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The Ultimate Outdoor Holiday Celebration

Everything you need to host an epic holiday celebration.

Curated by Kellan Hori

As a professional chef, I host a lot of different types of parties. But there's nothing quite like celebrating the holidays with the ones you love, under the stars, by the campfire, and enjoying good food and drinks.  View the entire guide here

The only thing that tops cast iron as an indispensable camp cooking tool is probably fire. Cast iron has been around for centuries. It holds heat exceptionally well and is so diverse, i use one at home almost daily.

Cast iron dutch ovens are exceptional at distributing heat evenly, which allows you to use it as a true oven! Bake bread, make stew, even roast a turkey!

This is a great, versatile grill/griddle combo that fits perfectly over two camp stove burners. It retains heat extremely well and can grill just about anything you can think of.

Great set of versatile tongs. It's nice to have a longer set when working over the campfire and assorted grills.

Want to be the most popular camper in the morning? Come equipped with this bomber french press and easily make enough coffee for you and all of your closest friends.

This cooler is a beast...with wheels! It keeps ice for days and when you see your friends lugging their heavy coolers around camp, your back will be thanking you.

If you and your friends are cooking a lot of food, you'll probably want something a little bigger than your traditional camp stove. This unit fits the bill and should be able to handle all of your cooking needs.

Odds are that there won't be too much table space that's not being used for dinner, so it's best to plan on bringing your own. This is a great table with some really convenient features.

You can never have too much grill space when you're preparing food for a big group of friends. This is a simple, effective grill to have handy.

Perfect little insulated ice buckets to have on your picnic tables to keep your wine and beers cold.

We're camping right? It only feels appropriate to drink (good) wine out of cans.

When I originally held these glasses, I couldn't tell that they weren't made of glass...and that's all I really needed to know. These are durable, smooth-rimmed wine glasses that are perfect for outdoor dinners or picnics.

If none of your friends are interested in volunteering their own plates for your get together, these are surprisingly affordable and great quality. Really good value.

This is a wonderful bluetooth speaker, whether you're indoors or outdoors. Amazing sound in a small package.

These are surprisingly bright and use very little energy. Sting multiple sets together around your camp and enjoy a beautiful, well-lit area.

These portable chargers are super handy. They're tiny, but pack a punch and can keep your lights and cell phones running for as long as you'll need them.

This is a nice little cooler backpack that's perfect for packing up a bottle of wine and some snacks and taking a quick adventure outside of camp. Keeps everything nice and cold and fits great.

When it's time to break out the s'mores, you'll be glad you have these handy.

These are awesome, and surprisingly versatile. A pair works perfectly as a large capacity dish washing system. And you can also use them as backup coolers - just fill them with ice and throw in the drinks. You can't have a shortage of cold beverages at an outdoor holiday party!

Giant Jenga! You can definitely build your own kit, but this is by far the best one I've seen that you can buy.

Ladder toss is the perfect game for this type of get together. It's super fun, easy to explain, and everyone can play it.