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Women's Winter Gift Guide 2017

Get the gear and clothes you need to stay outside all winter long.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers and Storytellers to share their favorite winter gear and clothing. Check out their go-to's and get ready to stock up for your own winter adventures! 

Cover Photo: Jason Hatfield

Christin Healey says: These snowshoes are great on approaches where the terrain is a little steeper and more technical. They stay put, are pretty lightweight, and are just all-around bomber.

Jacalyn Beales says: This incredibly warm yet surprisingly lightweight pullover keeps me toasty in the often harsh, bitter Canadian winters, yet is versatile enough to be worn in the fall and is perfect for layering. The kicker? It's a Fair Trade garment made with recycled materials, which is just another reason to grab this as your go-to!

Jacalyn Beales says: These socks keep my feet incredibly warm in my hiking boots, but without the itch of the typical wool sock. I also love Muttonhead's toques and hats, though; pull 'em over your ears and you're warm enough to spend hours outside on your favourite trail with your best bud or your pup by your side. It's also awesome that the styles are unisex, so they work across the board, like a charm.

Sara Sheehy says: These snow pants are comfortable, waterproof, not at all bulky, and fit my long legs. They come in short length, too!

Sara Sheehy says: Attached to a trekking pole, it's a fast way to check a slope's incline so I can stay safe in avalanche country.

Sara Sheehy says: Living in Sun Valley, Idaho there is a lot of overland exploration to do once the snow falls. Strapping on a pair of snowshoes is a quick and easy way to head out into the mountains - and my dog loves that I'm the one packing down the trail!

Christin Healey says: Stio has nailed the fit for women. I have friends who are totally different body types than I am, and it somehow works for all of us. Breathable, super warm, weatherproof - these are just all-around perfection for any winter activities.

Christin Healey says: Super warm, lightweight, and so compressible. It's hydrophobic down so repels water, and the hood is helmet compatible. Ultimate winter jacket for me!

Breanne McNitt says: I got the pair I have for free a while back and although they are old and you can't buy them anymore, MSR snowshoes have helped me get through several feet of fresh powder on incredible off-trail adventures. So much opens up in the winter time when you have a pair of snowshoes handy.

Breanne McNitt says: The most comfortable, well rounded puffy I have owned. The arms are a perfect length, the hood covers and stays on (and even goes over a helmet), and the body is a nice shape and had more length in the back which keeps me super warm. Also because it is featherless, the hoodie is a tad more waterproof than other puffies.

Madison Sankovitz says: These charming, waterproof boots make a fashion statement while providing me with warmth and traction.

Madison Sankovitz says: This helmet is comfortable and always protects my head, even during the hardest falls. Vents provide airflow and I am never distracted by helmet discomfort on the hill.

Sarah Horn says: These check so many boxes for ski touring and alpine pursuits. They're stretchy, slim fitting (but still fit a thick base layer), have plenty of zippered vents and perfectly manage the issue of overheating on the up and keeping wind and cold out on the down. I also wear these for early spring resort skiing when my insulated pants are too hot.

Sarah Horn says: These cozy technical leggings wick sweat while you move and keep you warm when you're not. They have a handy pocket on the side for chapstick or your phone and a wide flattering waistband. They're my go to for winter hiking, backpacking, camping, sunny day ski touring, apre-ski, lazy day around the house...I should probably get another pair.

Lindsay Daniels says: Waterproof, lightweight, and ready for any kind of adventure! Plus I love the style. I feel comfortable wearing them around town just as much as I do in the mountains.

Tiffany Young says: I used to work in a store that sold TNF Thermoball and the Patagonia Nano Puff. Two very similar jackets and similar price points. When it comes down to it, people buy depending on their brand loyalty or the colors. They both have a stuff sack for the jacket so it's easy to travel with and doesn't take much room. However, I own the Thermoball and I personally found it fit me better around the hips. The Nano Puff was a little too snug for comfort or for the heat to circulate inside the jacket. Another reason is because of the the cuffs around the wrist. I liked how on the Thermoball there is an elastic on the inside that closes around your wrist like the Nano does, however, the Thermoball extends the sleeve to make it look cleaner (hopefully this makes sense, if not just look at the sleeves and compare!). Instead of owning a big bulky winter coat, I prefer this light insulated jacket and a rain jacket or windproof shell over it in cold seasons!

Katie Kessel says: Just upgraded to a bigger pack for not only longer trips where I need more items, but also if I need layers and gear for the cold. It fits everything I need and more! Lots of great compartments as well that really take advantage of the space. I found that though I was carrying more weight, the hip belt was extremely supportive and comfortable, which made the additional lbs very easy to carry.

Katie Kessel says: I love being able to track my fitness, both when I'm in the city and when I'm out on the trail. With the hiking app, I can track where I've been, how long I've hiked, elevation gain, and lots more. It also pushes me while I'm working to get outside more and go for walks.

Katie Kessel says: A warm vest that I can use both in the city and on the mountain that is super light and compresses easily into my bag. It's also made with their "Eco Down" which is 30% recycled coffee bean fibre!

Karissa Frye says: This coat is seriously lightweight and super warm! The hood can easily be pulled over your beanie and zipped to stay on your head in even the windiest conditions. The Climaheat technology keeps areas like your armpits super breathable while you are getting after it in the cold weather. I may have lucked out by getting one of the few beautiful Auburn colors ;).

Karissa Frye says: These mountaineering boots may be more comfortable than any... The Goretex insulation keeps your feet dry, while the internal lining keeps your foot comfortably padded and protected from the repetitive movement of jamming your feet into hard snow or ice. This boot is perfect for my mediocre ice-climbing skills, or any day in the snowy-alpine backcountry!

Lorene Voskinarian says: This jacket is my go-to for rainy cold weather hikes. The weather resistant outside keeps me dry and the new Polartec Alpha insulation keeps me warm when I need and cool when I'm working hard. Many softshells claim to do this but none have performed this well for me.

Lorene Voskinarian says: Versatile winter boots work for hiking in the snow and slush and snowshoeing. They keep my feet warm, dry, and comfy.

Lorene Voskinarian says: I love this board for seeking out the powder stashes in the trees because it's floaty and responsive. However, unlike many powder boards it's still fun to ride on piste and even on groomers!

Sonja Saxe says: This fleece jacket is the perfect layering piece. I use it as an insulating layer on those extra cold days, lounge around in it après ski, and wear it in the car on road trips. It's so versatile and cozy I never want to take it off!

Sonja Saxe says: Deuter is my go-to backpack brand. Their packs are one-size-fits-all but they are easily adjustable so they fit like a glove - It feels like I'm being hugged by my backpack! I love the 32L version for day hikes. It's roomy enough to fit water, snacks, camera gear, and a few extra layers.

Sonja Saxe says: These boots are incredibly comfortable straight out of the box. The moment I tried them on I knew I would be keeping them! They are waterproof, warm, and relatively light, making them perfect for winter hikes, but without all that extra winter bulk.

Brynn Schmidt says: They are so comfortable and great for active day hikes in the snow.

Brynn Schmidt says: Best bag I have owned. Travels way better than a suitcase on flights and awesome for camping, road-trips. etc. Everyone in my family has one in a different color so we know whose is whose and they stack easily too.

Brynn Schmidt says: They are inexpensive but stylish wedding rings to wear for adventuring. We both have them and wear them when we are climbing, camping, skiing, etc. They are made for adventuring and active lifestyles and one of the best finds for us (having had a friend who lost her finger when her wedding ring got caught on a chairlift - these make a lot of sense to me).

Imogene Cancellare says: These are my FAVORITE winter boots. They have kept my toes warm in -20F temperatures in the mountains of northwest Montana, and they've gone straight from the trails to the pub without being too warm. They keep my feet dry in slushy conditions, and the height of the boot lets me wade through a lot of powder without problem.

Imogene Cancellare says: These pull-on gripping devices add traction and stability for packed snow, and I love them because they make it much easier to walk on snow and ice. The rubber and steel coils work for icey runs in your neighborhood or on trails that aren't packed enough for snowshoes. .

Hillary Federico says: As someone who has spent the better part of her life hiking in "other" shoes, I've ditched my Merrells for good after finding Ahnu. These guys are sturdy, waterproof and true to size. They've got the sole of a hiking boot, but the lightness of a trainer.

Hillary Federico says: Aside from being a major fan of the brand's ideals, process and charitable work, when I purchase a Patagonia product I know it's going to be durable, well-crafted and ready to be put through its paces. The Nano Puff Bivy Pullover packs small (perfect for stuffing into a backpack), feels weightless and keeps me super warm (also makes a great layering option).

Hillary Federico says: I love these headphones so much! After using them for more than a year, I've never had a problem connecting them to my iPhone or Apple Watch. They fit snuggly in your ear (and even come with three different sizes of interchangeable fins) and don't seem to be affected by sweat like some other brands of wireless headphones I've used.

Rachel Davidson says: Osprey says this is a women's-specific fit for day hiking, biking, and peak bagging... which I've done all of those with this, but to which I'd also add: Travel or laptop carrying, skiing, and even run commuting. The #1 thing that makes this pack stand out is, in fact, its favorable fit for ladies' waists and busts, but its sturdy construction, durable material, and stretchy pockets on side and back make it versatile for nearly anything. This is a gift you don't need to think twice about getting for any outdoors-loving lady.

Rachel Davidson says: Hear me out - a "down skirt" doesn't exactly sound like the most technical performance piece to up your winter shredding game, but trust me: This skirt does wonders to make you comfortable and cozy after a long day of crushing it on the slopes. We all have a puffy jacket lying around for every reason and every season, but where's the insulation for our butts? This skirt makes a great gift for the girl who always gets cold on winter hikes, who complains about frosty chairlifts, or who's the first out of the tent and manning the stove to prep coffee for the rest your crew.

Rachel Davidson says: These pants do what they're advertised to do well; mountain running. But they're also the perfect weight, fit, and abrasion-resistant material for rock climbing and alpine endeavors. Their tapered ankles fit perfectly into ski and mountaineering boots, and the relaxed fit give enough room and stretch to move in the mountains without feeling like you're giving everyone below you a show. These make a perfect all-around gift for the lady crusher looking for a technical performance piece, to the weekend snoozer who wants a warm, comfortable loungewear pant.

Lauren Schusterman says: Besides being the coziest piece of clothing I own, it's also surprisingly warm.

Lauren Schusterman says: They come in great colors and are great for keeping your legs warm when you're out exploring in the cold.