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Pursuit Gear Kit 2018

We love our partners and we love their products.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

When we decide who we want to work with for our Pursuit events, we only select partners who make products we can stand behind. These are our team's favorite pieces of gear, food, and drinks from our Pursuit 2018 partners.

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Brian Heifferon says: Admittedly, I'm a little new to kombucha, but Brew Dr. has become a regular for me. They have a great variety and assortment of refreshing flavors especially on a hot summer day.

Liam McNally says: I've been rocking the Trestles 30 for the last three years and have always been toasty and comfortable, even on nights where I pushed it right up to its temperature rating. It performed just as well on warm Catskill summer nights as it did on brisk autumn evenings in Yosemite Valley.

Alli Foster says: Marmot's Limelight 2P is the perfect tent for my boyfriend and me. Small and light but with plenty of room inside for both of us and vestibules on either side for each of us to keep our things dry. Another aspect we love is how easy it is to setup so we can spend our time adventuring rather than setting up our tent.

Bart Davis says: Each great day starts with a great cup of coffee for me. Not only do I love the taste of Kicking Horse's Kiss Ass Coffee, I also love the fact that I am drinking organically and sustainably grown beans roasted by a company with core values that I can support.

Alli Foster says: These were not my first pair of Merrell shoes but were easily another instant favorite! These shoes are light, comfortable, and fit amazing--not to mention I love the bright color. After long hours on my feet, these shoes held up and felt amazing all week, literally carrying me through the Pursuit Series.

Tyler Drake says: For spending long days on my feet, hitting the trails, and running around during set-up/break down of the event, these Merrell's did not disappoint. They had plenty of traction for all the day's obstacles while keeping my feet comfortable enough that my feet weren't screaming at me by the end of the day.

Brian Heifferon says: Whatever beverage you're drinking at Pursuit, you're going to want two things: no spills while you're running around and temperature control. This tumbler was within arm's reach for pretty much the entirety of the event.

Liam McNally says: This cooler is NOT messing around. The Trailmate Journey is built to traverse the roughest of terrain and keep its contents ice cold along the way. The Trailmate was essential to Pursuit's success as we hauled coolers full of beer, wine, and kombucha around the event.

Tito's Handmade Vodka

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Josiah Roe says: Titos Handmade Vodka is the vodka that made me love vodka. Pot-stilled (rare!), handmade, with just a hint of corn-sweetness that makes for an unbelievably versatile spirit that works well in everything from a vodka tonic to a martini. It is the go-to vodka in my bar.

Julia Mallon says: If you ask me, you just can't beat a nice glass of wine around the fire at the end of a long day of adventure. Kenwood has been my wine of choice for years and the 2016 Pinot Noir is one of my favorites.

Grant Nyquist says: I was pretty new to Wigwam socks but I have to say, these things are awesome. Hiking, camping and working in these didn't make my feet sweat and get soggy (or smelly). The elastic in the upper was firm but not restricting and they basically stayed in place for 8+ hours. I'm beyond stoked that a company of this heritage still does the little things great.

Mike Fennell says: When you’re spending a couple weeks living in a small trailer, Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Cubes can be your best friend to help you stay organized. Whether I needed a cube to keep my toiletries or a cube to keep my t-shirts, these little guys made travel very efficient. I would store them within larger bags and always knew exactly where to find everything rather than rummaging through a large open pack.

Chris Engelsman says: Boa's system for cycling shoes and helmets is unbeatable. You can dial in your fit and pressure exactly how you want it resulting in comfort and ideal power transfer--two things that are crucial to me for any ride, long or short.

Brian Heifferon says: I love this thing! I picked one up at Pursuit last year and have worn it over and over again since then. It's great for all types of weather and temperatures. I get it wet and wear it around my neck to cool off or use it to cover my face and neck when snowboarding. The best part is that when you buy one you support California Trout's amazing missions.

Tyler Drake says: The Shakeout Blonde is the perfect beer for summer. It's light and crisp and tastes great! Plus, like all Sufferfest beers, it's virtually gluten free and perfect for the active lifestyle.

Grant Nyquist says: I've paddle boarded plenty of times, so I'm not an absolute beginner, but I'm also not a seasoned pro by any means and this board felt super user-friendly to me. It's stable, yet maneuverable--it doesn't feel like you're paddling around a boat dock. Plus, with the inflatable board, you're able to take it to paddling spots you'd never want to haul a sold board to!

Josh Currie says: I rode a Trek E-Bike for the very first time and could not believe how easy it was to peddle up hill. No-one likes going uphill and this made it very much enjoyable. If you are looking for that workout you can just turn off the motor. Also, it rides like any other burly mountain bike. You don't even notice that there is a motor on there!

Jason Hatfield says: I've been using my α7R II for the past 3 years to capture everything from aurora and ice caves in Alaska, waterfalls and wildflowers in the PNW, night skies in the Southwest, and towering peaks in the Rockies. A lot of my adventures involve backpacking or long hikes and the smaller size/weight of Sony's mirrorless cameras and lenses have made a big difference.

Bart Davis says: Portable solar generation just took a quantum leap forward with the Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator! Lightweight, compact, and powerful enough to exceed all of my needs. And it's easy for me to support a company like Inergy Solar that has a philanthropic mission to bring power and light to those in need.

ENO Double Nest Hammock

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Jason Flesher says: I've used ENO hammocks for years. Whether I am trekking in the Jungles of Indonesia, camping on the palm tree strewn beaches of Hawaii or climbing peaks of the High Sierra, my ENO Hammock has always gone with me as an excellent light weight camping alternative to carrying heavy tents. There is nothing like being gently rocked to sleep under the stars.

Josiah Roe says: It is stunning how ubiquitous the LUCI lights from Mpowerd have become: camping, vanlife, backpacking, and all across the developing world as an alternative to fossil fuels. I keep three in my van at all times. They are flexible, powerful, and beautiful.

Grant Nyquist says: It's exactly what it says it is...a classic flask for stashing in your pocket or bag with whatever beverage you want to have. Stylish, a bit retro-y and tough as nails. It's really all you need in a flask without being too showy or having too many extras.

Liam McNally says: If you ever thought a camp chair was a luxury only for car camping, think again. These things pack down small and light without sacrificing comfort or stability. I've spent hours setting these things up for our Pursuit events and I still love them, so you know they're actually really awesome.

Tyler Drake says: Simple, effective, affordable, and mobile. Those are ideal ingredients for a fly rod if I you ask me and the folks at Tenkara have nailed it with their Sawtooth package.

Tyler Drake says: Jumping on a Onewheel was an amazing experience! It felt like I was snowboarding in the summer at Hunter Mountain. Their motorized skateboard definitely brings a new perspective to summer.

Liam McNally says: These are far and away the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. They're somehow tight, relaxed, comfortable, and breathable all at once--perfect for an active lifestyle.

Chris Engelsman says: Bare Republic's SPF 30 mineral sunscreen lotion is perfect for outdoor activities. Especially when you are at an outdoor adventure camp for grown-ups like the Pursuit Series. The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide physically protect you from the sun instead of a chemical process which can be harsh on your skin.

Josiah Roe says: As an avid vanlifer, it is essential that I am able to bring all my outdoor adventure equipment with me as I travel, and the NV Base 2.0 is flexible, beautiful, and secure.

Julia Mallon says: You'd be surprised at how much energy you expend at Pursuit. With so many amazing activities every hour, you're going to need to refuel regularly. GU's Energy Chews are easy to take on-the-go, keep you firing at all cylinders, and taste great!

Liam McNally says: Heyzues is the perfect beer for active summer days. It's on the lighter side, but still packs a lot of flavor. Throw a slice of lime in there and you're golden.

Chris Engelsman says: Kodiak Cakes is best known for their pancakes, but did you know they make mixes for cookies as well? I personally like their Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookie mix. It's a healthier spin on the classic cookie treat with whole grain wheat flour, whole rolled oat flour, and dark chocolate chips.

Alli Foster says: After long days out on trails and roaming around the Pursuit Village, nothing was better than taking a warm shower with Rinse's Dead Sea Soap. It made my dirty, sunburnt skin feel smooth and fresh again! Not to mention it smells delicious and is vegan friendly.

Tyler Drake says: Good rich flavor definitely made for an elevated S'more experience. A great addition to relaxing around the campfire after a day full of adventures.

Grant Nyquist says: I get it. You might think food in a bag can't be good. Trust me, you'll be blown away by how tasty and filling Mountain House meals are. All of their food is ready to eat right out of the bag and the beef stroganoff is probably the best of the best. Great flavor, not too "chewy" and just the right consistency after a long day on the trail. Five thumbs up!