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My Favorite Gear for Bouldering

As much as I love the peace and quiet of being high above the ground, just you and the rock, bouldering has a special place in my heart.

Curated by Benjamin Canevari

One of the things I love about Bouldering is you don't really have to have a whole lot of gear with you. I try to stay as minimal as possible which makes the gear I do take with me that much more important. Just bring the essentials, a few good buds, and you'll be good to go. Although, you've got to have a sense of adventure, too. Especially when searching for new places you've never been to like we did on a recent bouldering trip around the California coast. We spent entire days looking for a specific rock that we found vague directions to online. That's just part of the fun and you just have to embrace it! 

Here are a few of my go-to pieces of gear that I always throw in the car when I'm heading out for a bouldering adventure. 

Five Ten Anasazi Pro

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They're mildly aggressive shoes and good for bouldering, though not so aggressive that they're painful to wear. I'm not that hardcore.

These pads are super light and maneuverable. This comes in handy for the approach and when you don't have a ton of pads and need to move them around. Being able to shove all your other stuff inside is a nice bonus, too.

With the Lunch Bag, you'll have easy access to chalk and won't have to stuff your fist into a tiny bag. I don’t like clipping a bag around my waist when I climb either. I can share with friends then close up the top and save the rest of my chalk for later. As for what I put inside me, chalk is chalk.

Fits Socks Light Hiker-Crew

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Bet you didn't think I would mention socks, huh?! Approaches can be brutal sometimes. Keep your feet dry and comfortable with Fits socks. These socks are soft and don't soak up moisture like a sponge when you're hiking to the bouldering spot.

Lems Men's Boulder Boot

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Soft, flexible, and the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. They call it their "minimalist hiking boot," meaning no support, just some cushion to soak up the bumps. I love that I can still feel what's under my feet!

These pants find unbelievable balance between being comfortable, soft, stretchy and durable. Tie off the cuffs around your ankles so they don’t get in the way. Thy're definitely my go-to pants for anything I'm doing, really.

It's really comfortable and REALLY well made. I use the main pocket to stuff in all my camera and climbing gear and the side pockets for water bottles and other extras. There's a nice pocket on the front that’s made for crampons, but works perfectly for smelly climbing shoes as well.

I've always loved jerky. I mean, who doesn't?! It's the top of the list when I go shopping for any kind of trip. The New Primal has some really great jerky snacks and they're my go-to brand when looking for jerky. Spicy jerky is the best - I love that little bite!

The lid is quick and easy to take off and put back on and it has a small opening so you don't soak yourself while trying to drink. The insulation is solid - your drink stays cold (or hot) all day!

MiiR 32oz Howler

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I love having a frosty beer tucked in my pack. This growler from MiiR is a great product. It's stainless steel and vacuum sealed just like their regular water bottles and keeps drinks cold and carbonated all day long.

This is the perfect blanket to lay out on the ground and put your stuff on if you want to keep it out of the dirt. Water and wind resistant, this thing is a must have when you're out adventuring.