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Kat Dellinger

Woman, wife, mother of 2 beautiful humans and 1 loyal pup, giver of anesthesia and lover of all things outside. I also like bourbon and have a dirty mouth.

I did this as an overnight trip and camped on top of Big Hump. It was quite an experience and I was lucky enough to have an amazing sunrise! The hike up was tough - especially because I had a few “here’s the summit!” followed by “damn! Where’s the summit?!”

Fortunately, this area is really close to a parking area off the BRP. Unfortunately, this area is really close to a parking area off the BRP. If you want to experience the falls without 84 of your closest friends, I recommend going early in the morning AND during the week. Be careful during blueberry season - the bears are fond of them and aren’t afraid to eat the ones right next to the paved path. Please, if you do go, bring a small baggy with you and help pick up the trash left by those 84 people. It’s a beautiful area and worth the effort to help keep it clean.

My husband and I have done this hike for sunrise the past 3 years and it never fails to amaze. And since it’s on April 30th, we’ve been lucky enough to experience the rhododendrons blooming. Highly recommend this hike - all you need is a headlamp and stove to make yourself a nice hot cup of joe on the mountain top while the sun comes up!

This hike had been on my N.C. hiking bucket list for a while and I couldn’t have picked a better day to do it. There was time ice, snow on the peak and absolutely no one at the bridge bc they had it closed due to weather - all in March of last year. So we had the entire place to ourselves. The wind can be pretty brutal, so layers are essential. I’m not sure I would call the trail “dog friendly” because of the numerous ladders. My dog weighs 65lbs and there’s no way I’d be hauling him up there. With stops for snack and lunch at the swinging bridge, we finished the hike in a little over 5 hours.

I did the trail this past summer NOBO out of Horeshoe Meadows and it rocked my world. Def agree it gives you the thru hike experience without having to take 6 months off from work. Plan on taking both of my kids on it for their 16th birthdays - especially since I saw so many families doing it together out there. Truly a bucket list item!

I loved this area. I did the JMT NOBO this past summer and came back south for 4 days & used Long Lake as my base camp. I hiked over the pass every day and was amazed each time. Would definitely recommend for families - there are camp sites all over.