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We brought snow shoes and walked around the lake during Winter and it was phenomenal. The back drop of the snow covered Canadian Rockies was an unbelievable site

This spot almost speaks for itself, but it's obviously worth going to see. We visited in late Winter and there were still plenty of people walking around. We stuck around for sunset and luckily only had a few people with us. If you're looking for isolation it will be difficult but nevertheless I highly recommend going to check out Lake Louise and the surrounding area.

Everyone has seen a picture of Peyto Lake, but seeing it in person doesn't compare. We went when the lake was still covered in snow, but it was still an incredible view. The hike to the overlook wasn't crowded and it was awesome to see how much snow the area had received. I will definitely make another trip when the lake has thawed out.

This is one of the best hikes I have ever done. It's not an easy trail, and most of it is straight up, but the view at the top in unbelievable. It's away from the popular places in Banff and Jasper, but well worth the drive up there. If you are looking for a photo op, I would recommend bringing a wide angle lens to capture all of Abraham Lake.

We did this day hike in late November, and the water wasn't as cold as we expected. We rented the dry suits (Zion Adventure Company) and had one layer on underneath and we were fine. Start early if you are taking the day hike. I would recommend getting your gear the day before so you can hit the trail as early as possible the day of your hike. One of the best hikes I have ever done, don't skip this if you are in Zion

I highly recommend everyone check this out if they are in the area. We were going to skip it, but we were all glad we didn't. The pictures you see of Monument Valley don't justify how scenic this park is. The roads are pretty rough, but it definitely makes you feel like you are taking a step back in time. Don't rush through the drive, take as much time as you can to enjoy each stop.

This is a fantastic backpacking trip. There are several options for your itinerary but spend as much time as possible around Thousand Island Lake. Set your alarm for the early morning to get an unbelievable view of the Milky Way. Camp sites around the trail get a little crowded, but head toward the northwest area of the lake and you will get more secluded options. The water is cold, but don't pass on jumping in with such a phenomenal backdrop.

This is one of the best trails in Yosemite, and it has much less traffic compared to other trails. I've camped at the Sunrise Lakes several times, and I usually have the surrounding area all to myself. Half Dome get's all the attention but the views at Cloud's Rest are PHENOMENAL. I definitely recommend reaching the summit for a beautiful sunrise! You can actually submit for a permit to Half Dome and hit that on your way back to Yosemite Valley if you have time. Either way you cant go wrong with this back-country trip.

Garden of the God's is one of my favorite places in CO. It's family and dog friendly and there are countless areas to explore. It gets very crowded during the warm months so be prepared to be surrounded by other people. Also, afternoon thunderstorms are quite common so plan accordingly.

This is a must do if you are in Yosemite, be prepared for heavy crowds if you are there during peak season. Either way, its a short hike and worth the time.

This is an epic hike, and I highly recommend it. It gives an incredible view of the valley and gives you a chance to leave the hordes of people in the valley. I STRONGLY encourage setting out for this hike as early as possible for a great sunrise. Or choose to leave later in the afternoon and hang out for a sunset. Either way you can't go wrong.

This is a great spot in Oklahoma, perfect for a weekend getaway. There are outfitters in the area if you want to rent a canoe or kayak. Very scenic during the fall months when the leaves are changing

Good views of the city, and it makes you feel like you are out of the congestion of LA. We got here in the evening, and it was very crowded, but there view was worth it.

I went to Zion with my sights set on Angel's Landing, but Observation Point provided much better scenery. You get an unbelievable view of the canyon floor, including Angel's Landing, The Organ, Big Bend, and the Virgin River. If you are headed to Zion make sure to add this trail to your list. If everyone is flooding the Angel's Landing trail, you won't be disappointed with Observation Point

This is a great spot if you are in the area. The entire Pacific Coast Highway gives you plenty of options for a great sunset. Stop by Brix before or after for a craft brew.

We frequent this camp site in the spring and fall. It can get a little crowded during the summer months. As Jamie mentioned in the description, there are plenty of options for hiking trails. The Fall season in Oklahoma is unpredictable, and often short, but I would recommend trying visit the park when the leaves are changing

This is a great day hike option for anyone staying in the valley. As the other reviews suggest, I would highly recommend starting early to avoid the crowds. I would recommend getting to Nevada Falls early and lounging around to eat a snack, or lunch. There is plenty to see around both falls so take your time before heading back down. I also suggest ensuring your shoes or boots have good traction.

This is a great day hike for anyone staying in the valley. I recommend starting early to avoid the crowds. If you are already up there I highly suggest hiking to Nevada Falls as well. Don't forget the mosquito repellent if you are there in the Spring or Summer.

Big Bend is definitely one of the hidden gems of the national park system. Designated camp sites are walk in reservations and are first come first serve. I recommend breaking this into an overnight trip, but you can definitely do it all in one day if you are short on time. Check the weather forecast and try to plan for a cloudless new moon to see a ridiculous amount of stars.

Good views on calm late summer evenings. The trail is pretty crowded, but most people stay around the east side of the lake, the further you are from the highway the less crowded it gets. Louie's is a good spot for a post run beer.

I'd stay away from the area during the summer months, its a popular spot so there are hordes of people when it's hot. Avoid the crowds by visiting in late fall or early winter; you won't be able to swim at the falls but you can still walk to the falls and soak in the scenery. I would call the park before heading down there. The falls have been closed on some of my trips due to repairs being made to the road leading to the water. You can still hike to the top of the falls, but it may not be possible to visit below the waterfall if they are going through more repairs.

The trail is a great option for anyone in the area looking for a short weekend trip. Doris campground isn't too busy if you visit outside of a holiday weekend, but either way I would recommend looking for the primitive sites to stay away from the crowds. As Korey mentioned in the description; catching a sunrise or sunset on the lake is well worth the trip

The preserve is like taking a step back in time. The overlook mentioned in the description not only allows you to see for miles but it gives you an idea of what it must have been like to live a life on the prairie. Very peaceful and relaxing to hear nothing but the wind sweeping through the area and the occasional bison grunt. Take your time regardless of the trail you choose.

This hike should be a bucket list trip for any outdoor enthusiast. I'd recommend starting as early as possible; even a couple of hours before sunrise. You will beat the crowds and have some solitude at the top of Half Dome.