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Kirsten Klieman

I haven't done the camping, but I did do the hike. There are a few hikes that connect to each other. There is a portion of the hike that was washed out when I went. You could proceed, but with caution. It was terrifying, as I'm scared of heights, and the trail was definitely dangerous.

Powder fine sand will follow you home from the beach!

If you're afraid of heights, stick to the first peak. I did, and it was still pretty scary. If you're not scared of heights, don't get too comfortable. I've had a friend fall from here, it can be dangerous.

Be careful, they call it breakneck beach for a reason. But it's an awesome spot for experienced bodysurfers. If the waves are too crazy, Makapuu is a good option.

Summer is awesome here. The waves are in town so it's pretty flat. Great snorkel activities. Nice bouldering opportunities on the west side of the beach. Pay to park at the church. It's worth it.