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Winter Buyers Guide for Clothing 2017

Stay warm, dry, and comfortable with our Explorers' favorite winter clothing.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers for their go-to winter clothing options, and they shared their favorites. 

Sarah Sheehy - "The old trustworthy Patagonia down. Nine years in and it's still puffy and warm."

Josiah Roe says - "Light, breathable, but warm, damn warm."

John Chau - "The best all-around pants I've worn for mountaineering and backcountry excursions. They're extremely durable and their water-resistant, wind-resistant, warmth, and stretchy breathability make them great for winter hiking. "

James Hueser says - "Windproof and warm enough once I start heading up the mountain. Gives me great dexterity when scrambling up a rock face."

Christian Murillo says - "Really soft and tremendously warm. A premium Merino wool blend that is an absolute bargain at under $35 for 4 pairs."

Jake Young says - "Very high quality midweight merino socks that also happen to be very cheap at ~$7.50 per pair"

Jake Young says - "Extremely versatile merino wool base layers. Breaths well, keeps you warm, and most importantly is smell resistant. Comes in three different weights."

Elyse Clark says - "Light (5 oz), warm jacket. Easily compressible to fit into backpacks. Durable material with good water resistance."

Matt Ford says - "A hybrid jacket that combines the best of breathability, waterproofing and insulation into one package. Slim fitting, can be worn on long approaches and won't let you overheat. The only jacket I need for ice and alpine climbing."

Emily Haggar says - "These boots are the perfect mix between a hiker and a mountaineering boot. Waterproof and warm for winter but also great for 4 season use."

Emily Haggar says - "Love this company and their gear is exceptionally designed and beautifully constructed. This puffy has a cut like no other on the market, and technical features you'd expect to find on other mountaineering gear."

Madison Sankovitz says - "Soft and warm around my head in the cold. It has an easy, comfortable fit that is perfect for any winter day!"

Grant Whitty says - "The bib pants are a versatile bib-style ski and snowboard pant. They are ideal for days touring in the backcountry, as they are lightweight and breathable, yet waterproof. The bibs can be removed to make a traditional style snow pant, as well as connect to Bloom's jackets' built-in powder skirt."

Grant Whitty says - "The Onward Jacket is a high-quality, ripstop, shell jacket from Denver-based Bloom Outerwear. This jacket is waterproof, yet breathable with many rad features like built-in wrist gaiters, a plethora of pockets, bib-pant integration, and a taller fit to keep the snow out."

Josh Currie says - "A little lesser known but very warm and affordable base layers for the cold!"

Josh Currie says - "I'll never wear a different pant outdoors again and you'll have them for life. Very sturdy but breathable for grueling hikes."

Jason Hatfield says - "Over 10 ounces of 800+ hydrophobic down in a 22 ounce puffy designed for sub-freezing mountaineering. This jacket replaced a 6 year old Mont-bell puffy with little "puff" left and has quickly gained a permanent place in my camera pack; It's durable, ridiculously warm, and I happen to think I look pretty good in it."

Jason Hatfield says - "You know that deep cold you can't seem to shake when waiting for a sunrise shot? That's all your body heat escaping through your thin pants. These puffy pants that feel like warm, fluffy, leg-clouds (and might elicit comments of "Michelin man") have changed my life. Hike or ski in thinner breathable pants and throw these bad-boys once you're at destination for warmth in temps below zero."

Christin Healey says - "Base layer that's super soft, warm when it needs to be, cools off and wicks when you're working. Plus, you can wear this layer for days (ok, weeks!) without needing a wash if you are in the backcountry. Great colors too."

Hillary Federico says - "Super comfortable, waterproof hiking boot. Durable, affordable and comes in really fun colors (great for photos)."

Michael Gabbert says - "Ideal for cold nights camping, these pants are super light and easily packable. Down pants might seem a bit frivolous on the trails, but trust me, they'll become your new best friend"

Emily Haggar says - "A tough but lightweight GortexPro shell - love that it's built for whatever adventures you can throw at it. Minimal design + awesome performance."

Madison Sankovitz says - "I can hike to the highest peaks and still stay warm! It is insanely comfortable in blistery conditions."