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The Minimalist Campfire Chef's Pack List

Going off the grid isn't an excuse to eat bad food. Here's some key tips and tricks for carrying what you need to create gourmet meals in the wilderness.

Curated by Emily Hlaváč Green

The less you have the more creative you get. This is certainly true when it comes to cooking a decent meal while camping. After many adventures into the woods, the trails and the mountains with little more than a backpack I've perfected the art of hiking in with the bare minimum to make the load lighter and the dinners tastier.

Cast Iron Skillet

Albeit on the heavier side, a small skillet is a multi-use cook surface. Tip: skip the lid and just use aluminum foil when a dish needs covering.

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Homecamp Enamel Plate

These plates not only look great but also have a ridge so double as a shallow bowl if needed.

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Stainless Steel Camping Cups

Stackable, light and durable for all matters of liquids.

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UCO Gear

Stormproof Matches

There's nothing more disappointing than prepping for a gourmet camp meal than not being able to get the fire started to cook over. These guys make a tiny portable kit which can withstand any kind of wind or rain situation.

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Muji Pet Cylinder Pump Bottle

Ideal for decanting olive oils and soy sauce for accessible flavours to add to dishes while camp cooking.

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Acrylic Stacking Case

Decant salt, pepper and spices into these for light travel.

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Reynolds Wrap

Always break off a decent length of this and you can fold up and use for anything - great to wrap corn or stuffed red peppers, potatoes, baked apples with nuts, and it can be used to seal up leaks in containers...very versatile!

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ONA Bags

ONA Camps Bay Backpack

This is the coolest and most durable camera backpack. Not only is it fantastic with changeable compartments for lenses and cameras, but you can safely pack small food items into extra compartments. It's my go-to.

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Tajín Clásico Seasoning

A blend of lime, chilies and sea salt, TAJÍN Clásico Seasoning is amazing on so many fruits and veggies. I use it on mango for a camp snack, but also great as an addition to tacos, salsas or roasted corn on the cob.

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Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats

Pop these in a Ziploc bag with dried fruit, nuts and a little salt for an easy filling breakfast treat.

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Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Organic Polenta

Two words: polenta fries. Cut these in lengths and fry up for some delicious camp eats.

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Copper String Battery Lights

These lights elevate any ordinary camp dinner to the next level, providing ambience and a little mood lighting.

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Frieling Swiss Gold Filter for One

Made of a fine gold mesh, this filter doesn't taint your coffee and is super easy to clean. It fits directly over each coffee cup and can stack easily in your bag around other items.

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Justin's Almond Butter

These little servings are ideal additions to camp curries or oaty breakfasts, or just as good as snacks along the trail.

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Wilderness Family Naturals Coconut Milk powder

Fantastic milk substitute in teas and hot cocoas or oatmeals, this also serves well in a dried mix of rice noodles, spices and vegetables for a just-add-water noodle curry soup.

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French Rabbit

French Rabbit Pinot Noir Tetrapak Wine

Light to carry and recyclable. This red wine is a suitable choice as it is best enjoyed at a warmer temperature. In the colder nights can be turned into a delicious Mulled Wine with the addition of citrus, cloves, cinnamon and sugar.

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Clean Paleo

Clean Paleo Caco Berry Cereal

Healthy and delicious as a go-to for hiking snack straight from the bag, or you can smooze it up by turning into protein balls or bars. I also have this on hand for crumble topping for a skillet fruit crumble.

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Sierra Dawn

Sierra Dawn Campsuds

This multipurpose cleaner can be used for pretty much anything including dishes and bathing and means you'll only carry one item instead of dishwash liquid, body soap and shampoo and conditioner.

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Snow Peak Cutting Board Set

This ingenious idea has a dual-functioning cutting board and knife set which folds up to fit perfectly inside your backpack. The wooden surface also looks great as a serving platter for antipasto or cheese and crackers.

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