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Resort Skiing: The Winter Tool Kit

Stay warm and shred powder.

Curated by KC Deane

This is what I use to go into winter every day, from Eddie Bauer shells to keep me dry and warm, to the hard goods that get me down the hill. This is my go-to for fun and survival in the elements.

The thumb loops keep the seal around my gloves and extra length has been added to the waist for the same reason.

I love this pant and jacket combination because we specifically designed things down to the smallest details. A looser fit for eased movement in the gear, it's all there in the Telemetry kit.

The Simplify has the best peripheral vision I've ever had hands down. While not large on your face, you get a large field of vision that surpasses any goggle I've used in the past.

I've had problems with circulation in my hands due to an accident breaking my hand and nearly losing my fingers on the left hand. The Eddie Bauer Guide Gloves and Trigger Mitt allows me to still use my hands and work with ropes, skins, touring gear, etc. while keeping my fingers warmer than a regular 5-finger glove.

Compression is the key. The new merino wool compression sock from Dissent helps me so much. I've always had cold feet in ski boots, and any trick I can use I take advantage of. With these I don't need boot heaters anymore and can just rely on having good socks to keep me warm.

This combination of socks and pants creates added warmth by keeping the circulation flowing.

The struggle for most skiers is to find a boot that fits and doesn't hurt your foot. This boot molds to everyt inch of your leg making it not only super lightweight but the best fitting boot on the market.

Fit and protection. A lot of helmets are hard to get to fit correctly, and for me the fit system on the Shred helmet makes it fit snug without pinching on my head. It feels like you are wearing a normal hat it’s so lightweight.