12 Photos from a Sibling Ski Trip through Norway

You don't need to go to Lofoten to be blown away by the mountains in Norway

When our lives started to become busier and we moved to opposite ends of the country, I requested that my siblings and I do one trip together a year alone with no spouses, partners, or kids. Though we've missed a few years and haven't always abided by the initial rules, our trips (which often involve lugging zipper-bursting full ski bags through multiple airports) always include far too much driving, lots of laughs, and many great memories. 

Skiing in Norway was an idea that we had thrown around for years and decided to make happen last year with the company of my brother's friend. Snow conditions and work schedules prevented us from heading up to Lofoten, so we rented a camper van and took off for the area northwest of Oslo. A few things quickly became clear: 1) we have to plan another trip, 2) a camper van is the way to go, 3) locals are extremely friendly, 4) sometimes choosing a beautiful and challenging tour over epic pow is the best decision you can make, and 5) you don't need to get up to Lofoten to be awed by the mountains and fjords around you. 

Here are some photos from our adventure:

Our home for 2 weeks

Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella National Park

Near Åndalsnes

In and around Jotunheimen National Park

Published: July 5, 2018

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations.

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