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Must-Have Women's Gear for Winter #Vanlife

Essentials for your winter home on the road

Curated by Lisa Bao

I normally like to take some time off between Christmas and New Year’s for a trip, and this year I decided to take a solo road trip through the Southwest and Colorado to bring in 2018. Over 9 days, I drove 2000 miles through 3 states, and it was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken. Not only was it the longest trip I’ve done solo, traveling during winter and seeing desert and snowy mountains in the same trip was uniquely special to me. Here’s a list of some of the essential gear I brought with me, and some of the items that I brought along to make my winter #vanlife feel more like home.

This is my favorite pullover because it’s warm, cozy, and comfortable to have on while driving. I can just layer over it when getting into colder conditions or walking around outside.

Being on the road, it was important for me to make sure any gear I had with me was packable, but functional. This jacket kept me warm and packs down to nearly nothing, making it an essential piece for my winter road trip.

These are my favorite boots right now because I hate having wet or cold feet, and these boots keep my toes dry and warm for hours while on the trails. I knew that I was going to be doing some snow hikes so bringing these boots along was a no-brainer.

Since I knew I would be winter hiking, and also knowing how clumsy I can be on the trails sometimes, my microspikes were probably one of the first things I grabbed to pack. They come with their own sack so I didn’t have to worry about poking any fingers while digging around for them in my luggage.

I bring these with me on every camping trip. They’re perfect for wearing when just hanging around and relaxing, and I wore them every time I was driving for long stretches of road. And I’m not ashamed to say that I wore them with socks on for that extra layer of winter coziness.

Along with not wanting cold feet, having cold hands might be even worse for me. It’s actually really hard for me to find a pair of gloves that fits my very petite hands well, and these do the trick. They were perfect for the snowy hikes I was on, and clip together when not in use so you don’t lose one half of the pair.

I think having a good multi-tool is essential for any kind of camping trip you’ll be on. You never know when you’ll need to cut something, or maybe you need to tighten a screw somewhere along the way. Just make sure this is tucked away in any baggage you’re going to check in if you’re flying as this is definitely not allowed on carry-on luggage!

This is a must-have for me and any road trip. Knowing that I’m probably going to need quick access to driving directions, this is an easy way for me to bring convenience to any trip. I prefer the mount through the CD slot versus the air vents since it’s sturdier.

This was also really nice to have with me. Even though the van was equipped with AC plugs, it was nice to be able to use this as a secondary supply. Plus I could charge with my USB plugs too.

This one was definitely a luxury and fun item for me. Even though I also brought my proper camera gear along for the ride, this was more of something for me to take photos along the way on my trip, and then I would actually hang those photos up around the van as decoration. It made the van feel more like “home” and it was fun to have photos to look at that weren’t just on my screen.

I tend to have a lot of blankets and throws around my house because not only do I get cold easily, I just like to get cozy. So I knew that I would want to have a nice throw with me on my trip. Even though my van had a built in furnace for those cold sleeping nights, having a cozy blanket with me not only added my own personality to my home on the road, but it was nice to have for those early morning sunrises to quickly step out of the car while the temperatures were still warming up with the rising sun.