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Trailer Life Gear: Find Your Unknown

A review of backpacks and travel bags by Eagle Creek used during my two-week trailer road trip across the southern United States.

Curated by Mike Fennell

Every adventure is different, and matching the right backpack or bag to fit the environment of the adventure can make any journey significantly more comfortable. For two weeks in May I drove Eagle Creek’s custom trailer from San Diego to Florida and back while testing out their travel gear in a variety of environments; from sand dunes in New Mexico, to humid beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, to lush green forests of the Smoky Mountains.

This has to be one of the most versatile and comfortable duffel bags I’ve ever used. The extremely durable and water repellent material that shells this bag made me feel secure in laying this bag down on any type of surface. The backpack straps easily clip on and are surprisingly comfortable and supportive against a soft unstructured duffel.

When you’re spending a couple weeks living in a small trailer, Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cubes can be your best friend to help you stay organized. Whether I needed a cube to keep my toiletries or a cube to keep my t-shirts, these little guys made travel very efficient. I would store them within larger bags and always knew exactly where to find everything rather than rummaging through a large open pack.

This bag is the perfect mix of backpack and luggage and I loved it. Not only are the back panel and waist straps very comfortable for such a large pack, but the organizational compartments made this my ultimate travel bag. It completely zips and folds open like luggage with each side having a zippered compartment to keep everything in place and easy to find.

This backpack-duffel hybrid quickly became my new camera bag during my road trip. It was the perfect size to place my compartment camera unit and it flipped open all the way to give me full access to my equipment. When I was hiking I could bring out the zip-away backpack straps and if it was a quick walk to the shoot location I could use the removable shoulder strap or simply hold on to the thick padded handles on the front and side of the pack.

This little guy made every adventure just a little bit easier. It packs up into a tiny lightweight bundle, so when I would be packing for an adventure and wasn’t sure if I would need a smaller pack with me I could just throw this in my larger pack without a second thought. The bundle unzips and expands into a comfortable backpack that is perfect for a short hike to simply carry your water, snacks and extra layers.