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Kat Taylor

Completed this hike yesterday after we had record rains the entire week. First time on this trail so didn’t understand all the obstacles ahead. The positives: definitely the most outstanding waterfalls and limestone bluffs I’ve ever seen. The beauty is breathtaking! If you do this hike when it is dry, I would say challenging but no problem. The negatives: when the water is flowing hard after big rains, everything is very muddy and slick. This makes crossing Indian Creek, climbing over boulders, rope climbing the bluff, and balancing on narrow ledges with no good grip or footing very dangerous. We went with a guide who was excellent and helped our group navigate. It took us 9 hours ( we were with a large group) but the conditions really slow you down when wet and muddy. We had two injuries from falls on rocks going in. Tragically, one of our hikers left the group early to exit and slipped and fell into the creek. Paramedics worked feverishly to try and revive him but were unsuccessful. We felt relieved to exit with no injuries. I would recommend going with an experienced guide and NOT to go when the conditions are wet and muddy…stay safe!