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Kate Lyon

Great place to chill out if you can get there when it’s not too busy

A short but sweet hike up to the top, with great views of the bay. It was relatively busy but there are several routes up and plenty of room at the top with some benches

As a big Tolkien fan I really enjoyed this. Set in beautiful countryside, the guides were very good and you get a free drink in the Green Dragon

Have done this a couple of times, some great views along the coast. Easy enough hike with a few steep bits

This is a nice simple hike to a good waterfall but will be really busy in peak season. There is a small pool you can swim in. You can come back via the trail on the other side of the stream

The beach goes on for ages! Gorgeous black sand with cool blue/purple hues. Beware, the sand with be really hot on a sunny day! Gannet colony is worth a look as well

Not the best hike around Auckland but worth doing. The view from the top is pretty cool. The trail is pretty loose volcanic rock, take some decent trainers