The hills glisten gold, the sunrise giving way to a cotton candy sky over the Bay in the distance. ​

We found ourselves in Pacifica CA, known for its legendary September fog that makes you feel like an intruder in the city in the clouds. There celebrating the birth of my first niece, we were in search of a side adventure and planned a trip to Mount Tamalpais State Park, located just north of San Francisco.

Gear packed, we woke before dawn the next day, grabbed our coffee and proceeded to race the sun up the windy mountain road. As we neared, the park entrance was unexpectedly closed. Undeterred and buzzing with anticipation, we settled on bootjack parking lot, payed the man with a kind note and trekked a couple of miles up the side the mountain past a wary fox and some grazing deer. 

It was the first time either one of us had been to Mt. Tam. It didn’t disappoint. We had the mountains to ourselves for the better part of the morning. The hills glisten gold, the sunrise giving way to a cotton candy sky over the Bay in the distance.

Published: November 21, 2017

Kevin TangneyStoryteller

I draw inspiration from my travels to interesting places and its people. As an accomplished athlete and a content marketer, I thrive on challenging adventures and bring stories to life for brands through photography a...

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