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it’s easy to find—you’ll find it shortly after the guard gate on your way into the park, just off to the left of the causeway. it had rained the day before we went, so there was water around the stump—making for some cool pictures! there was no one else out when we went on a thursday afternoon.

we parked at the gibs loop trailhead parking lot (pretty small ~10 spots). it was a scenic hike, especially bc we went during the end of the season for changing leaves. luckily, it rained all last week, so there was water for the waterfall... but made the trail a little wet/muddy. this hike is close to town, convenient and you can do it in <2h. we made it to ogden river brewing on the way home afterwards to reward ourselves!

we went to brunch at juniper inn, nearby... on our way back to town, we saw a sign for vermillion lakes. it wasn’t too crowded, since it was midweek, but we got a nice walk in to work off some serious brunch. the larch were changing color, so it was beautiful!

Nice, easy, paved hike right along the river. We went to both the upper & lower falls. It was a little bit crowded, but we were able to get a parking spot in the lot. We didn’t continue on to the ink pots, since we were short on time. The side trails to the “secret cave” were roped off.

Beautiful lake, but crowded with tourists taking photos. Wish we had more time to do all of the hikes in the area. We did schedule high tea at the chateau after doing the easy walking trail around the lake.

Filters can’t even make this look better. We reserved a spot on the park & ride shuttle, since the parking lot was full by 5:15a. We did a short hike up to the rock piles for picture taking by 7:15a. It wasn’t crowded at that time and the light/color of the lake was outstanding!

this is a really fun trail. i’ve been lucky enough to run it in a side by side and also a rock crawler (definitely not necessary for this trail—it’s just the vehicle we brought for the wknd). we’ve run it early am, afternoon, sunset and night... it’s always a good time. there are a few fun more challenging obstacles to watch daring drivers attempt! no shade on this trail, so be sure to bring sunscreen & plenty of water, if you go during the day!



i did this hike shortly after the road opened in early summer. there was still a little snow on the ground in some places, but definitely manageable. i took my parents (in their 60’s) & it made for a nice day. there’s some elevation gain, which made it a good, but short, workout for us... since we came from sea level. we took some sandwiches for lunch and stopped at the brewery in town as a reward. made for a really nice day!

we hiked this last weekend... we got to the trail head at 8am & got the 2nd to last spot. there weren’t too many ppl at the lake that early, so im wondering if some of those cars were climbers. we got some fishing in and explored the lakes nearby. make sure you bring bug spray—the mosquitoes would’ve been brutal otherwise!!

Took some family on the gondola ride to the top around labor day last year. They were having an event at the top—with a band and a bar, which was really fun! We stayed and watched the sunset over the minarets, then rode it back down.

4 of us wanted to check out glacier NP for a long weekend in July. i started following undercanvas on IG after one of the outbound’s pursuit series events, and saw they were advertising for their location close to glacier. we booked a safari tent with 4 twin beds. it was really comfortable—complete with down comforters for when the temps dip down at night, external batteries to charge cell phones, lanterns to see at night, and bug netting to keep the mosquitoes out but not obstruct our views. there were several restrooms nearby, which were always clean (& the showers with hot water). the location is nice—sort of between the np entrance & town. the staff was really pleasant & charged the battery packs we brought ourselves. also, there was coffee/hot chocolate always available at the front desk tent, as well as cornhole, sand volleyball & other games! after hiking/exploring all day, it was nice to come back to a hot shower & comfy bed. i’d like to check out the moab location next!

I usually float tube here, but have been on a boat as well. When I float tube, I’m less inclined to kick all the way to the inlet (where there’s usually pretty good fishing)... but I’ve always done pretty well along the shoreline & usually am able to catch my limit in my secret spot! 😉 There can be quite a bit of wind on this lake, so just keep that in mind if you’re float tubing or on the SUP (which they now rent in the marina!). FYI—fishing season here & nearby closes 11/15.

Really beautiful hike! It was a good challenge for me, because of the altitude (& a couple switchbacks near the lake). We spent the day at valentine, had sandwiches & caught a bunch of small brookies on a fly rod at the outlet. There was still snow on the mountains (& a little remained on the trail) in the spring, which made for great photos!

unfortunately, we weren't able to complete this hike, since we arrived late and had permits for the subway the following day... but we did wander up the narrows for several miles and turned around. still definitely worth the trip!! i wore my trail runners and they did great! (just brought a little newspaper to shove in them & they dried overnight)

unfortunately we managed to miss metlako falls in both directions. Punchbowl falls was really beautiful. will definitely be back when it's warmer, so we can go for a swim!

one of my all-time favorite adventures and has gotten better each time i've done it. It's challenging and beautiful!

had such an amazing week with phil, hugh, oscar, steve & the rest!! the 4 of us were all beginners (at both surfing & yoga), but hugh was able to get all of us up on some waves & tara had us stretched and ready for the next surf session! super low key week, where you can do as much or as little as you want! definitely looking forward to a return trip!

really fun morning activity in a beautiful location! we were all beginners, but always felt comfortable. ryan was super pleasant, knowledgeable, attentive and shared his pho recipe with us! my mom even caught a few tiny waves at the end of our excursion!! would definitely recommend to people looking for a mellow half-day adventure!

good hike--i'd definitely do it again. it wasn't too challenging, but got some decent mileage in! the weather was perfect!

Definitely hiked this after a rain & was covered in mud! Also, highly recommend bringing some bug spray.



Bring lots of bug spray &/or cover up!

The trail can get a little hot & a little crowded, so I prefer to go early in the morning. Also, you can drop off of the main path & hike down to some tide pools that are big enough to swim in (tide permitting, of course).

I met a friend at the safeway & we ran along crissy field to Hopper's hands (2.75mi one way, according to my garmin). We had to dodge some tourists, but the weather was nice & it was sunny by the time we got to the end! Since it was my first high five, I had to ask the rangers hanging out at fort point where to find Hopper's hands (I was pretty sure my brother sent me on a wild goose chase). They pointed me to the chain link fence, where the plaque is located. Side note: there are also SFMOMA traveling exhibits out in crissy field right now, if you're into that sort of thing.