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Everyday Essentials

Some pieces of gear should never be left behind.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

Every adventure is different and requires certain clothes and gear, but in our experience, there are a few things that we never regret throwing in the back of the car before heading out. You never know what kind of unexpected detours or impromptu stops you'll make along the way. Whether we're going for long road trip or just out for a quick hike, here are some of the products we never leave home without. 

Cover photo: Jason Hatfield

We've been fans of Sawyer for a while and this series of filters and purifiers is another shining example of their high quality, minimally designed products. They're dead simple to use and can filter out chemicals, pesticides, viruses, heavy metals and more. We hope this comes in handy for a last minute adventure on the trail, but it's also a great product to keep in your car for emergencies.

This tent from Sierra Design is a huge value. At $249.95, you won't find a tent that feels this roomy or has so many useful features. Plus, it comes packed in their aptly named "Burrito Bag" (AKA the storage bag opening is on the side and huge, making for super easy pack up--or "wrap up"). We're big fans of all things burritos, so this is a win-win.

There are only a few things that can turn what should be an amazing experience into a pretty miserable one. Getting eaten alive by insects is certainly one of them, if not the worst of them all. This stuff goes on your gear and clothing rather than your skin, lasts for six weeks or six washes, and repels or kills insects upon contact. And don't worry, it's non-toxic and approved by the U.S. EPA.

If you want your body to keep up with the adventurous plans you have for your life, BUBS collagen protein supplement should be part of your nutrition regimen. In addition to making a great product, BUBS donates 10% of sales to an amazing foundation brining education and recreation to those in need. And yes, that's sales...not profit, which is pretty amazing!

This is the jacket that should be stuffed in the outer pocket of your pack on every adventure where there's a chance of rain. Ultra-compressible and 100% water proof...that'll do, that'll do.

A go-to day pack is an obvious choice for our Everyday Essentials. Go from the car to the trail with everything you need for the day packed into this lightweight pack from Marmot.

This boot will get you through the toughest trails comfortably. With grippy Vibram outsoles, super durable full grain leather, and the flexible collar, these boots fuse performance and comfort like few others can.

If you need a sleeping bag that doesn't sacrifice performance to save weight, the Parsec is for you. This bag was carefully engineered to create comfort and security on long pushes into the backcountry and pack down small to easily fit into your pack without weighing you down.