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Winter Buyers Guide for Gear 2017

Dominate the winter conditions with our Explorers' favorite winter gear.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers for their go-to winter gear, and they shared their favorites. 

John Chau says - "I've had these crampons for years now and love them for their simplicity in design and function. They can attach to pretty much every boot and they can be attached/unattached quickly."

James Hueser says - "Based on a water proof, Gore-tex removable boot - keeps all snow, ice, and water out while snowshoeing and hiking. Also comes with a winter boot to provide more warmth."

Sara Sheehy says - "Because no one has time for frozen toes."

Josiah Roe says - "This is my go-to, all-around ice-axe, and it comes at a great price-point so it's a good axe for beginners."

Josiah Roe says - "It may weigh an ounce and a half more than the single-walled variant, but it holds heat better *and* wont burn your hands (as much) when making that all-important cup of coffee for that 3am call-time."

Josiah Roe says - "Bombproof, easy to setup in high-winds, light (for a four-season, bombproof tent)."

Josiah Roe says - "Ultralight, spacious, unbelievably warm (especially when you throw in a liner), numerous features."

Elyse Clark says - "Light weight and can keep water hot for 6+ hours. Good for sipping warm water during hiking breaks to stay warm."

Jason Hatfield says - "Other than its great range and reliability, I choose this beacon for one main reason, it works with a separate dog transmitter. If you're skiing in the backcountry with your dog this will make the fun a lot safer!"

Jason Hatfield says - "These bindings are simply incredible. The unique AT binding system gives a traditional heel lock for power on the downhill without big weight. I originally purchased these for just backcountry skiing but they quickly became my all-mountain bindings too!"

Jess Fischer says - "This remedy cures ANY case of dry cracked hands and feet which everyone knows comes with drier, colder weather. The formula is non-greasy, fast drying and super absorbent to ensure your skin is getting the nourishment it needs. This also helps relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dry red bumps on your skin."

Michael Gabbert says - "Easy to pitch in any condition, I find the Fury tent more durable, warm and waterproof than any other tent I've owned. Perfect for winter, but light enough to pack and use year round."

Michael Gabbert says - "Perfect amount of warmth with great traction. The Coldsparks are clutch for basically any hike or activity in the snow with its great waterproof shell. My go-to outdoor shoe from November to April."

Emily Haggar says - "Unbeatable durability and has lots of great features. Bomber materials that stand up to day in day out mountain abuse."

John Chau says - "My love for the Storm has grown over the years and it's my go-to headlamp on every trip. It's durable, has multiple features and modes, and its on/off/mode button can easily be used with clumsy glove fingers."

Josh Currie says - "Great R value pad, super comfy, and reasonably light weight."

Josh Currie says - "Light weight and more affordable than most 0 degree bags."

Jess Fischer says - "Headlamps are an essential, especially in the winter time when the days are shorter and when the sun goes down you don't want to be lost and freezing up on the trail. This headlamp has an adjustable bulb so you can make the light as dim or bright as you want (up to 120) and a red light setting to avoid light pollution. Also fits very comfortably under or on top of a headband or hat."