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Men's Winter Gift Guide 2017

Don't let a little cold keep you from exploring. This gear will keep you outside all winter long.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers and Storytellers to share their favorite winter gear and clothing. Check out their go-to's and get ready to stock up for your own winter adventures! 

Cover Photo: Ross Perkins

Michael Gabbert says: The simplicity of these snowshoes make them a favorite of mine. The ease of getting into them, making them fit just right, and releasing from them is as easy as a twist of a dial.

Jason Hatfield says: It's one of the warmest technical jackets available, only weighs 22 ounces, and is still packable.

Jason Hatfield says: Rugged crampons that work with mountaineering or ski boots and can also be used for ice climbing. I used these for my eclipse summit of Gannett Peak.

Scott Kranz says: It's incredibly warm for how light and compact it is.

Scott Kranz says: When I'm snow camping, this pad allows me to keep off the snow and stay as warm as possible.

Michael Wigle says: Arc'teryx figured out that a beanie shouldn't crush your sunglasses into your cranium. It has slots for your glasses!

Michael Wigle says: It has everything you need to stay toasty while feeling incredibly soft and keeping you sweat-free in the cold.

Ben Lertsakdadet says: I have taken my camera gear in this bag on the mountain for snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking as well as the streets of LA, SF, and NYC. This backpack is the most adaptable camera bag I have used year round. The design also makes it easy to use with gloves during winter. If you're shopping for a photographer or friend who spends their time on the streets or mountains, this is the perfect gear for them.

Brandon Dewey says: As a photographer I need to use my index finger and thumb to quickly work the controls on my camera, these gloves keep my hands nice and warm but I can open the finger tips on these two fingers so I can easily work the controls. The tips use magnets to hold them in place which makes it super easy and fast to use. The magnets also hold the tips in place so they don't flap around. The gloves do run a little small so I suggest getting a size larger then normal.

Jeremy Meek says: I am not a fan of waiting long for a campfire to get started any time of year, but particularly in the cold winter months. This pocket bellow and others like it are a great tool to get the fire started up and your crew warmed quickly!

Jeremy Meek says: Though marketed as a ski pack, this insulated water pack is great for all outdoor adventures in the winter, keeping your water insulated and gear in tow. With the bladder being stored at the bottom, it provides a lower center of gravity for any winter sporting activities and if you are using it to bring electronics along, if there ever is a leak in the bladder (heaven forbid), the bladder is at the bottom so the exposure for electronics to water is minimized. Bonus: the insulated design works wonders for the warmer summer climates, too!

Jonathon Reed says: They're in Icebreaker's lightweight category, which I like for hard exercise in cold weather. Keeping it a bit lighter on the base lets me layer and de-layer more easily.

Jonathon Reed says: I don't know if I'd normally be one to rep Columbia, but this will be my Sorel boots' 11th winter and I feel like I've got to stand up and say how great they are. Warm, comfortable, familiar. They don't make the same model any more, but this wool boot is close.

Kevin Abernethy says: I love the cold weather, but cold feet are the worst; especially in the middle of the night. These socks are good on the trail, but I always use them once we are settled into our campsite.

Kevin Abernethy says: On road trips I like to stop for power naps or to pass out for a couple of hours. During winter months the car gets pretty cold if the heater isn't on, this is nice blanket that keeps me warm enough for these rest breaks. Easy to just throw in the trunk and grab it when needed.

Matt Andrew says: This jacket is light, packs small, but provides incredible warmth by itself or under a jacket shell.

Smith I/O

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Matt Andrew says: Smith I/O Snow Goggles allow you to switch out lenses with ease. They have lenses for all types of conditions whether sunny or cloudy.

Kevin Kaminski says: It really keeps me warm but most of all its super comfortable. The cross between a mummy bag and regular blanket is really nice to sleep in. I also like the feet slip out at the bottom of the bag, in case my feet get too warm. But most of all it's really light weight, which is great for backpacking.

Alex Tande says: Holy crap this parka is warm. Granted this is nowhere near what you want for backpacking or any situation where you need to save space or weight. But, for any outdoor situation that requires frigid temperatures, no activity, or extended periods of time outside, this is amazing. I've done Kubb tournaments, Packer games, volunteer work, just about anything in the cold Wisconsin months, and this parka has got to be one of my favorites. Plenty of internal pockets for water, phones, electronics, anything you need to protect. Super warm pockets, water repellent, windproof, just a great thing to have.

Alex Tande says: Lets be honest, hammocks are the best, and being warm in your hammock is even better. Wrapping this under your hammock, combined with a good sleeping bag and I can continue the love of my hammock even through the cold months. I still recommend a sleeping pad in there just to help insulate even more, but this set-up is sweet. If you don't want to give up the swinging, I suggest grabbing one of these as a go-to. Only 24 oz, it can go anywhere with you.

John Sunich says: It's comfortable, warm, and is a great price.

Will McKay says: Super bright, compact, and weather resistant. Perfect for ski mountaineering, backcountry skiing, and alpine climbing.

Nick Lake says: It's a perfect combination of cushy, warm, and packable and sports some great weather and water proofing features, including a DWR treated outer that sheds water and snow. Plus it's got a handy cell phone pocket on the inside.

Eric Schuette says: It does a tremendous job of keeping my head warm during the coldest of mountain mornings! It also does a great job shedding snow so even during pretty intense winter storms the inside stays dry. Plus it's one of the only hats I look kinda cool in...

Eric Schuette says: One of the innovators and still the best (in my opinion) traction devices for icy trails/roads. They are lightweight, have their own bag if you need to put them away for a bit, super easy to use, and literally a life saver on icy trails. One of the few pieces of gear I will hit myself if I forget them.

Josh Currie says: I love this boot because it doesn't look like your classic dorky winter boot. It's rugged, waterproof, and has good style!

Josh Currie says: Snowboarding is my favorite winter activity and I have been loyal to GNU for a number of years now!

Aaron Hagen says: It has been with me through 15 different countries and it's my go-to jacket for all seasons not just winter! It's been everywhere from the cold winters of Montana to the glaciers of Iceland to the surprisingly cold nights camping in the Sahara Desert and everything in between! It holds up amazingly well against all elements, and wicks moisture better than any jacket I've owned.

Dan Deublin says: These are the SUV for all-mountain skiers. Whether I am cruising through fresh powder or scraping through crud, this system is simply a machine that demands to be carved.

Dan Deublin says: The holy grail of the ski boot has finally arrived. I was fortunate through the National Ski Patrol to test drive these boots when they were first introduced to the market. Long gone are the days when the ski boot is unable to provide a custom fit, individual adjustment and tout itself as the most comfortable ski boot on the market.

Chris Mongeau says: This sleeping bag works the best of any I've owned in cool and cold weather. It's a 15 degree bag, so not ideal for the really frigid nights, but it's suited me well on several cold nights below freezing in Alaska and New England. Biggest perk to me is that it's just under 2lbs packed and takes up no room at all in my bag.

Gustavo Quiros says: Extremely durable and easy to use. It works with my tripod and hand strap, which allows me to use the two without having to screw on or off either.

John Chau says: I love that it can use pretty much any type of liquid fuel, is great at melting snow in windy conditions, is insanely durable, and it doesn't need special propane/isobutane canisters.

Jason Horstman says: Heavy enough to keep your feet warm in cold weather while also keeping them dry from any moisture.

Jason Horstman says: The combination of waterproof and down are perfect for PNW winter weather.

Jason Horstman says: It only weighs about 2 lbs and keeps all the elements out.

Eric Harris says: Winter is my favorite time to shoot adventure videos, and this backpack is designed for exactly that. The inside of the pack keeps my camera gear nice and safe, and the outside of the pack is built to support skis, climbing gear, and anything else I throw at it.

Benjamin Canevari says: The most comfortable pair of pants ever. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or climbing a wall of rock. Or ice. They’re solid.

Benjamin Canevari says: Lightweight and comfortable. They look great and they keep you dry whether you're hiking through snow or walking up a creek. So long as that water doesn’t go over the top of the boot you’re good.

Benjamin Canevari says: It packs down so small and is so lightweight. The materiel is high quality. The insulation works even when sleeping in a small puddle. And I’ve never had to add air once it’s inflated.

Joshua Contois says: My go-to for any cold weather activity. It compresses really well and layers to make the perfect system.

Joshua Contois says: Because if your nethers are cold, the rest of you is cold. These are skintight without feeling restrictive and work great all day long. Best of all, you can wear them for days in a row before the they start to smell funky.

Michael Martineau says: The jacket that works when you do. I like staying cool when I'm out exploring and thermal jackets usually make me overheat. Insert the Ventrix. Top notch quality and a genius design.

Mike Fennell says: I never go on a hike or backcountry ski without this possibly life-saving piece of gear. I primarily use it for navigation and tracking while connecting it to maps on my smartphone via bluetooth, but the most vital feature of this Satellite Communicator is it's SOS button that would allow you to communicate 2-way with search and rescue if anything ever went wrong. I can also send a limited number of texts to a cell phone via satellite if my plans change while in the backcountry for multiple days and want to let someone know. Although the GPS is strong, it does not replace an avalanche beacon, which is also highly recommended when skiing in backcountry.

Mike Fennell says: These light, waterproof, supportive, and insulated winter boots are my everyday weapon for keeping my feet warm and dry no matter how tough the winter conditions. It pairs perfectly with snowshoes, and I personally like Salomon because they fit my narrow feet well. A great feature is the lace locker that always keeps the boot tight throughout my adventures.

Joe Whitson says: I say this every year, but the best part of winter is pulling these all moose hide, knee high mukluks out. These are the warmest footwear I've ever owned - awesome for snowshoeing and any deep snow conditions. And Minnesota-made!

Joe Whitson says: This is a great outermost layer, especially when waxed. It does a great job of keeping out the wind and snow (or rain for you West Coasters) and is roomy enough to layer with a heavy down mid layer for those super subzero days. Also, it looks great.

Jake Young says: With small gas canisters, this thing can fit almost anywhere and is the perfect way to make a quick cup of coffee out of your car or bring on longer backpacking trips.

Garrett Schmidt says: Hiking through the snow is impossible without them. They are always with me in the winter. Extremely tough and dependable.

Christian Murillo says: Perfect as a stand-alone layer in the 40's or even colder when combined with aerobic activities. It's perfectly breathable.