6 Saves

Camp at Warner Valley

Lake Tahoe / Warner Valley Campground

Warner Valley Campground is at the end of Warner Valley Road. It's 16 dollars a night at a first come first serve basis.

Josh Currie
6 Saves

Catch a Sunset at the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

Lake Tahoe / The Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

From Fallon, Nevada on US-Hwy 50, head east for 5 miles to NV-116. Turn Left onto NV-116 and take this road for 12 miles until you reach the Stillwater Wildlife Refuge.

Alex Anderson
6 Saves

Camp at North Eagle Lake Campground

Lake Tahoe / North Eagle Lake Campground

North Eagle Lake has 20 sites in a pine and juniper forest. Vault toilets and drinking water are available. Some campsites can accommodate RV's up to 35 feet long. A campground host is available.

Camp at Junction City Campground

Lake Tahoe / Junction City Campground

Junction City Campground is home to 22 tent/trailer campsites, paved loop road, vault toilets, potable water, fire rings, and picnic tables. MAX trailer length is 40 feet. The campground is located 1.

Camp at Rocky Point Primitive Camping Area

Lake Tahoe / Rocky Point Primitive Camping Area

Rocky Point has a bulletin board and toilet but no developed campsites.  At Rocky Point visitors must pack in and pack out all trash and waste water. A vault toilet is on site.

Climb Mt. Shasta via the Hotlum-Bolam Ridge

Lake Tahoe / Northgate Trailhead

The Hotlum-Bolam route follows the ridge between the Hotlum and Bolam Glaciers on Shasta's north side.

Sarah Horn
3 Saves

Camp at Douglas City Campground

Lake Tahoe / Douglas City Campground

The campground amenities include 20 tent/trailer campsites, group picnic area, picnic tables, telephone, beach, paved loop road, flush and vault toilets, potable water, and fire rings.

Hike the Lam Watah Trail

Lake Tahoe / Lam Watah Trailhead

Lam Watah Trail is a 2.2 mile out and back hike, that will take you through Lam Watah meadows and ends at Nevada Beach.

Anca Apostoaei
2 Saves