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While this is a rad spot, I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to find it on your own. The trail is faint and sketchy in places. Don't be another Yosemite tourist that got in over their head and got lost. If you have access to a local who's been there before then go for it.

Camped for free nearby here. The pools at sunset were awesome, and we came back in the morning for a pre-breakfast soak!

Probably the most classic Yosemite hike after Lower Yosemite Falls. Be prepared to deal with crowds if you go in the middle of the day. I'd definitely recommend tackling this as early as possible to potentially avoid some traffic jams on the Mist Trail.



This is one of the lowest effort/highest reward views in Yosemite. A short hike, suitable for all levels brings you to a spectacular photo op at the sheer Taft Point. Definitely recommend hitting up the nearby Sentinel Dome (a short hike in the opposite direction) as well!

Love Prewitt. This is the best campsite in Big Sur and probably best car camping spot in California.



The best day-hike in the valley. If you're planning on doing the full loop, I'd recommend doing it counter-clockwise, starting with the 4-Mile trail up to Glacier Point, then continuing down the Panorama Trail and finishing on the Mist Trail. You can catch a shuttle bus in the morning to Camp 4 and walk across the meadow to the 4-mile trailhead. You'll finish at Happy Isles, an easy place to catch a shuttle or walk back to Curry Village for a post hike pizza and beer.

Can confirm, some of the my favorite scenery in the Sierras can be found on this loop.