I am a Florida native, born, raised and educated. My life has always been rooted at the beach, but my heart is in the valley of a mountain. I have a fondness for traveling off the beaten path and seeking the hidden tr...

Great Hike

This hike offered some great views and good cardio! The main trail to Chicago lake curves around the mountain side then heads down to the Idaho Springs Res. My husband and I just went Oct. 21 2018, and the trail down in the valley started to get slick due to the ice and snow but it was easily manageable. The res itself had an amazing view of the snow capped mountains and lots of chipmunks running around.

Good Morning Hike

This is a good hike for the early morning before the crowds come. The waterfall is pretty small but is cool once its starts to freeze over. There are some areas where you can get some pretty dope views.

Nice and Easy Hike

My husband and I went on this hike Oct. 6 2018, and it was pretty easy and has a bunch of different paths. The ruins where pretty cool and there was a bunch a wildlife out and about. There is also a nice look out tower at the top of Mount Falcon. The only downfall is the hike has heavy traffic most days.

Fun and Easy Hike

This was a nice hike and had quite a bit to offer, like views of the mountains and several creek crossings. I recommend playing around in the waterfall at the top and the smaller ones down the hill.

Beautiful Hike

This was a great hike that me and my dad did together. We passed over several waterfalls/rivers and climbed A LOT of stairs. The last trek of the trail that leads to the rock face is closed because of the fires. There are several trees that block that portion of the hike. But, there is a lookout of the "new" summit to sit and take in the beauty of the Smoky's.

Up the Moanalua Middle Ridge Trail Down the Haiku Stairs

We took the trail up the backside of the mountain and then the stairs back down. The first couple of miles of the trail were easy. Except make sure you are prepared to get your feet wet. Not all of the rivers you cross have a dry bridge to cross. But that will be nothing compared the copious amounts of mud you will have to endure toward the top of the mountain. Well if you go during the rainy season like we did. They are also widening the road the trail starts on so there is a lot of cut down trees on the second and third mile. We had to actually wave down a tree cutter so we wouldn't get chopped up. DONT FORGET TO WALK THAT EXTRA 15 FT TO THE UNMARKED TRAIL. We almost went down the first trail head we saw till I read on. The trail was more and more thrilling the closer to the top you get. Especially when there are less and less trees to cover you from the wind. It was particularly windy the day we hiked, so I was hugging the ground a lot when I went over some of the more sketchy ridges. At the top next to the radio tower we didn't get the best view due to the lingering clouds. You know, because we were that high. When we started to descend down the stairs my boyfriend looked down the first set of stairs and immediately told me to go ahead and turn around and just look straight town at the stairs as I climbed down, because the stairs were at a 90 degree angle, at the top of the mountain, with nothing on either side, except the steepest cliff I have ever seen. So I had a slight panic attack. It didn't help that the stairs have not been maintained since like the 70's and it is illegal to be on them. We made it down them though. There are some flat areas on your way down the stairs that have the most incredible view of the mountain range and of Honolulu. As we approach the bottom there was a section of the stairs that had been mangled by a landslide. And after we went through the gate at the bottom we couldn't figure out how to get off the maintenance road so we had to cut through someones yard to find a road to be picked up on. It was an incredible hike but I would not recommend the Haiku stairs for the faint hearted.

A Hidden Room

The blue hole is the entrance to a huge underwater room. If you can free dive down in to it it is pretty remarkable and the view looking up is beautiful.

It was Pretty.

The hike seemed a lot longer than it was. Being in AK I always expect to be climbing everything but this trail was very flat. There was pretty scenery and a cute little bridge and the lake was a cool shade a blue.

It was hot, then it was cold.

I went by the glacier in June so it was pretty warm outside, but as soon as my foot touched the ice I was freezing. I had to put on 2 more Jackets! But it was so beautiful, and slippery. So be cautious.

Breath Taking View

I loved hiking around the Tallulah Gorge state park. The Gorge Floor, river and the high view were beautiful. And it was right next door to another beautiful place to hike and see waterfalls, Panther creek.

Central Florida's Party Spring

I love Gennie Springs. It has 6 beautiful springs, great diving, a relaxing river and a well maintained camping area. But if you go in peak season or on any holiday it is like a maze of belligerently drunk party goers and crying children. So make sure you are prepared. Especially since their prices are so high.

Good Dive Beginners Spot

I went to Alexander springs after getting my scuba cert for a easy practice dive. The water was super clear and dropped down about 35-40 foot at the head of the spring. It had a small cave in one of the corners of the pit that I climbed into. The current was pretty strong so I had to hold on to the side of the cave to make my way in. Because the current was so strong it was also pushing up sand so when I got out I had a good half inch of sand stuck to my scalp.

I went the wrong way.

I went to Stephen's Gap in 2014 when it did not require a permit and did not have a detailed map. I found the coordinates from a hikers blog and started from there. My boyfriend, my sister and I parked the car on the side of the road and went up the gravel road to this rock quarry. We were suppose to take a left where we would have seen a sign for the trail head. Instead we took a right and ended up climbing all the way up and over till we finally found the cave over on the left side of the mountain. The cave itself was surreal I would defiantly go back. Thankfully we saw the trail on our way back. It was a much less strenuous hike back then the hike there.