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Under $100 Winter Gift Guide 2017

Great gear doesn't always cost a small fortune. These are the best bang-for-buck stocking stuffers you can get.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers and Storytellers to share their favorite winter gear and clothing under $100. Check out their go-to's and get ready to stock up for your own winter adventures! 

Cover photo: Jason Zabriskie

Jon King says: Although named as heavyweight, this long sleeve tee is light, comfortable and warm. It's a perfect layer for your next cold weather adventure. It also looks great in a casual setting.

Sara Sheehy says: It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours. I've been traveling around the country with it for ten months and dropped it on rocks and pavement too many times to count. It's still going strong.

Sarah Vaughn says: These take the atmosphere of your campsite, backcountry site, camper/back of your adventure car up a level!

Michael Martineau says: This flashlight will light up the night sky, no matter where you are. With three separate settings (beam, flood, and red), its power is amazing. Light up the night and if you run out of battery, use the crank to give it some more juice.

Michael Martineau says: Let's be honest, this is the only belay device you'll ever need. Rope slides through it effortlessly and it is responsive when it needs to be. I guarantee the recipient of this Grigri will be ecstatic.

Julie & Brian say: Instant traction that is packable and incredibly easy to put on over your hiking boots. They are a must-have for us on any hike where we might encounter snow or ice on the trail.

Joe Whitson says: I love these for three reasons: cool design, they're great to just wear around town, and Urban Natives is a native-owned company based in San Francisco.

John Chau says: I love it because it's perfect for all sorts of environments - it's waterproof (IPX7), durable, has a lock mode, and runs off of AAA batteries which are fairly easy to find worldwide.

John Chau says: It's tough to beat having a roughly $25 filter that is small, light (2 oz), and easy to carry that STILL performs like a champ by filtering out nasty bacteria and protozoa.

Christian Murillo says: This bottle will keep your hot beverages hot all day. Perfect for making some hot cocoa in the morning and being able to enjoy it all day on the trail or on the slopes.

Gustavo Quiros says: Its an electronic hand warmer that is perfect for cold weather when you wake up early to photograph landscapes and your fingers feel like they are about to fall off.

Lindsay Daniels says: I can throw this beanie on and feel cute and comfy all day. It's 100% cotton so it never gets itchy - which is usually a problem for me with beanies. Plus 50% goes to non-profits supporting childhood cancer research. Can't get much better than that!

Lindsay Daniels says: It may not be clothing or gear per se, but it has been one of my favorite ways to warm up during the colder months! I love all kinds of herbal teas, so when a friend turned me on to this herbal coffee I was immediately hooked. I take a bag with me when I'm on the run, or cozy up with a cup when I've got a full day of editing.

Tiffany Young says: First of all, hammocks are not just made for "good weather," so for those winter wanderers out there, a hammock is an awesome winter gift! I love this because it's an incredibly affordable and strong double hammock. You have many color and design options for all personalities AND a great refund policy and military discount. Everyone is happier with a hammock.

Tiffany Young says: I love this sweater because it's simple, looks good, and soooo comfortable. It's a great winter fleece. It also comes in a vest and full-zip for both men and women.

John Sunich says: It's well made, has an adjustable fit, and made from Gore-TEX.

John Sunich says: They're comfortable for long days on the trail in cold weather conditions.

Nick Lake says: My wife loves this base for ski touring, bike-commuting, and winter trail running because, "it's warm and comfy, but not sweaty."

Nick Lake says: They're stretchy, comfortable, weather resistant, and breathable for high-intensity winter activities. And I look real good in them.

Jonathon Reed says: You can set the Spot to a stealthy low or a don't-get-lost-in-the-forest full brightness settings, and any luminescence in between. My favourite part is the red light setting for keeping your night vision during night photography sessions. The strap is easy to adjust and comfortable.

Jonathon Reed says: Peak Design's camera and lens clips are some of the best things I've ever bought for my camera. Say goodbye to bouncing your camera against your chest. Say goodbye to holding two lenses in one hand. These clips are metal, rugged and have easily taken on every adventure I've put them through.

Rachel Davidson says: It always surprises me to learn that not every recreational cyclist or bike commuter has one of these simple, lightweight, embarrassment-saving kits... which is why this makes a no-brainer gift idea for the biker in your life. After all, nobody wants to get caught with a flat, flagging down strangers who might have been riding more prepared than them. This toolkit has all you need to conquer the average flat, but doesn't include the saddle bag that they'll need to strap this to their seat (both the kit and bag will still land you well under $100).

Rachel Davidson says: My stocking stuffer suggestions for the runner who has everything else: Gear them up with a hand torch, LED clip lights, a safety vest, reflective snap bands from Nathan Sports...all the accessories they need to be seen while running in the dark, whether on a trail, road, or even city streets.

Jason Hatfield says: Camp shoe, river shoe, backpacking shoe, lazy around the house shoe, they do it all. I've used mine in all seasons for pretty much every activity. I've even backpacked 50 miles in the Canadian Rockies with them and I'm still using the same pair I bought 3 years ago.

Emily Haggar says: It's small and light enough to take on any adventure, it literally fits in your pocket...perfect for hikes and XC bike rides.

Ryan McKinney says: It's perfect for winter hikes, ice fishing, really any winter activity. I would make my lunch before I would leave for a winter hike or ice fishing and put it in the food jar. By lunch time my food was still warm and ready to eat. Good for hot food on the trail.