Korrine Wojcik

The Blackest Black

Wow!!! This place is literally a hole in the ground in a field 8 miles back off the main road! I went by myself, which proved to be more difficult than I thought, because when you get down into the cave and start hiking into the lava tube it’s SOOO DARK!! I had a flashlight, headlamp, and even tried using my cell phone flashlight and couldn’t see that far ahead of me. Make sure you bring water and a really strong flashlight and a friend to hold hands with as you trek through this black underworld.

Great Hike With A Little Kick

The views are amazing and so is the trail itself!! I would suggest taking the trail around the back, then take, I believe, Mesa Trail up to the top. Going up from the front looked like a mad house!

Easy Trail With Beautiful Views

I’m traveling with my dog and we camped here out of our truck for one night. We did this trail the next morning. The smell of sage was perfectly pungent. Like wow!!! The trail was a mix of gravel and grass and was super easy to navigate and hike; very relaxing. I really enjoyed the huge rock formations and the beautiful sounds and color of the river. So many photo opportunities!

Killer Hot Springs!

I’m traveling the country with my dog and we thought we‘d check this spot out. It did not disappoint! There’s zero light pollution, so you can see the Milky Way while sitting in the hot springs. It’s $5/person per soak and $25/night for a campsite which has a picnic table and fire pit. We stayed here for two nights. The hot springs overlook the Alvord Desert Playa on one side and the Steen Mountains on the other. The hot spring was VERY clean and well taken care of. You really can’t beat it. The owners were very friendly and helpful as well!

The Best Kind Of Hurt

I am traveling the country with my dog and we camped a few nights in Antelope State Park. This hike will KICK YOUR BUTT, but the views at the top will leave you with the best reward. Also, no bugs in November and the weather was perfect.