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Men's Outdoor Clothing Guide Summer 2018

Stay cool all summer long.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers to share their favorite men's summer clothing. Check out their go-to's and get ready to stock up for your own summer adventures! 

Cover photo: Ben Canevari

Matt Eaton says: I hate wearing shoes so having a hiking sandal is the best. I've even been backpacking in mine and they are awesome. I rocked them on every hike in Kauai as I didn't even bring shoes there...

Jon Mattrisch says: Think of this as a much more feasible scarf for hiking. It's great for face protection - for sun, wind, rain and cold weather. The ability to cover your whole neck from the wind or sun and quickly cover your mouth and nose is ideal, to say the least.

Jason Hatfield says: First, the Northern Lights design on mine is amazing! It's also designed for being active with high quality and soft mesh as well as really effective sweat liner. I've washed it dozens of times and it's barely faded.

Adrien Patané says: These are amazingly comfortable and awesome looking hiking shorts.

Adrien Patané says: Lightweight micro-fleece, performs impeccably for crisp high altitude evenings. It also fits and looks fantastic.

Nick Tortajada says: Insanely lightweight with a great fit and super stylish. I always get compliments on it.

Mitch Pittman says: Big name, minimalist trail runner. Incredibly light, but always supportive and comfy. Over thousands of miles in multiple pairs of these, I've never once had a blister. Crank out 20+ mile days with (relative) ease and never worry about your grip.

Gavin Pirrie says: While marketed to the hunting industry, I have fallen in love with this soft shell. It cuts the wind, repels water tremendously, and is breathable enough to hike in. I take this jacket everywhere from 80 degree+ days to snowing and 10 below. A truly versatile jacket.

Jonathon Reed says: I will never look for another pair of rain pants. These are light and breathable and never-say-die waterproof. The ankle-to-hip zippers make putting them on and off easy, plus they make let all the air in while you're exerting yourself. Elastics on the ankles keep you nice and tucked. Fabric is great quality. I wore these for six months bicycling across Canada and they took on every thunderstorm the country threw at me.

Jonathon Reed says: With GORE apparel, I can forget about the fact that I'm sitting on a narrow bike saddle and focus on the wind, the scenery and my own legs pumping the rhythm of the road. Quality and comfort.

John Sunich says: This hat has a comfortable fit, looks stylish, and is perfect protection for your face on long summer hikes.

John Sunich says: Great polarized lenses while on the water, affordable price and lifetime replacement policy. Awesome fit as well for trail running or other active sports as the don't fall off easily.

John Entwistle says: The best socks on the market. They don't smell, they keep you cool when you are warm, and keep you warm when you are cool. They also are not affected by moisture.

Kevin Kaminski says: They're super light weight, great for day hikes and trail running, breathable, and have the best traction I've ever felt in a hiking shoe.

Ryan McKinney says: These are very comfortable sandals. I have had a lot of different sandals and most have had issues with grip (especially on wet ground). These were made to be around water and have great grip on wet surfaces.

Chris Mongeau says: I pretty much live in these shorts hiking in the Green/White Mountains during the summer with a pair of spandex for nighttime/summits, which lets me have almost no weight in clothes in my pack.

Chris Mongeau says: L.L. Bean’s flannel shirts are the perfect weight, quick drying, warm when you need them to be and cool when it’s hot.

Michael Gabbert says: My everything shoe for the summer. Great for hiking, camping, or just chillin in the backyard.

Josh Currie says: I can wear it 90 days in a row and it wont be stinky.

Garrett Graham says: They are the absolute perfect travel pant.

Michael Wigle says: Wait, this is a summer list. A hoody? Not just any hoody, OR’s Echo Hoody was designed to keep that blazing hot sun off your back so you can keep your cool while you’re outside. Seriously, I love this hoody. It can go from lounging around a campsite to paddling across open ocean without breaking a sweat. It’s the best shirt for summer!

Michael Wigle says: I wore these throughout Vietnam that took me from cities, to mountains, to rice paddies, to rivers and to jungles. They're rugged and they kept my feet dry over the hundreds of miles I traversed. These are my go-to summer boots now.

Kevin Abernethy says: I can wear these shorts anywhere. They dry quickly so I have several pair because they work so well during summer trips

Kevin Abernethy says: I was hesitant to buy because of price but I wear this shirt everywhere. It's good for runs or chilling around your campsite. The shirt breathes well so I'm never hot wearing it and I like the added sun protection with the long sleeves

Rob Witt says: Perfect for swimming, hanging, hiking, and basically everything

Rob Witt says: I've used this hat to hike/backpack for years. Several of mine have been faded and bleached from so much sun.

Gavin Pirrie says: Best hiking socks that I've found. I've worn a single pair at least 50 times without any holes.

Shawn Grenninger says: These are really my go-to year around, but I still prefer pants in the summer for hiking. These are quick drying, stretchy, comfortable and can roll up/button at the bottom if need.

Kenton Steryous says: Light weight, not bulky and they stay in place relatively well when carrying a backpack

Kenton Steryous says: It packs up small enough so there's no excuse not to have it. Super light and provides decent light weather protection

Mayson Algeyer says: Perfect for any weather depending on if you want pants or shorts. They are also light weight and breathable, but rugged.

Addison Klinke says: It's absurdly light and compact and the unique stitching pattern lofts really well.