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Kandis Owens

"The truth is most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive." -Bill Watterson

Beautiful trail! You wouldn’t know it is so heavily trafficked given how well it is maintained. The gorge is fantastic and well worth the hike! It’s easy to climb down closer to the water too for a good meditation station. Highly recommend!

Park is definitely family-oriented. Very very well-maintained. Campsites are a good size and not too close together, unless you want to be creekside (those are a bit closer together). Extremely clean facilities. Recommended!

Not sure why but people tend to shy away from this trail. True gem starting in Vogel State Park. Recommend grabbing a campsite there too as it is very well-maintained! This hike is moderate but on the easy side of moderate, excellent view of the lake, and the trail is well-maintained. If you're looking for a backpacking venture, you can catch the Coosa Backcountry trail off of this one.

Wow! The rock formations here are unreal. The raw red rock is really beautiful against the green wooded areas. There are really great overlooks which allowed my senior in-laws to cash in on some canyon views without difficulty. Lots of spots to have a picnic too. Given this is a park full of canyons, be ready to descend (knee-killer) and climb!

This is one of my favorite North Georgia hikes. I've taken several "non-adventurous" friends on it and they all rave about it. The tumbling cascades are beautiful and the hike is pretty easy-moderate. You may not get to see the actual Raven Cliff waterfall if it's a dry season but there's so much water along the way it doesn't take away from the hike at all. Highly recommend!

There's a nice bit of variety in the High Falls trail system. Great for families or the solo adventurer...you have a big chance of seeing some wildlife here! I saw some deer, blue jays, hawks, and snakes! Highly recommend.

Lovely, easy intown hike. Despite the name, there are more than just doll heads to check out! Plenty of art installations, flora, and fauna. Catching the sunset over the marsh-like area is wonderful--highly recommend! FYI if you venture here in the hotter months and are prone to mosquito bites, be sure to wear repellent!

Mt. LeConte is an awesome hike and such a great workout. It's a very popular hike so you won't have the trail to yourself, but the views are totally worth it. There's something for everyone - water, switchbacks, and wildflowers! There's an option to stay in the lodging at the top (book ahead) or buy a sack lunch. I did this hike in the rain and still loved every minute of it.

Bring a headlamp and start your walk up a half-hour or so before sunset! You can see the multiple ATL skylines from the top and get some breathtaking photos. Fun for the whole family.

I had the pleasure of visiting Wind Cave NP on my cross country road trip. Such an underrated park with fantastic wildlife viewing and yes, the most perfect sunsets! Those rolling hills are breathtaking. What's really awesome about this NP is that you can adventure off-trail whenever/wherever you want. Highly recommend.

This is a nice spot to get an unobstructed view of a beautiful waterfall. No hiking and not much exploring. I ventured off into the woods a little bit, but could not go very far. Would not go out of your way to see this waterfall (especially because there is a fee), but a nice stop to bring your non-adventurous family to see.

One of my favorite parts of the AT. A steady ascent but well worth it at the top. Lots of good boulders along the way for a picnic with a view. Loved running into thru-hikers.

It's a relentless incline for this one, but worth it. There are several spots to chill at the top, so shouldn't be difficult to find yourself a little privacy/quiet to really take in the view. Great for a Fall hike, admiring all those colorful treetops from summit.

This trail is beautiful and certainly well-loved by GA hikers. Go for sunrise or sunset (sunrise probably less people) and the view is gorgeous.