Kat Hill

The mountains will always be where I feel most at home. Calgary native, Thunder Bay student (in the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism at Lakehead naturally!)

over 4 years ago

Quiet trail and beautiful views

Did this hike for the first time today looking for something I could do before the forecasted afternoon rain. Trail is decently flat, elevation gain is obviously there but not steep. Mostly in the trees but offers some views of Storm Mountain and Stanley Peak through the trees. A few "creek" crossings (nothing more than 3 inches deep). The views at the top of Boom Lake and surrounding mountains are spectacular. Family and dog friendly for sure!

My First Backcountry Camping Experience

Ribbon Falls holds a special place in my heart as my first backcountry camping experience. If a plucky 10 year old carrying a pack twice her size can do it, so can you! Great for beginner hikers and campers. Not sure if they're still there but last time I was up there the campground also provided bear lockers to keep your food and other "smellies" in! I have only been back once since then and did the bike and hike. There are bike racks at the point where you must dismount to lock up on, and a flat area that works well for a lunch break.


I didn't get the chance to hike the whole trail as the weather was turning a little rough and I started rather late in the evening. Started from Aylard Farm and spent some time at the beach looking at the inter-tidal pools before hitting the trail. Walked to the petroglyphs (about 1.8km). Gave this prairie girl the perfect chance to explore the coast. Easy hiking along the trail, potential to walk directly along the beach for some portions. Got the chance to see plenty of wildlife both in the ocean and in the forests; This included me seeing my first sea otter!

almost 5 years ago


Guides were great at making sure everyone was comfortable and knew what they were doing. I did this two summers ago and if I had more time I would go back!