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2017 Summer Outdoor Clothing Buyer's Guide

Summer means early mornings in the mountains, chillin' by the lake, and long sunsets. Dress accordingly.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers for their go-to summer clothing, and they shared their favorites.

Clare Healy says: These are the type of hiking boots that make you actually love hiking boots. At the weight of a running shoe, but with that often-needed ankle support, these waterproof stompers are the best for any type of jaunts and really shine if you're trying to cover extensive milage. They are breathable, dry out quickly, quickly form to your feet, and the traction is great. Since putting on the Fastpacks for the first time, I haven't been able to return to now seemingly-clunky leather boots.

Grant Whitty says: These shorts made of lightweight, quick drying material and are great for any summer adventure on land or in the water.

Johnathan Valdez says: Super durable, supportive, and comfy hiking boots. I've had these for 2+ seasons and they've been great. I love that they are mids and give me some extra ankle support for scrambling through those tricky boulder field on ascents. Also the waterproofing makes these a great boot to stomp through river crossings.

Rachel Davidson says: Its Active Insulation technology means that it keeps you warm in freezing temps, but breathes and dumps sweat when you start to work hard. It basically does the job of three layers, but packs into the size of a sandwich bag, for total temperature regulation with less bulk. So, whether you're packing the car, hauling ass up to the summit, or skiing down a long descent, you're perfectly comfortable.

John Maurizi says: It was incredibly functional and breathable during some torrential downpours on my recent trip to Thailand and Cambodia. With temps in the 90's in pouring rain I was surprised and stoked how dry and comfortable I was. Well as comfortable as you can be with pouring rain in 95 degrees and 100% humidity!

John Sunich says: Lightweight, waterproof, windproof, packable and has the GoreTex guarantee.

John Sunich says: Great to replace factory footbeds with added cushion and high arch support my feet have never felt better after 20+ mile trail days.

Jason Hatfield says: They may be made for running but they're versatile enough to use for hiking and mountain biking too. I've used mine for years to carry camera on long runs in the mountains or just for a couple hour run on the local trails.

Michael Martineau says: Incredibly breathable! I have never had an issue with my feet getting to hot or to sweaty when I wear these socks. Liked my first pair so much I got rid of all my other hiking socks and bought 6 more pairs of these.

Rebecca Nichols says: Super comfortable, plus they hold up well with the amount of wear I put on them, great tread, and they dry quickly.

Michael Martineau says: Lightweight and really rugged pair of boots that have a little more support than trail shoes without being too bulky, they also dry really quickly.

Michael Gabbert says: A great, lightweight, and super comfortable hoody. I find myself putting this on every morning I step out of my tent while backpacking or anytime I go on an early morning hike.

Austin Jackson says: Lightweight and incredible breathable. Not only that, but the waterproofing is on the outside of the jacket and does not require a DWR to keep it waterproof. This means that it will keep the water out, keeping you dry and warm. Perfect for the PNW.

Jonathon Reed says: GORE's Windstopper technology has got the right name. This cycling jersey is a perfect piece for riding when the air is cool but the sun is shining. Throw on a base layer underneath if you need a bit more heat.

Kevin Abernethy says: They dry quick and they are the perfect shorts for backpacking; they are lightweight, dry really fast, and if it's a long trip you can rinse them off at night and they are dry by morning. The inner liner also allows you to skip on packing underwear (it's a backpacking trip...don't judge me)

Jon King says: Lightweight, water/wind resistant and versatile. It's mix of fleece and insulated material makes this hybrid jacket perfect for a cooler day. The slim fitting looks great in a casual setting as well.

Jess Fischer says: These backpacking boots are the real deal. They're extremely durable, waterproof (while also being breathable) and only 490g per boot so you feel like you're hiking in a lightweight sneaker. Even after miles on the trail your feet feel comfortable, supported and invigorated.

Allison Herreid says: Awesome pants for hiking--very lightweight. Fabric has a slight stretch making the pants super comfortable and flattering on all body types.

Breanne McNitt says: Keeps me super dry while being breathable at the same time. The hood also fits great over any hat or helmet I may be wearing.

Breanne McNitt says: These boots have never given me blisters and the low ankle support is perfect for all types of terrain. The Vibram rubber sole also allows me to confidently walk or scramble up and down any surface.

John Sunich says: It's warm, but not too warm, super breathable and quick drying. Oh and it is also red so you can get those rad shots without blending into nature.

Michael Graw says: This jacket is a sweet softshell - super flexible, a surprisingly warm and comfortable hood, and an awesome fit. I wear it on pretty much every adventure, and the light insulation is especially perfect for cooler morning temperatures. The only downside is it's not waterproof, but it will hold up to sunshowers without the need to throw on a rain jacket.

Eric Schuette says: This is my go to pant for year-round adventures in the mountains, It is very comfortable, allows for great range of motion, and is very durable! I have used them on rock climbs, ice climbs (with a base layer underneath), snowshoes, backpacking trips, and hiking trips and they have performed well on each adventure.

Christin Healey says: It's super lightweight, all kinds of comfortable, and seems to keep me warm in a wide range of conditions.

Gemina Garland-Lewis says: Lightweight but keeps me warm on its own during cooler temps, thin enough to layer under something else for the evening. I love having the full zip, too.

John Chau says: I've worn them everywhere from months of jungle trekking to bushwhacking in the North Cascades. From walking around town to wearing them in glacier-fed streams, they've held up perfectly. The Cairn-Pros have a bit stickier of a sole than the basic Cairn sandals, and I love them for that since they work great on both wet and dry rocks! Plus, they are the best rated sandals on the market according to Outdoor Gearlab, AND the dudes who make them in Northern California are super rad.